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Basic Information[]

Glass is a nearly completely transparent cubic block that can be created in a Forge from Sand. This block can be used for building and crafting.

How to obtain[]

Glass is made by putting Sand into a Forge and adding some Fuel for each forging process.

1 Block of Sand will yield 4 blocks of Glass.

This does not require any crafting recipe to be unlocked. Simply carry Sand blocks with you, plus some Fuel and activate a Forge that has been placed into the game world by pointing your cursor at it and either clicking your right mouse button or pressing "f" as the default key. Then insert the Sand and Fuel.

Fuel comes in different levels/tiers that will either result in a slower or faster burning process. Both the forging times of one stack (4 blocks of Glass) as well as the total times for all units in the queue can be seen displayed in the forge window to the right side.

Fuel of level 1 (2 uncorrupted blocks of Wood, 4 uncorrupted blocks of tree Leaves, 2 Vines, 8 Wood Rods, 4 bushels of Tallgrass or other plants, but also many wooden blocks, furniture or objects etc.) will create 4 blocks of Glass in 10 seconds.

Fuel of level 2 (1 piece of Coal, 1 block of Sulfur or 4 blocks of Hardened Lava) will forge blocks of Glass in 5 second.

Fuel of level 3 (2 blocks of Corrupted Wood of any kind or 2 blocks of Corrupted Leaves of any kind) requires only 3,33 seconds to produce 4 blocks of Glass.

Fuel of level 10 (1 Tar Bread, 1x Tar Soup or 1 Tar Sandwich) only takes 1 second to produce 4 blocks of Glass.

Sand can easily be found on the shore of many bodies of water, like lakes and Oceans, even at oases in Dunes, more rarely around lakes in Canyons and Savannahs too.

How to use[]

Glass is used in crafting many types of Windows, Beacons, Lamps and Reinforced Glass-blocks for building.

Crafting or taking Glass is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting-recipe for Wood Windows.

There are some non-transparent kinds of Glass-blocks in Creativerse too, and not all of them need transparent Glass as a raw material to be crafted (Tourmaline Glass, Green Tourmaline Glass).

Other than that, Glass blocks can also be put on display by placing them into the slots of display containers like Placemats, Stone Wall Shelves, Hidden Temple Altars, Galactic Grav-Chambers, Frozen Containers, Holiday Decorative Trees, Snow Buried Containers, Wood Planters, Flower Pots, Holiday Mantles or the like, where they will usually be reduced in size while on display.