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The Galactic Super Bundle was introduced to the Store with update R46 on September 6th, 2017. It can be bought with Coins that can be bought with real money in return.

This recipe bundle contains 18 premium crafting recipes for space-themed objects and blocks:

These Store-bought recipes are available on all Creativerse worlds (will always "carry over") after being bought once, even on game worlds where the "Pro" world option "world bound recipes" is enabled. The crafting recipes will be added to your crafting menu and will already be unlocked.

The crafting recipes from this pack cannot be unlocked other than via Store, even when you receive the items and/or blocks themselves from other players who crafted them. Additional to the crafting recipe this bundle contains one item kit (that includes a number of examples of all blocks and items from the pack) and can be claimed on one Creativerse world of your choice.

The item kit for this Galactic Super Bundle contains over 5000 blocks (examples of all the 22 recipes):

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