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The Frost Bundle contains crafting recipes, blocks and items with winter-themed patterns and colors. It was introduced to the Store with patch R50 on December 13th 2017.

This bundle contains:

Additionally to that, after buying this recipe pack, you can claim one attached item kit on one game world of your choice, containing:

The Store-bought crafting recipes included in this bundle will be permanently added to your crafting menu and will then be available on all Creativerse worlds (they will always "carry over") after being bought once, even on game worlds that have the "Pro" world option "world bound recipes" enabled.

Additional to the crafting recipes you can claim the above-mentioned single item kit (that includes a number of examples of all blocks and items from the pack just like listed above) on one Creativerse game world of your choice. Please note that you cannot claim the included item kit a second time.

It's not possible to buy recipe bundles like this one a second time with the same account, since they are account-bound. If you want to buy more of the included items, you can buy the according Item Pack (the Frost Pack) or building kits for any Blueprint that has been built from the blocks and objects that you want to buy.

Please note that you can customize any Blueprint that you create yourself with the specific amounts of blocks you like to buy with individual placeable blocks and objects of your choice. By comparing customized Blueprints that you create yourself you can save on Coins.

The crafting recipes from this pack cannot be unlocked other than via Store, even if you receive crafted "Frost" items and/or blocks from other players who have crafted them for you.

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