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Creativerse Forbidden City Pack 2018-02-14 18-23-01-67 Valentine's Day update.jpg

The Forbidden City Pack is an Item Pack for Creativerse items (but no crafting recipes) that is purchasable in the Store for Coins. Coins can be bought with real money via Steam Wallet, also via Store, to be found in the "Coins" TAB.

Please note that this Item Pack is not for free, while the Recipe Pack "Forbidden City Bundle" still can be claimed for free in the Store, together with a single item kit that cannot be claimed more than once and includes some crafted example blocks and objects for the Recipe Bundle.

This Item Pack "Forbidden City Pack" was released with the "Forbidden City update" on February 14th 2018 and contains the following blocks and items:

Please note that this item pack only provides you with (already crafted) objects and blocks, but not with any of the according crafting recipes. After buying this bundle, you will not be able to craft any of the "forbidden" items or blocks.

Instead you will find an icon in your inventory/bag that you can "claim" once on one specific game world of your choice. You will then receive a storage container that looks like a staple of crates and only takes up 1 slot of your inventory or quickbar.

You can place this storage container into the game world and access it like any other storage object by right-click or typing "f" (as the default key) while looking at it. The price is for one item pack only, so you cannot claim the same pack a second time, neither on the same game world nor on another. You can still buy another item pack though (different from Recipe Bundles that are account-bound and cannot be purchased more than once).

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