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Fire Resistance Potions reduce, but not fully prevent the damage over time taken by fire damage attacks or environmental temperatures for the duration of 10 minutes.

Additionally they completely remove the heat meter (scale) that starts to fill with red color when player characters venture into hot biomes like the Lava layer underground, Oceans or Jungles, or when player characters get close to hot substances like liquid Lava, go near or step on hot blocks like Hardened Lava or hot items with open fire like Campfires or Medieval Fireplaces.

Fire Resistance Potions can only be crafted, they cannot be found in any Treasure Chests nor obtained from any Creatures on the game-worlds of Creativerse.

The crafting recipe for Fire Resistance Potions has to be unlocked at first by

To craft a stack of 4 Fire Resistance Potions at a time, you'll need:

Effects (lasting 10 minutes):

- Reduction of Heat Environmental Environmental Effect by 90% (in fact, the heat meter is completely removed)

- Reduction of Fire DOT (damage over time) by 50%. This type of damage can be dealt by peaceful but defensive Shrewdshrews spawning on Savannah blocks during the day, aggressive, but immobile Warmworms spawning on blocks of the Stalactite layer and the Lava layer in darkness (but prevail in sunlight), and Hot Feet that spawn on blocks of the Lava layer in darkness (but will burn and vanish when hit by sunlight)

In comparison, Food does not remove the heat meter, but Blazing Bread provides 50% resistance to fire damage over time for 7,30 minutes, Blazing Soup provides 50% resistance to fire damage over time for 15 minutes, Blazing Sandwich as well as Blazing Pie even transforms damage taken by heat/fire/burning into healing over time for 15 minutes.