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Basic Information[]

Feral Pigsy Fur can be obtained from Feral Pigsies of course - either by killing them or harvesting from them after taming them to become your Pets. Pet-harvesting will gain you more resources than killing, but usually only if you feed your Pet its exact favorite type of Food.

Obtaining Feral Pigsy is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting recipe for Poison Resistance Potions, Armor-Piercing Bombs, Bungalow Fur Walls and Bungalow Accent Walls.

Feral Pigsies spawn on Detritus, mainly in Jungle biomes, but can also spawn near pools of Bog Water in Swamplands that are often not far from the Jungle; usually only during ingame daytime.

Feral Pigsies are aggressive Creatures (except on game worlds with the "Pro" option "passive Creatures" enabled) that will attack your player-character when spotting him/her, and they can occasionally inflict dangerous poison damage over time, mainly with their special attack.

Feral Pigsy Fur is required as a crafting ingredient for a number of Crafting Recipes that can be made in your crafting menu: for Iron Swords, Golden Swords, all Iron Armor parts, Armor-Piercing Bombs, Poison Bombs, Bungalow Fur Walls, Bungalow Accent Walls and also for Poison Resistance Potions.