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Basic Information[]

Elfis are NPC traders that randomly spawn on blocks of Snow and Ice within a certain proximity around player characters, but only during Christmas event-times, like during Elfi's Wonderland that started on December 19th 2018 and lasts until January 25th 2019 or Elfi's Toy Drive from December 13th 2017 to January 10th 2018.

Elfis look like green Leafis with pointed "elvish" ears, a red and white striped horn, an "iced" leaf covered with a holiday hat on top, and red stripes on their tail. They always appear sitting on a stack of Christmas presents that cannot be looted nor taken.

The background story of the seasonal Christmas Holiday event in Creativerse describes that the Elfis usually deliver Christmas Toys to children. Unfortunately, Troggington, the Abominable Frost Trog, has stolen many of these Toys, and so the Elfis ask the players to return the toys to them - in exchange, the Elfis offer Christmas-themed items and rare seasonal Recipes for trade. According to the background story, Elfis provide players with Trog Traps via Login Chests too. These Traps are supposed to capture Troggington and force him to return the stolen Toys.

After the Christmas-event, no Elfis will spawn any longer, so it is recommended to trade in all your Rescued Toys before the event will end. You will still be able to collect more Rescued Toys outside of the event throughout the year by placing Trog Traps that are either left-overs from the event or can be bought via block kits for player-made Blueprints that need to be paid with ingame Coins.

Where to find[]

Elfis usually spawn on blocks of Snow and Ice, but only around players characters that enter the area, and solely during Christmas event-times. Naturally, you will find Elfis most often in cold biomes such as snow-covered Frozen Oceans, snowy Tundras, Taigas (often on large Elderwood trees there though), snowy Mountain peaks, Frozen Deserts, also (more rarely) in snow-covered Canyons or on artificial biomes built by players from natural blocks of Snow and/or Ice.

You can encounter more Elfis by travelling across snow-covered biomes. Elfis will usually not spawn on crafted blocks/shapes of Snow and Ice, like Snow Stairs or Ice Slopes though.

On the other hand, during Elfi's Toy Drive from December 13th 2017 to January 10th 2018, Elfis randomly sometimes appeared even on crafted blocks that have placed into natural snowy or icy areas.

If an Elfi is near, a small Leafi symbol will show up on/below the compass on top of the main game screen while playing. If more than one Elfis are around, then more Leafi-symbols will indicate in which direction each Elfi can be found. Similar to the skull symbol for Death Statues, the Leafi-symbol is or grows larger if an Elfi is close by, or it can appear smaller on the compass if the Elfi is further away from you.

How to use[]

You can activate Elfis like any Pet or activatable object (for example Crafting Stations) - by clicking your right mouse-button or typing "f" (as the default key) while pointing your cursor at the Elfi. When activated, a window will pop up that allows you to trade with the Elfi.

Elfis can be pushed with Snowcubes, Force Bombs and the like, but they are invulnerable and will not take any damage when being hit with melee Weapons, Explosives or the like. Even though they seem to "react" to hits, Elfis cannot be killed nor hurt, instead hitting them will reduce the durability of the melee Weapon that is equipped.

If you hover your mouse-cursor over the small toy bags in Elfi's trade window for "Items" (block icon) and "Recipes" (scroll icon), you can check the amount of Rescued Toys that you currently have with you for trade. Mouse-over does not work in the "Featured" trading window though.

Rescued Toys[]

Simply by claiming daily Login Chests during Christmas event-times, you can collect two Small Trog Traps per Login Chest every 4 hours until January 25th 2019.

From December 19th 2018 to January 25th 2019, you can also hunt Reinbeaus and the very rare Reaudolphs in many surface biomes all throughout ingame days and nights as well as loot randomly spawning Holiday Gift boxes that will spawn on Ice and Snow during day and night, so mainly in cold biomes. Reinbeaus and Reaudolphs can only be hunted and killed, not tamed.

The Loot Bags of these Christmas-related Creatures as well as the Holiday Gifts randomly contain either one Small Trog Trap or a bunch of Rescued Toys (ca. 10-14, except for rare drops of Reaudolphs with 100-200 Toys in them), often together with other Christmas-related items and/or useful consumables.

The background story claims that in order to retrieve the stolen Toys, the Elfis hand out these Trog Traps to players. If you use the Traps, they will spring and the system message will indicate that Troggington has been captured. Then he initiates an (often timed) event that is supposed to free him (like the Ice Spies or Troggington's Minions) or simply to keep players occupied and distracted while the Abominable Frost Trog frees himself.

If players cannot complete the tasks of the event, the system message will claim that Troggington was freed. If players manage to meet the objective of the event in time, they will be rewarded by Rescued Toys and useful items contained in a Holiday Gift reward box. The system message will explain that Troggington returned the Toys that he had stolen this way.

You will find a Medium Trog Trap in nearly every reward chest that will appear after you have successfully completed (or participated in a successful multiplayer effort) a Small Trog Trap Event. Of course you can

The reward chests of events that were initiated by placing Medium Trog Traps will often (but not always) contain a Large Trog Trap and even more Rescued Toys. The reward chests for Large Trog Trap Events will only rarely contain a Medium Trog Trap, but always many Rescued Toys.

Trog Traps of all 3 tiers (Small Trog Traps, Medium Trog Traps and Large Trog Traps) can be bought via block kits for customizable Blueprints that players have uploaded to the Creativerse Steam workshop.

Rescued Toys can also be bought during the Christmas event Elfi's Wonderland by purchasing any of the 4 Make-a-Wish Donation Bundles that you can buy for real money in the Store (found in the "Coins" TAB) using Steam Wallet. These Bundles contain 4 rare Recipes for Giftwrap Blocks and crafted examples of these blocks. 100% of the revenue from these Bundles will go to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

Elfi's offers during Elfi's Wonderland in 2018[]

After "activating" Elfis you can click on the Star icon for "Featured" goods on top of the shop window (selected by default), where Elfi will offer you:

When clicking on the cube icon for "Items" on top of the shop window, Elfi will offer you:

You can only learn each rare Recipe once, after which it will be permanently added to your crafting menu and become available on all game worlds even on those with the option "world bound recipes" enabled.

However, you can buy duplicates of these Recipe books and then give these surplus Recipe books to other players so that they can learn these rare Recipes too. The Recipe books will be consumed by that. You cannot share seasonal Recipes via Adventures, you can only hand the Recipe books to other players on the game world where you have bought these Recipes from an Elfi.

When clicking on the cube icon for items on top of the shop window, Elfi will offer you:

Please note that Blizzard Potions and Jingle Juice cannot be crafted (just like in 2017), but can only bought as items from Elfis during the seasonal Christmas-event.

Elfi's offers during Elfi's Toy Drive in 2017[]

Elfis sold the following seasonal Christmas Recipes (Scroll icon) from December 13th 2017 to January 2018:

Elfis sold the following seasonal Christmas items (cube icon) from December 13th 2017 to January 2018:

Before an Hotfix was uploaded to the Creativerse servers on December 18th or 19th, Elfi had different offers. 1 Snow Buried Container was offered for 25 Rescued Toys, but neither Snowball Turrets, Frigid Soups, Frigid Sandwiches, Freeze Resistance Potions, Freeze Bombs nor Stun Bombs had been part of Elfi's item shop.