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Basic information[]

Diamond Treasure Chests are Treasure Chests that spawn in the Lava layer.

Unlooted treasure chests can and will despawn when (all) player characters leave out of sight (and/or log out). Half-looted chests will prevail a little longer, but will despawn if the player/s do/es not return quickly.

These treasure chests will only spawn in complete darkness, so adding roofs and walls to any spawning arena/farm will be of benefit, otherwise these chests can merely spawn at night. Sunlight or artificial light will not make chests vanish that have already spawned.

Artificial light like torches or lanterns will hinder chests from spawning. Objects with glowing parts that do not illuminate the surrounding like LEDs or Pressure Plates, as well as natural blocks that provide illumination like Wildwood Flowers will not prevent these chests from spawning.

Before the R.73 update on September 11th 2020, Diamond Treasure Chests spawned in the Corruption layer instead, and had significantly different loot.


Diamond Treasure Chests spawn in the Lava layer in the dark. Specifically, they will spawn in darkness on blocks of Hardened Lava, Igneous Rock, Lava, Diamond Node, Tourmaline or Sulfur in chunks that contain:


You can find the following items in Diamond Treasure Chests: