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Basic Information[edit | edit source]

The Diamond Helmet has been transformed into a Diamond Pauldron with update R31 in May 2016.

In return, the original Diamond Helmet has been removed from the game.

It's to be expected that helmets will be implemented anew as a fifth piece of armor in future updates.

Armor merely protects your player-character from the impact of physical hits from creatures, reducing the damage inflicted on the character.

Each hit of a creature will reduce the durability of one piece of armor that has been hit. When a piece of armor has lost all durability, it will fall apart and leave the respective body-part unprotected, which will be indicated by the armor doll in the bottom left corner of the screen, where body parts without armor will appear in black color.

Diamond armor is the fourth (tier) armor-type that you can craft in Creativerse. Pieces of diamond armor can also be obtained occasionally when killing or taming and harvesting from a Thing.

The crafting recipe for Diamond Helmets was unlocked when taking or crafting an Iron Helmet for the first time, which was unlocked by taking an Obsidian Helmet.

To craft a Diamond Helmet, you once needed:

Crafting or taking a Diamond Helmet automatically unlocked the recipe for Lumite Helmets.

To equip armor and/or replace older armor with a newer piece, simply use right-click on the armor-piece you wish to equip in your inventory, and it will automatically go into the according armor-slot next to your character's model, while the formerly worn armor-piece will be put into your inventory.

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