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This article is about Diamond Bars, simply called "Diamond" in Creativerse.

Diamond Bars can be made in the Forge from Diamond Ore, which is found within Diamond Nodes embedded in rocks underground in the Lava layer of the current template worlds 5-8 (as of August 2016), but also on the Stalactite layer and Corruption layer in older template worlds.

To smelt Diamond Ore into Diamond (bars) in the Forge you will need Fuel too.

1 Diamond (bar) can then be processed further in the Processor into 2 Diamond Slabs, or into 8 Diamond Rods.

Taking Diamond (bars) is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting-recipe for Diamond Glass.

Diamond Ore requires Extractors to be harvested from Diamond Nodes. Either Basic Extractors, Advanced Extractors and Super Extractors will do.

Diamond bars are necessary to craft Diamond Mining Cells, Diamond armor, Diamond Swords, Advanced Excavators, Diamond furniture, and also a number of building-blocks.

Coal can be turned into Diamond Ore: Making Diamond

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