The Dark Foot is a aggressive Creature that looks like a purple Hot Foot. It is the boss of the Miner Villager event, and does not spawn otherwise.

Health 650 health points

20 armor points

Time to Tame: Not tamable
Attack(s): Normal attack: Dark Foot rams the player. This attack deals 200 normal damage and 0 unblockable damage. Also sets the player on fire for 3 seconds.
Location: Spawns as the final boss in the Miner Villager event.

General information[edit | edit source]

Dark Feet are aggressive, even on game worlds with the "Pro" world option "Passive Creatures" enabled. They are the boss of the Miner Villager combat event. Killing them completes the event.

Like Hot Feet, Dark Feet are sunlight intolerant, and will burn if exposed to the sun.

Dark Feet require 93 hits with a Twig, 65 hits with a Wood Sword, 65 hits with a Stone Sword, 22 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 10 hits with an Iron Sword, 8 hits with a Diamond Sword or 5 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

When killed, these creatures can drop Gunpowder, Hardened Lava, Iron Ores, Stun Bombs, Blue Pigments, Stacked Stone Walls, Red Wood Walls, Brown Mushrooms, TNTs, Yellow Pigments, Red Pigments, Melted Waxes or Explosive Bombs.

Loot[edit | edit source]

When killed, Dark Feet can drop the following items in their Loot Bag:

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