Creativerse Crystal Shard R23 479
Creativerse Crystal shard processed from Tourmaline
Creativerse Pigsy Pet harvest83883
Creativerse Crystal shard05
Creativerse Crystal shard04
Creativerse Crystal shard03
Creativerse Crystal shard01
Creativerse Crystal shard02

Crystal shards are crafting-materials that cannot be placed like blocks and cannot be put into your quickbar.

You can obtain crystal shards as loot or pet-harvest from Pigsies or sometimes from other creatures too, like from Chizzards or Night Chizzards. You can also process 1 block of Tourmaline each into 2 Crystal shards, but mind that Tourmaline is a rather rare find on the Stalactite layer and Lava layer, even though you can loot or pet-harvest it from Warmworms too.

Crystal shards are used in potions and for explosive, like (as of R25 in November 2015):

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