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Your player character starts off his/her adventure with a mysterious Crumpled Note in the inventory.

The tooltip of any Note or Journal Page can be read by you as a player by moving your cursor over its icon in your inventory - and then it can only be stored away.

Such notes cannot be "used" or changed in any way ingame at present. There is no "reading device" in Creativerse where you could insert Notes/Journal Pages or anything like that.

This peticular Crumbled Note is intended to warn new players (especially those who have not played Minecraft) of dangerous Creatures that will appear when night falls, and will at the same point them to using artificial lightings as a counter-measurement that will prevent Creatures from spawning.

In the course of development of Creativerse the content of this note was changed several times.

One of the earlier versions (while Creativerse was in Early Access and not for free) told players to find Crafting Tables that spawned all over the gameworld whenever players entered new areas. They also respawned after players had picked up all crafting tables within a certain range. For a while players were directed to the closest Crafting Table with a symbol on their cursor. Later on, Crafting Tables were replaced by the crafting menu.

For a while players were provided with a free starting Blueprint of the Janky House that was then mentioned on the Crumpled Note too. This starting building was easy to erect and soon after the customization option for Blueprints was added.

However the developers decided to remove the Blueprint since players felt somehow "forced" to build the Janky House and to put their Touchstone there "against their will", some were disappointed that no rewards were granted for completing the Blueprint "correctly", while other players complained about the overly simple and highly flammable structure...

The Touchstone was never mentioned on the Crumbled Note, but it had always been a starting item as well, however this device too went through several functional changes.

Crumpled Notes cannot be used for crafting, cannot be placed into a quickslot, cannot be consumed and cannot be placed into the gameworld, only stored away or traded amongst players on the same gameworld.

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