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Basic Information[]

A Creative World is any Creativerse game world that has Creation Mode enabled as a world mode and such allows players to activate Creator Mode.

The Creation Mode world option can be set to "world owner", "visitors", "builders", "world admins" or "world mods" - all of these are Creative World settings.

If the Creation Mode world option is set to "No Creative Mode" (by default), the game world is not a Creative World, and Creation Mode cannot be enabled by anybody on this world.

Different from other sandbox games, you don't need to create specific Creative Worlds that would be any different from "standard" Survival Worlds.

Instead, any existing and also any newly created game world can be turned into a "Creative World" via World Edit option by the world owner - as long as said owner of the game world owns the Pro DLC.

The Creative World option defines the minimum permission rank that players on this world must have in order to use Creator Mode for themselves, which can be changed and toggled on/off anytime. "Pro" world owners can additionally allow/disallow the use of Creator Mode for any player on their game world individually.

As soon as you buy the Pro DLC, the Creative World options will be unlocked for you on your existing game world/s, and you can then create more game worlds as a Pro member too, including the new Flat World templates. Flat Worlds do not have to be "Creative Worlds" btw. - it depends on the Creative Mode world option.

Two flat world versions exist: "Sand" (15 layers of Sand on top of the deepest layer of the world) and Grass (15 layers of green Grass and Dirt with no "underworld" underneath). These game worlds feature no surface Biomes nor any underground Layers, but instead allow for creating very large and tall builds without the need to "clean up" and level any of the usual game world templates before being able to do so.

"Pro" players can turn any of their game worlds into a Creative World via "Edit World" options (Press "ESC" and click the button "Edit World" below your world image). There (at the bottom on the right side), you can select which players will be allowed to turn on Creator Mode on your world.

You can select the minimum permission rank there which will apply to all players with this or any higher permission rank.

  • If you as a "Pro" world owner set the Creative Mode world option to "world owner", then only you as the "Pro" world owner will be able to toggle Creator Mode on/off on your game world
  • If you as a "Pro" world owner set this Creative World option to "visitors", then everyone will be automatically permitted to use Creator Mode on this world (except for individual players that you might want to ban from this option via Edit Player option). If your world option "Visitors Only" is enabled, then everyone who enters the game world will automatically be at Visitor permission rank, not Builder
  • If you as a "Pro" world owner set this Creative World option to "builders", then every player with "builder" permission rank, but also all world mods, world admins and you yourself will be permitted to use Creator Mode on this world. Please note that all players on your game world will automatically have builder permission rank if you have the game world option "Visitors Only" disabled! Also, every usable object that you place into the game world outside of any player claim will automatically be set to "builder" permission - until you change this setting for such objects (like teleporters, storage chests, doors, lamps etc.)
  • Setting Creative World option to "world admin" will allow you as the "Pro" world owner and all players that you promote(d) to world admins to use Creator Mode
  • According to these principles, setting Creative World option to "world mods" will allow you as the "Pro" world owner, all players that you promote(d) to world admins and all players that you promote(d) to world mods to use Creator Mode

As long as the world option is anything else but "No Creative Mode", the game world is a "Creative World".

Enabling or disabling the world option "Visitor Only" will not change the ranks of players that have already been on your world, but will only define the ranks of players who visit your world from this point on.

If you want to check (and change if need be) the permission ranks for players on your game world, press "ESC" and click the button "Players" below your world image. You can select each player name in this list individually. Please note that you cannot set the permission ranks for players before they have entered your game world, but only if they have been on your world at least one time before.

Activating/deactivating Creator Mode[]

Please note that entering a Creative World does not mean that everyone on this world is automatically entitled to use Creator Mode. Instead this depends on the decisions of the world owner. Creator Mode permission can be granted to F2P players too - by "Pro" game world owners (via general world option and/or via player setting).

"Pro" world owners can define a minimum permission rank that players need to have on their game world in order to use Creator Mode. This permission rank does not depend on whether a player plays Creativerse for free or has bought the Pro DLC.

Moreover, world owners can additionally to that allow or disallow individual players to use Creator Mode or not independently of their permission rank.

Only "Pro" World Owners can switch Creative Mode on/off for their whole game worlds. If the world option is set to "No Creative Mode", none of the players can use Creator Mode on this world, including the world owner.

On a Creative World, all players who are allowed to, can toggle between Creator Mode and default "survival" gameplay mode anytime by pressing "Esc" and selecting either "Enable Creator Mode" or "Disable Creator Mode" (when Creator Mode is active).

Each player who is allowed to use this mode can turn on Creator Mode on and off individually whenever they want, independently from the World Owner and no matter if the World Owner is online or not. When exiting the game while in Creator Mode and waiting for a while, Creator Mode will disable itself.

Things you can do while Creator Mode is enabled[]

Again, please note that Creator Mode is not automatically enabled all the time on a Creative World. Instead you need to press "Esc" and select "Enable Creator Mode" in order for the Creator Mode to become active. When exiting the game, Creator Mode will deactivated after a while, so you'll usually have to enable it again whenever you enter the according game world.

Also, you must be on a game world where the world option isn't "No Creation Mode" in order to activate Creator Mode. Only game world owners who have bought the Pro DLC can change this setting and define a minimum permission rank for Creator Mode usage at the same time.

Creator Mode gives you access to nearly all items in the game, mainly all placeable blocks, objects and liquids - depending on your status (F2P or "Pro"), your former Store purchases and your recipe collection in the game.

Moreover, Creator Mode renders player characters immortal. You will see affliction scales like usual (for drowning, freezing, heat and corruption), but your player character will not lose any Health points.

When tapping the new "copy" key (default key "c", customizable in your keysetting options) while in Creator Mode, you'll automatically receive 999 items of whatever your cursor points at, as long as it's something that you can find in your Creator Mode inventory and there's a free slot in your Creator Mode quickbar. You can even copy blocks from Blueprints.

Creator Mode also unlocks the ability to Hover Mode (walk in the air) by double-tapping the "Jump" key (default key: Space).

Stamina is also not drained while in Creator Mode, so "Pro" players can use their Glider infinitely.

When in Creator Mode, you can customize Blueprints with your all-items-selection instead of the things you carry in your usual inventory/bag. Please note that you can now also paint blocks in your Blueprints before building them - older Blueprints that were created before February 19th 2020 can only be painted as a whole, while you can paint each block(-type), object(-type) and liquid(-type) that were used in the Blueprint individually. When building the Blueprint after that, all blocks, objects and liquids that you place will then automatically be painted the color that you have selected in the Blueprint for them.

You can now also use Explosives while in Creator Mode, including Defoliage Bombs and Foliage Bombs.

Things you cannot do while Creator Mode is enabled[]

You can alter anything on your own claims via Creator Mode, but not on other players' claims, no matter the claim settings. This also applies to the World Owner who is not allowed to take any blocks, objects or liquids from any player claim. There are no claim settings that would allow other players to use Creator Mode on claims. World owners, world admins or world mods (moderators) still have the option to ban users who have misbehaved from the game world, and then to unclaim their claims.

Filled storage chests and/or filled display containers as well as objects protected by permission settings cannot be pulled either while in Creator Mode.

You cannot craft anything while in Creator Mode (but you can use Crafting Stations except for the Crafting Table). The crafting menu simply doesn't open when Creator Mode is enabled.

Please note that most of the things that you "pull" (pick up/take) from the game world while in Creator Mode will simply vanish! They will not appear in your quickbar or inventory! If you remove any of your equipment (mining cell, tools, armor, weapon) while in Creator Mode, then it will be gone too!

If you accidentally "pulled" your Touchstone in CM, it should be in your inventory after you will disable Creator Mode again. If not, then try teleporting to it and click "Reclaim" at the bottom of the window that pops up. It doesn't matter if any other Touchstone in the list is highlighted, you will regain your own.

Blueprint Cornerstones can be pulled and will show up in your inventory as soon as you switch Creator Mode off again.

How Creator Mode basically works:

  • players who have bought or buy the Pro DLC can turn any of their own existing and newly created game worlds into Creative Worlds
  • this world option can not only be switched on and off (anytime) by "Pro" world owners, it also defines which players on this world will be allowed to use Creator Mode via minimum permission rank
  • additionally, each player can be individually allowed or prohibited to use Creator Mode on a Creative World by the world owner, no matter the general settings for all other players
  • every player who is allowed to use Creator Mode on a Creative World can turn this mode on and off anytime in order to use its possibilities - independently from the world owner (who can also turn Creator Mode on/off anytime of course) and also while the world owner is offline
  • Creator Mode renders player characters immortal - they won't lose any Health points nor Stamina points (which means they can also use the Glider infinitely)
  • Creator Mode enables players to use Hover Mode (Air Walk)
  • Creator Mode comes with its own inventory - instead of the usual bag, an "all-items-selection window" will pop up. The content of this item selection depends on your collection of recipes that you have bought and have unlocked in your crafting menu, plus many additional free blocks, objects and liquids. Disabling Creator Mode will make your bag re-appear and hide the Creator Mode window
  • Creator Mode also has its own quickbar that can be filled with items from the Creator Mode inventory, most items come in stacks of 999 units. These items (especially non-placeable ones that the quickbar won't accept) can be placed into storage containers and taken from there after Creator Mode is disabled. After disabling CM, the Creator Mode quickbar will be hidden and your "standard" quickbar will re-appear
  • While in Creator Mode, players can remove blocks and objects from the world, including Ore Nodes. Most items that are removed are also deleted by that; they will not appear in the "normal" inventory (bag) nor in the Creator Mode quickbar - they will simply vanish for good! This can also happen to equipment that is unequipped while in Creator Mode and anything that you take out of storage containers!
  • When Creator Mode is enabled, players cannot alter anything in other players' claims, no matter the claim settings. Also, filled storage containers cannot be removed. Touchstones can be removed, but should appear in your common inventory after disabling Creator Mode as an exception. Other than that, you can "reclaim" your Touchstone after pressing your Teleport key (default key: T)
  • In Creator Mode, you cannot craft items, not even with the help of the Crafting Table. You can use a Processor, a Forge and a Cooking Station though. When doing so, you'll have access to your all-items-selection at the left side and can move anything from there into the Crafting Stations