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See Data Chip

The 5 existing Crash Dumps are one type of Data Chips that can mainly be obtained from Things or Keepas of any kind nowadays.

These informational notes contain hints about the background of Creativerse.

The tooltip of any Data Chip can be read by you as a player by moving your cursor over its icon in your inventory - and then it can only be stored away. Data Chips cannot be used in any way ingame at present. There is no "reading device" in Creativerse where you could insert Data Chips to decode them or anything like that.

Their sole purpose is to give you some hints about the background-story of Creativerse. They seem to have been written in a time-based order that can only be guessed, but is not really important anyways. Data Chips are not parts of an ongoing story nor coherent information, just snippets of hints that won't fit together clearly.

You can read more about these rare findings and the codes they contain in the main article Data Chip.

The codes on these Crash Dumps contain a encrypted address cut in 5 parts. If you decrypt them, they will lead you to an URL on the internet. Since the end of 2016 the according page is down though and you will only receive the message "Loading...".

These codes do not reveal any ingame-secrets and do not lead you to any locations on any gameworld of Creativerse.

For hints about the codes and how to uncode them, please refer to the article Data Chip.

Kindly note that spoilers about the destination of the codes posted in the comments will be deleted as they would prevent players from tyring to decrypt the codes themselves, and they are the only "secret" that Creativerse has as of today.

...  -...  --. ...--

...-  --  -..  .--.  ...

--.-  .  .--.  ..-  -..  .--.  -./

--.-  --  -...  --..  --.

-..  -...  ---  .  --..  -..

Crash Dumps cannot be used for crafting, cannot be put into any quickslot, can't be placed into the world, cannot be consumed nor "learnt", but they can be traded between players on the same gameworld. Upon obtaining a new Crash Dump, a message window about its discovery will be displayed.

Crash Dump Descriptions

--.- -- -... --.. --. STILL THINKING DEEPLY




--.- . .--. ..- -.. .--. -./ MY THOUGHTS VERY INTENSE


-.. -... --- . --.. -.. THIS PROCESSING SO BORING


... -... --. ..- ...-- WHAT WILL I DO WITH MYSELF AFTER THIS

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