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Crafting Tables were an important feature of the game before "patch"/Release R22 arrived (in September 2015). Back then you needed those Crafting stations for all the recipes that you can now craft by accessing the "Crafting"-Tab in your inventory (or by typing the default shortkey "Q").

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These crafting stations have spawned (and respawned) randomly throughout the surface of any Creativerse-world and have been focal points on your compass too, indicated by orange sun-like or gear-like symbols.

They were the first and most important type of Crafting Station you once needed throughout the whole game.

With Crafting Tables you could craft all kinds of devices ("Machines"), light sources ("Lighting"), Potions, Swords, Armor, Bombs ("Explosives"), building-blocks ("Decor") and Furniture.

Crafting Tables have also been craftable themselves, however you needed one to make one/more. Because they proliferated the landscape, crafting one was rarely necessary though. You only needed to have at least a Wood Mining Cell equipped (or better) to grab one (or more) and take it (them) with you.

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Crafting each item would take a little while for the Crafting Table to process (as was shown in the bottom right corner of the Crafting Table after starting to craft), though not as long as Forges or Processors could take for their "work". Each Crafting Table could only craft/hold up to 21 items before it had to be emptied.

Crafting Tables could only be found on the over-world / surface layer, and could only be crafted by accessing another Crafting Table.

To craft your own Crafting Table, you needed (until R21 in August 2015):

Tracking Recipes Edit

Since Version R18 it was also possible to "track" Crafting Recipes at the Crafting Table (now in your Crafting-Menu) by clicking the "track" button next to the picture of the item in the top right corner of the Crafting Table. This would show you the materials you needed for the planned recipes in the top left corner of your screen at all times (even when you left the Crafting Table) just like a typical quest-tracker, until you disabled the tracking once again in any Crafting Menu (available in the crafting tables, as well as by pressing Q, after the R22 update).