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Corruption Resistance Potions remove the corruption meter (scale) that starts to fill when player characters get close to corrupted blocks/water, and additionally these potions reduce, but not fully prevent the damage over time taken by attacks of corrupted Creatures or Corrupted Water - all for the duration of 10 minutes.

These potions allow the player to traverse the Corruption layer while staying pretty much unaffected by Corruption unless they touch Corrupted Water or are attacked. In comparison, Corrupted Sandwiches and Corrupted Pie will not negate the Corruption meter, but on the other hand these food types will turn the corruption damage over time into healing over time (inverting corruption damage), so it won't even matter then if the Corruption meter is filled.

Description: "After drinking this you suddenly realize that you never really liked tabloids after all."

Corruption Resistance Potions can only be crafted, they cannot be found in Treasure Chests nor obtained from any Creatures on the game-worlds of Creativerse currently.

The crafting recipe for Corruption Resistance Potions has now to be unlocked at first by crafting or taking a Diamond Mining Cell (like by obtaining them from Things either as a loot or pet-harvest).

To craft 4 Corruption Resistance Potions at once, you'll need:


- Reduction of Corruption Environmental Effect by 90%

(in actual fact the potion manages to completely remove the corruption meter)

- Reduction of Corruption DOT (damage over time) by 50%

(as dealt by touching Corrupted Water or when being attacked by corrupted Creatures)