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This aggressive and strong breathren of the common red Rockster (and of the same size) only spawns in complete darkness on or close to corrupted blocks like Corrupted Stone near Corrupted Water that naturally occur in the Corruption layer deep underground (currently the deepest layer of any Creativerse World).

Health 500 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 25 seconds (Rancher: 5 sec.)
Attack(s): Swipe: the Corrupted Rockster swipes at players with its claws

Spinning attack: after ca. 4 seconds of blocking while covering itself with its claws, the Corrupted Rockster jumps and spins, pushing player characters away. Can occasionally deal corruption DOT

Location: Corruption layer during day and night

The Corrupted Rockster has once spawned solely on blocks of Corrupted Sand. Since Corrupted Sand has only existed in very early versions of Creativerse (2014), the Corrupted Rockster could only be found on very old Creativerse Worlds for a long time.

Since update R36 on November 16th 2016, the Corrupted Rockster now spawns on many corrupted blocks like most other corrupted Creatures.

The Corrupted Rockster can be made to spawn on player-built arenas created from corrupted blocks with Corrupted Water nearby. It will only spawn in darkness though, which means either at night-time or if walls and ceilings are applied to the arena. They will then prevail even if the sun rises.

According to Playful, Corrupted Rocksters have 500 health points and based on repeated tests, they require 72 hits with a Twig, 50 hits with a Wood Sword, also 50 hits with a Stone Sword, 25 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 17 hits with an Iron Sword, 15 hits with a Diamond Sword or 10 hits with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems like Corrupted Rocksters have 250 armor points.

You cannot hurt Corrupted Rocksters while they cover themselves with their claws. Every hit that you deal to Corrupted Rocksters while they are blocking will only reduce the durability of your weapon, not inflict any damage to the Corrupted Rockster.

Corrupted Rocksters, when killed or dismissed, will drop a few different items in their Loot Bags:

and can also additionally drop (like many other creatures):

As Pets, tamed Rocksters might prefer to eat Corrupted Soup, Corrupted Bread or Corrupted Sandwiches.

After feeding Corrupted Rockster Pets you can harvest the same materials from them as Pets as would be found in their Loot Bags, but up to 3 times more of them. However, this holds true only after you have fed them their exact favorite type of Food