Creativerse Coral100

A Coral is a block that can spawn on Mud, especially when fluids like water, mineral water or bog water are nearby. Most riverbeds are made of Mud.  

Creativerse Coral and driftwood on ocean floor001

Large areas of coral are forming reefs under the ocean, and corals can likewise be found near Mineral Water lakes in the Stalactite layer.

Creativerse Stalactite layer corals mineral water383

Corals can also be harvested from Pets or obtained as loot from:

Creativerse Night Rockster pet harvest R23 coral mud rock
Creativerse Rockster Pet harvest R23 477
Creativerse Pebble Pet harvest838
Creativerse Rockzilla Loot001

Currently corals are not used for any crafting-recipes and such remain to be decorative blocks that can be used for building by being placed (like Rockzillas altar).

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