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Basic Information[]

Claims are pieces of land the size of 64x64 blocks that you can own and protect with settings so that your builds are safe there, your crops (etc.) cannot be harvested and even the land cannot be changed by strangers. Claiming land is recommended if you play on any game world that you did not create yourself, and also when playing multiplayer on your own world.

You can claim up to 40 regions ("Pro" players can get 2 more) of any game world of Creativerse for yourself - however, the world owner can take countermeasures if they don't agree with your claiming land on their game world/s.

By claiming some land, you will receive ownership over this piece of land. Of course you can only claim land that has not already been claimed by someone else - except if you're the world owner, because in this case you can ban the according player and unclaim their land.

Please note that as long as you are merely a visitor on a game world, you won't be able to claim land. As a visitor, you also cannot take any blocks or harvest any materials nor crops, you cannot build/place anything (including your own Touchstone) and you can't hurt Creatures either, except for on claims where their owners might grant you a higher permission rank (like claim builder, mod/interact or even claim admin).

Land claims were introduced to Creativerse with the R29 update in February 2016.

Each world is divided into 160×160 regions available for claiming. These 25600 optional/potential claims are each 64 blocks in length and also 64 blocks in width, reaching from the lowest point in the world (00 at their base with "end of the world" blocks) to the highest point (255) in the sky.

Each player can claim up to 38 claimable areas on each game world, and 2 additional initial claims for "Pro" players.

However, only up to 10 claims (+2 for "Pro" players) are for "free" (can be paid with ingame ores/materials) without having to spend any Coins.

The option to toggle claim borders invisible / visible (you can find this game setting in the visual options) individually was added with update R33 in August 2016.

Since August 2016, you cannot turn off the claim-feature itself on your own worlds any longer, not even as a "Pro" player. However, you can ban visitors on your own game world if they have claimed land that you don't want them to have, and then unclaim the land again.

"Pro" players get two claims granted for free on each game world, they don't even have to trade in any resources. Additional claims will cost different kinds of materials (mainly ores) or coins (to be bought in the store with real money), as listed in more detail below.

After claiming land, you can protect your claim/s in different ways so nobody will be able to change your buildings nor harvest anything there. You can grant different authorizations to specific players, allowing or disallowing them different kinds of actions on your land - each single claim of yours has its own settings to be defined.

All players can recollect their own Death Statues on claims and on the game world, even visitors. Claim owners can also loot and remove Death Statues of any other players on their claims, but all other players cannot loot Death Statues on these claims.

A bug is known that seems to have taken place shortly after update R63 on February 19th 2020 until the following hotfix, and has altered the permission for certain players on only certain game worlds so that they can claim up to 255 claims for free. This bug will most likely be fixed somewhen in the future. It is not known how this fix is then going to affect irregularly claimed claims that go beyond the permitted number of 40 claims.

How to claim land[]

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Creativerse claim 320 lumite 5 or 7 2018-08-27 01-48-00-47.jpg
Creativerse claim 320 arcstones 6 or 8 2018-08-26 11-15-37-98 claim unlock.jpg
Creativerse claim 200 coins 18th claim 2018-09-09 19-17-02-23.jpg

Please note that you cannot claim land on any game world where your permission rank is "visitor". Many game worlds will set all newcomers to visitor by default as a protection against possible griefing by strangers. Only if the game world owner (or in their absence, world admins or world mods) will promote you to grant you at least builder rights, you will become able to claim land.

Open your Map on a game world, either select the area map by clicking on the magnifying glass, and search for the area(s) that you want to claim, or click on the general area on the world map and then on the magnifying glass. Move the map excerpt that you can see on the area map by clicking on the blue triangle buttons with directions (the compass) in the window to the right side.

You can claim land anywhere on the game world within areas that you have already discovered; your player character does not have to stand on the land that you want to claim. After finding the yet unclaimed piece of land that you want to claim, left-click on this square area on your area map.

The region will then display its default name (usually it's the name of the according surface biome) and be titled "unclaimed" if you can claim it. Also, an icon with a hammer symbol on it will pop up on this square. By mouse-over it will say "CLAIM". Click on this icon to claim the land.

Next, a window will open, showing you the requirements for claiming this land.

  • your first claim will cost you 20 pieces of Coal - mined from Coal Nodes on the Fossil layer, in shallow Caves or in the Mountains or found in Treasure Chests. Alternatively you can pay 100 Store Coins. However, if you are a "Pro"-player, then you can claim two pieces of land for "free", and it's the third claim that you will have to "pay" 20 pieces of Coal for. You have to carry the 20 pieces of Coal in your inventory before they will be marked with a check mark in the claiming window, and by clicking on "unlock" you can "pay" these materials for the claim, then the area will be yours.
  • your fifth claim (or as a "Pro" your seventh) will cost you 320 Lumite bars - made from Lumite Ore that can only be found in Nodes on the Corruption layer very deep underground, or else it will cost 100 Coins
  • your sixth to tenth claim (or as a "Pro" your eighth to twelfth claim) will cost you 320 Arcstones per claim - obtained from any kind of Keepas or (very rarely) found in Wood Treasure Chests, or else it will cost 100 Coins
  • from then on any more claims will only be available by paying Store coins - the 11th claim will cost you 100 Coins, (13th for "Pro"), more claims will cost 200 Coins each. From the 21st (23rd for "Pro") claim onward, the price will climb up to 300 Coins per claim. 38 (40 for Pro) is the last claimable piece of land per player (Steam account)

Please note that each claim has a "fixed" price. If you pay Coins for the first two claims instead of using up resources (Coal, Obsidian), the third claim will still cost 80 Iron Bars (or alternatively 100 Coins).

Pro players will always get their first two claims completely for free; then their third claim will cost either Coal or Coins, the fourth will cost either Obsidian or Coins - and even if you buy these two with Coins as a Pro player, you will be asked to pay 80 Iron Bars for your fifth claim or alternatively 100 Coins.

Why claim land anyways?[]

Creativerse claim naming 2018-09-09 22-25-33-98.jpg
Creativerse claimed land settings circle 2019-05-23 21-50-29-1257.jpg
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Creativerse claim permission list players 2019-05-23 21-50-29-1264.jpg

Claim settings override game world settings. However please note that you need to set your claim options individually for each claimed area.

Claiming land will allow you:

  • to name each piece of land individually
  • to add a message that will be displayed for all players who will enter your claim. By default the message is "Welcome to X's Zone", with your player name instead of "X"
  • to generally set the permission rank of everyone who's visiting your claim/s to either visitor, interacting player (claim mod), builder or admin, which can differ for each single claim of course.
  • everyone is set to "visitor" permission rank on claims by default. You can alter this by selecting one of your claims on the area map by clicking on it, then clicking on the "hammer" icon in the middle, selecting "Advanced Options" and clicking on "Visitor", which will bring up a drop-down menu where you can select the setting.
  • unless you want to have areas on your game worlds where players are allowed to experiment while being defaulted to visitor everywhere else, it's not advised to change the default setting of your claims for everyone for safety reasons to builders or admin on public worlds or worlds where many other players are permitted to play, since even players who will visit this world for their first time in the far future will then be allowed to alter stuff on your claim/s
  • to promote friends and trusted players (or demote specific players) differently from the general settings to either visitor, interacting player, builder or admin on each of your claims individually. If you open your area map, select your claim by clicking on it once and then click on the icon that looks like three dark bust silhouettes at the left side, this will open a window that lists all players that have visited the game world - you can there select players individually and use the drop-down menu in the smaller window to the right side in order to select a permission rank for each player on this claim. You can only manage rights for players that have been on this game world at least once
  • to grant players builder rights on your claim/s if they request this (by clicking on claims of other players, builder rights can be requested). It's advised to refuse builder-requests from players who you don't know and who have not even talked to you before clicking the request icon. Claims are made to protect your builds and your land from possible trolls or griefers, so best only allow players to dig, harvest and place on your land that you trust. Please note that these players will also have access to all chests, display containers, machines and crafting stations that are set to "builders" by default when they are placed, unless you lock them away in closed-up buildings with locked doors (preferably secured with Number Pads and Number Comparison Gates together with your doors, since all players, even visitors, are allowed by default to activate switches, pressure plates and similar devices)
  • to protect your claim from spreading fire (fire spread is disabled on claims by default since update R33 ⅔), except if you uncheck this option yourself. This setting can be found in the advanced options for claims and will prevent the usage of Fire Bombs and Flaming Skulls on the according claims.
  • the disabled fire spread option also stops raging flames within and at the border of your claim/s, which will hinder forest fires from affecting any flammable stuff (like trees, wooden blocks and plants) inside your claim. Also, the transformation abilities of Fire Bombs/Flaming Skulls are disabled (like turning Sand to Salt or evaporating liquids) when fire spreading is disabled
  • by choice, you can make things burnable and let fires spread on your claim/s by enabling the fire spreading/sim option on the claim/s - this will work even if the game world itself is protected from fire
  • to enable or disable PvP (player versus player fights) on your land - or just for a limited timespan, since you can turn it on and off anytime. PvP is enabled on claims by default.
  • by enabling PvP on a claim in a game world that does not allow PvP, you can create "PvP-arenas".
  • by disabling PvP on a claim in a game world that permits PvP, you can create safe zones where players cannot hurt each other's player characters
  • to either permit or forbid usage of TNT or any other Explosives (since update R62 on April 29th) on your claim. When TNTs/Explosives are disabled on claims (by default), all players - including your own player character too! - cannot throw "grenades" like Explosive Bombs or even just Rimecones on these claims, plus they (and you) cannot activate TNT (that would damage the environment), Excavators (that can remove up to 7x7x7 blocks at once) or Extractors (that can extract Ores from Nodes and will remove Nodes when they are emptied). If the TNT option is disabled, all these devices also cannot be activated on these claims after they've been placed by someone else
  • to either enable (by default) or disable the spreading of Corruption on your claim/s. If this option is disabled, Corrupt Bombs cannot be used on the according claim, and Corrupt Obelisks and Corrupted Water will also not have any effects on adjacent green Grass blocks and Snowy Elderwood Leaves
  • to either enable (by default) or disable the spawning of Creatures (Mobs) on your claim/s. If this option is disabled, Creatures will not spawn on this claim naturally, even if the world option for Creature/Mob spawning is enabled (by default). Please note that Creatures that will spawn outside the borders of your claim/s will not be hindered from wandering over the borders and inside the claim/s, so you won't be able to create a safe haven on your claims by using this option when being hunted by aggressive Creatures
  • to revert claims to their "natural" state by choice. This is only possible on Creative Worlds for players who are allowed to use Creator Mode there. When this button (not a constantly effective option) is clicked and confirmed, everything that has been built on this claim will vanish, and everything within the borders of the claim will be set back to the original state when the game world was created. This will also restore all ore nodes that have been extracted. Anything that has grown or spawned after world creation (like tree flowers, beeswax or crops) will disappear. Kindly note that underground tunnels and stairs that you have dug will also be gone for good, plus all torches and other lights that have been placed underground (like on the Corruption layer) will simply vanish forever.

Claim colors[]

Creativerse Claim border.jpg
Creativerse claim red borders001.jpg
Creativerse claim yellow borders01.jpg
Creativerse 2019-05-24 02-21-00 0001.jpg

All claims have a visible energy shield around them that you can only see when getting close to these borders and/or when you cross them together with a sound that will play when crossing over claim borders. As mentioned, you can disable the display of these 3D borders in your visual option settings (in the game settings).

After stepping on claimed land, you will also see a colored flag and a notification that you are now on claimed land (with the name of the claim owner) on top of your screen as long as you are within the borders of a claim. You cannot disable the visibility of this display on your screen.

Additionally to that, claims are marked by colored borders on the area map (blue for yourself, yellow or red for other players depending on their permission on your claims) and are also visible as small similar colored squares on the overview world map.

The colors of claims that you can see will always indicate your personal authorization on each claim, so each player could see different colors:

  • Your own claims will be shown in blue color. Your permission rank cannot be demoted on your own claims, but game world owners and world admins can ban you if you misbehave in order to unclaim your claims. They can also access your storage chests and crafting stations anytime if you don't close up your base all around and/or lock your doors. Please note that switches, pressure plates and the like can be activated by all players, even visitors. The only safe way to lock your base is by using Number Pads and Number Comparison Gates together with your doors
  • Red claims indicate that their owners have only provided you with mere visitor-rights there, so you cannot mine or harvest anything on these claims, except for randomly spawning Treasure Chest and Loot Bags of Creatures that you kill/dismiss there. You can not even kill Creatures if the game world itself is set to "default to visitor" and you haven't been promoted to any higher permission rank than visitor though. You can still reclaim your Death Statues on any claim and game world. You can also use (and even take, which you should refrain from doing) any chests, crafting stations and wireable objects that have been set to the permission setting "everyone" (with the padlock symbol in the top right corner of their setting windows after activating them, which requires to have a Wiring Tool equipped in case of wireable objects). As a visitor, you can also step into Teleporters in order to be transported, and you can use Activation Devices like switches, pressure plates, sensors and the like, plus you can use all wireable objects like lamps, doors, wicket gates, beacons and so on that aren't locked (locking them can be done with a Wiring Tool)
  • Yellow claims have granted you more rights such as Interact Only, Builder rights or even Admin rights. With builder permission, you can dig and harvest on these claims, and also place anything there that's placeable. You can also use chests and crafting stations (and the like) that have been set to "builder" (or "everyone") in their permission options (padlock icon). You can even take these objects (or their contents)(except in Interact Only mode), but abusing the trust of your fellow players this way will most likely have negative consequences for you
  • Claims will also appear Yellow in color to you if you've been granted claim interact rights there and/or if the claim default access is set to Interact Only. This permission rank is basically visitor rank plus the ability to use chests and crafting stations (and the like) on these claims that are set to "interact only", while not allowing you to take/remove these objects.

You can request to be promoted to a higher permission rank in order to gain more rights and execute more actions on claims of your friends by clicking on any claim/s of theirs and then by clicking on the icon "Request".

Please be nice and do not simply request more rights before even talking to these players and please absolutely refrain from spamming other players with building requests after they have already declined once!

Claim settings display[]

Creativerse claim symbols 2019-05-24 00-03-29-0111.jpg

When entering a claim, you will be notified about the basic settings of this claim in the shape of a temporarily visible small window with some icons in it directly below the claim message.

  • if PvP is disabled (it's enabled by default) on a claim, a grey round icon with crossed cyan-colored swords will be displayed
  • if the use of TNT (Explosives) is disabled (which it is by default) on a claim, a grey round icon with a dark orange flame will be displayed
  • if Fire spreading (Fire sim) is disabled (which it is by default) on a claim, a grey round icon with a yellow double flame will be displayed
  • if Corruption spreading (Corruption sim) is disabled (which is enabled by default) on a claim, a grey round icon with a purple downscaled biohazard symbol will be displayed

These icons will only be visible for a few seconds together with the claim message and will then fade again.

Player permission settings for claims[]

Creativerse claim options 2020-03-13 12-13-05-08.jpg
Creativerse claim permission list players 2019-05-23 21-50-29-1264.jpg

You can (and should) grant players different ranks on your claims that will define what they're allowed to do on your claims. This can (only) be defined for each claim separately (not for all of your claims with a general option).

The icon with three shadow figures allows you to select a player to give them either visitor, interact, builder or admin of that single claim. Remember to be selective of who you give permissions to on public worlds some can be troll's set out to ruin someones day.

  • if you set everyone to visitor by default (recommended setting), visiting strangers with visitor rights cannot use or take your storage chests nor crafting stations on your claims, except for those that are (manually) set to "everyone". Visitors cannot place anything, cannot dig, take blocks or harvest from your land or buildings, gardens, statues, crops, etc. nor can they add any blocks to your creations. They can kill Creatures on your claim though, if the game world is not set to "visitor by default". They can also retrieve their own death statues if they died on your claim (but you can also take their death statues as the claim owner)
  • setting everyone to "claim interact" (Interact Only) by default will allow all your visitors to use chests and crafting stations on your claim that you have set to "interact only" permission, but claim interacts can still not take these objects away. They cannot dig/harvest and place stuff on your land either, but they can use and take all objects that you've set to "everyone"
  • setting everyone to "claim admin" will allow all players to use chests and crafting stations that are set any permission ranks other than "just me". It will also allow players to change the settings on the according claims, like permissions for other players - but these changes are only temporarily and will automatically reset to your own settings as soon as the players leave the game world
  • however, please know that game world owners and game world admins will still be able to look into all of your chests, crafting stations and display containers (plus also place and even take stuff), no matter the permission rank that you have given your containers on your claims. World owners and world admins cannot dig on your claim though, and cannot change the wiring of your stuff (like of locked doors), so you can still lock them out of your base by closing it up properly all around and locking your door/s. If you do not trust world owners, then you might refrain from playing on their game worlds in general. World owners and admins appointed by Playful are usually absolutely trustworthy. Old "social worlds" created by Playful in April 2016 are not moderated at all - but two of these old worlds have had their ownership transfered to long-term players over the years who have claimed a lot of land there and built whole cities

Unclaiming claims[]

Creativerse claim unclaim circle 2019-05-23 21-50-29-1258.jpg
Creativerse claim unclaim 2019-05-23 21-50-29-1260.jpg

As the claim owner[]

In order to unclaim your own claims, just click on any claim of yours on the area map and click on the garbage bin icon at the right side of the hammer in order to unclaim your claim if you wish so, and confirm your decision.

Please note that unclaiming land will not return any Coins or resources to you that you have spent for claims!

Instead, you will be accredited the unclaimed claims as free claims that you can use on this same game world elsewhere (if the world owner and world admins will allow you to claim again) without "paying" anything.

After unclaiming a claim, a notice will show up on your area map. For example: if you have only one claim and then unclaim it, the notice will say "0 claim of 1 claims used" on the right side of the map - it's a credit note. You can now claim this one piece of land again on the same game world, and it will be for free. The notice on the map will then change to "1 claim of 1 claims used". This way you can "move" all your claims for free somewhere else (where you're allowed to claim land) on the same game world.

You can't transfer any regained claims to another game world (than the one where you unclaimed the claims) - even if you have bought the claim with Coins and can't claim land anywhere else on this same game world.

Please note that unclaiming a claim and then re-claiming it might very likely reset all permission settings (formerly claim settings, then made into world settings, then into claim settings again) of your chests, pets, machines and the like that still were located on this claim.

Better check all permission settings again after reclaiming an unclaimed claim.

As the world owner[]

In order to remove claims by players who have claimed land on your game world without asking for your permission or not abiding to claiming rules, you need to ban these players first.

For this, you can write "/ban playername" into the chat or press ESC in order to bring up your main menu, then click on the "Players" button at the bottom of the window below the game world picture. There, you'll need to select the according player's name in the list of players that have visited your game world, and then check the option button next to the option "Banned" in order to ban this player.

By that, their claims will be unclaimed automatically. You can afterwards /unban these players if you like, but they will not automatically regain their claims by that.

Btw., you can also kick and/or mute players in this window if you're the world owner, world admin or world mod - but only players with a lower permission rank than your own (so world owners cannot be kicked, muted or banned by anyone, world admins can only be kicked, muted or banned by world owners "above them", etc.).

Securing your claims[]

Creativerse Teleporter activated.jpg


Claims are designed to allow everyone, including all visitors (!), to open and close your doors, use switches and other Activation Devices, and also to use your Teleporters (by stepping into them) on your claims.

Setting the permission (padlock-symbol in the top right corner) of your Teleporters to "just me" will prevent other players to take your Teleporters (this also applies to Teleporters that you place on unclaimed land) and also from looking at and/or changing the Teleporter's codes.

However this setting will not hinder players from walking into the Teleporter and teleport to its destination. So if you don't want anyone to enter your home - including Creatures (!), better don't place arrival-Teleporters directly into your living room, nor Teleporters with an easy-to-guess (upper) code that players could find out by accident/experimenting.

Creativerse White Wood Door plus Wood Door 2019-01-03 02-56-21-88.jpg


If you don't want anyone to use your doors (maybe simply because players often tend to leave your doors wide open for Creatures to waltz in as well) or/and into other parts of your land or underground mines, you can:

  • simply lock your doors by using a Wiring Tool - inspect the door and disable the button "can interact". The door will be locked. Mind that by doing so, you as well cannot use this door unless you will unlock it with your Wiring Tool. So this tool will function as a key, but you will have to carry it with you for that purpose
  • best use Number Pads together with Number Comparison Gates between your door and the Number Pad/s. FIRST connect the Number Pad to the Number Comparison Gate, SECONDLY connect the Gate to the Door. Type a number code of your choice into the right upper array of the Number Comparison Gate (input 2), set it to "value" below and then set the Number Pad permission (padlock) to whatever setting for others, so your friends will be able to use it after you've shared the number code with them and you have granted them the according permission rank. Of course you will have to set the door to "cannot interact" again. Only if you have wired these elements correctly, the correct code will open the door, but any other combination of numbers won't. The Number Pad has an option to define a "reset time" (counted in seconds) that can be used to make the door close itself automatically again after you've stepped through
  • or - like before R33 - you can also fill doorways on your claims with blocks that have to be pulled/picked up (any crafted blocks will do just fine and can be pulled/taken by you without needing any Power Cells), which visitors are forbidden to take.

Creativerse gliding changing perspective 2018-10-27 15-16-16-46.jpg

Closing your base[]

Please note that many means can be used by players to enter your claims and base - like by jumping over fences, by building ladders high up into the sky just outside the borders, then consuming Food that will prevent falling damage and jumping into your claim, or simply by flying over high walls etc. by using their Glider. If you want to keep them out, you will have to build properly closed walls and "ceilings" too.

Claimed property is now protected from spreading fire by default, except if you disable this option. Then your claim can be affected or even destroyed by fire that spreads "naturally" from outside the borders to within the claim. Some bombs are able to affect blocks close to the borders of claims when being thrown close to the borders (but still outside the claims).

Creativerse corruption corrupts moss covered wood too40.jpg
Creativerse freeze bomb 2018-10-09 00-20-10-72.jpg

Corrupting and Freezing[]

Corruption and Ice will not spread aggressively, but could also effect parts of your claim if used at the borders by other players, so it's recommended to disable Corruption spreading on your claim (enabled by default).

Freeze Bombs and Snowcubes can freeze many liquids to Ice and can cool down liquid Lava to solid blocks, but since Ice doesn't spread too easily, the damage can quickly be redone by exchanging the Ice with liquids again. Disable TNT/Explosives in order to prevent players from using these Explosives/throwables.

If you disable the usage of "TNT", you yourself also won't be able to use any kinds of Explosives, but also no Extractors on Ore Nodes nor Excavators on your own claims. This includes all the underground layers that belong to the claim as well.

If you want to use throwable "grenades" and/or placeable devices that can remove blocks from the world, you will first have to allow the according TNT-option on the claim - you can still disable TNT-usage again afterwards or whenever you like.

P.S.: you can find a nice guide on Steam about Creativerse land claims, made for you by the wonderful AvatarAlice:

Reverting Claims[]

Revert Claim

Reverting a claim is performed in the advanced options of the claim management window. Only if the world being played on is a Creative World that has enabled any of the Creative World options, plus if you also either have a sufficient permission rank to use Creator Mode there (like "Pro" world owner), or if you were assigned Creator Mode by a world staff member on this Creative World, then you can revert your claim/s in the advanced options menu. You do not have to have Creator Mode actively enabled as a player to perform this action.

Reverting a claim returns the claim to its unused configuration, for example any items placed in the claim is removed (not returned to the owner!) and the land is regenerated to its original configuration. All items placed in the claim are deleted and land goes back to vanilla state. Please note that reverting claims will also delete filled storage containers and all torches or other lights that were placed underground, will also revert any tunnels, purified corrupted blocks/water and plowed land, and will bring ore nodes back that had already been extracted.

If the revert claim option does not appear for your claim, then the game world might not be a Creative World. Game worlds can be changed into Creative Worlds by enabling the according world option, which only world owners who have bought the Pro DLC can do (Press "ESC" and click "Edit World" below your game world's image). This world option also decides about the minimum permission rank that players must have in order to use Creator Mode. Additionally to that, individual players can be allowed to use Creator Mode via player options (the "Player" button right next to the "Edit World" option button).

If the game world allows the use of Creative Mode, but you as the player are not permitted to enable Creator Mode as a requirement for the option to revert your claim to its original state, then you might not have (nor been manually assigned) a permission rank high enough for the privilege to use Creator Mode on this game world.

If you as a world owner want to prevent players from using this claim option, you need to manually disallow them to use Creator Mode on your game world via player option, then the claim revert option will not appear in the claim management advanced options.