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Chizzard Gizzard is an animal-material that can be obtained from Chizzards, as well as from Night Chizzards and Corrupted Chizzards either as a loot or pet-harvest.

It can also be obtained from Ghost Chizzards and Poultrygeists, but only as a pet-harvest after taming and feeding them.

Chizzards can be found in Jungle-biomes or on Beaches, they will often spawn on Shorewood or Wildwood Leaves.

Night Chizzards will spawn in the Jungle as well, but also on Snow in Taigas, snowy Tundras or Mountains; of course only at night.

Corrupted Chizzards can of course be found in the Corruption layer, but will also spawn on corrupted natural blocks in darkness.

You will often get this material if you kill or dismiss these Chizzards, or if you harvest from them when they are your Pets.

Chizzard Gizzard is a necessary ingredient for Stun Bombs that you can craft yourself or can sometimes find in Treasure Chests.

Chizzard Gizzard can be put in a Forge (with Fuel) to produce 1 Questionable Jerky each, used to make Food in the Cooking Station.

Please note that Blizzard Chizzards won't drop this material, they will drop Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard instead, which is used in different Crafting Recipes, but can also be made into Questionable Jerky in a Forge though.