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This category lists all types of windows that you can craft in Creativerse.

Barred Wood Windows can only be crafted after obtaining their rare crafting Recipe from randomly spawning Treasure Chests or Canyon Creatures like Trogs, Dried Leafies or Dustevils.

Gingerbread Windows can only be crafted after obtaining their crafting recipe in Holiday Gifts that spawn temporarily around Christmas. You can also learn this rare Recipe when other players give it to your, like in player-made Adventures. It will be permanently added to your crafting menu and will then stay available on all gameworlds (even those that have the world option "world bound recipes" enabled).

The Industrial Window can only be crafted after buying the Industrial Super Bundle in the Store. Building kits for Industrial Blueprints and Item Packs include several already crafted windows, but not their crafting recipe.

Windows cannot be opened, wired nor locked. Doors however can.

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