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This category lists the Melee Weapons that you can use in Creativerse.

Most Melee Weapons in Creativerse are Swords, except for the Twig that is your first and always present emergency weapon, and the store-bought Industrial Crowbar that was introduced to the game with update R44.

However even the Twig and the Crowbar are swung in the exactly same way and with the exact same reach as any "real" Sword.

Melee Weapons come in different tiers that deal different amounts of damage. Many Creatures have armor points and most have certain vulnerabilities against specific weapon tiers. 

All Melee Weapons can be crafted, but some free Swords can additionally also be found in random Treasure Chests or can randomly be obtained from certain Creatures, like the Thing or any type of Keepas.

With each hit (misses don't count), Melee Weapons will lose a little of their durability. When Melee Weapons are worn out completely, they will fall apart and vanish, which will also be visually indicated on the screen. At that time, the now ruined Melee Weapon will automatically be replaced by the indestructible but very weak Twig. 

Creativerse has rare weapon variants and also store-exclusive Weapons to offer, but no purchasable weapon surpasses the free Lumite Sword, even though two rare ones (the Rainbownator 5000 and the Legendary Golden Sword) deal the exact same damage points as the Lumite Sword.

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