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Tools are a category of items you can craft in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

This category includes Plows as the current Farming tool, the Wiring Tool and Tools you need for Pets, like Taming Collars and Pet Washers.

These tools will go into the tool slot in your equipment to the left side of your characters' model next to the inventory/bag. They can be "readied" with the TAB key (as the default key) after being equipped. This key is called in the key setting menu and will cycle between Power Cell, Weapon and Tool if worn.

Mining Cells have their own category in the crafting menu now, Weapons as well (both were formerly listed under "Tools" ingame).

Even though Excavators can be found in your crafting-category Explosives and can be rendered useless by turning off the world-option to use area-damaging explosives, they could also be viewed as mining tools.

Extractors on the other hand are sorted under "Crafting Tools" ingame now, together with Crafting Stations.

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