This category lists all Storage items that you can craft in Creativerse in your Crafting Menu ("Q" as the default key). It is a sub-category of craftable Furniture.

Some Storage containers can be found on the gameworlds of Creativerse. Blue Gift Boxes, Green Gift Boxes and Red Gift Boxes (as well as their crafting recipes) can be occasionally found in Holiday Gifts or obtained from "Arctic" Creatures (meaning Arctic Mirus, Blizzard Chizzards and Rambeaus) during Christmas season.

Arctek Chests and Grand Arctek Chests are a rare finding in Iron Treasure Chests and/or Diamond Treasure Chests and can also occasionally be obtained from Things either as a loot or pet-harvest.

Hidden Temple Altars, Hidden Temple Chests, Medieval Chests and Industrial Lockers are Store-exclusive items that can only be crafted after buying the according Recipe Packs. Buildings Kits for Blueprints and Item Packs also include several already crafted chests, but not their crafting recipes.

Stone Weapon Racks can only display up to 3 Weapons, no other types of objects or items.

Stone Wall Shelves and Placemats can display many items, objects and materials in a smaller size.

Flower Pots and Wood Planters will accept and then display only specific items, like most cubic blocks, Seeds and Saplings (that will not grow into trees/crops there).

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