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This category lists all craftable and purchasable (Blueprints, Item Packs) Roofs and Sloped blocks, as well as Quest rewards, seasonal blocks, and drops from Treasure Chests.

Both Roofs and Slopes are slanted building blocks that have half the volume of a block, and can be rotated to build smoother corners.

Roofs can usually be crafted from crafting recipes, which have to be unlocked and can then be found in your Crafting Menu (opened with "Q" by default), while Slopes are made in a Processor from natural or crafted blocks. While the Processor does not provide a list of crafting recipes, interacting with it (right click or "F" key by default) will filter the contents of the player's inventory into "Processable" and "Inventory" categories automatically.

Nearly all Roofs and Slopes can be further processed into inner and outer corner blocks.

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