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This article is about Rods - these are crafting materials (or rather pre-fabricated components) in Creativerse.

According to their commonness (or rareness), many to only a few crafts can be created by using Rods as ingredients.

All Rods in Creativerse can be created in a Processor - either from certain bars of Ore (smelted in a Forge), from certain cubic Blocks or Slabs.

The following Rods exist in Creativerse (sorted by rate):

Rods can be used in many Crafting Recipes, but they cannot be placed into any quickslot nor into the game world, not even into display containers. Such, they also cannot be bought with Coins as part of building kits for Blueprints.

Like Lumite Ore and Lumite Bars, Lumite Rods are also amongst the very few non-renewable resources in Creativerse. Lumite Slabs on the other hand can be bought in infinite amounts via building kits for Blueprints and can then be processed into Lumite Rods.

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