This category lists items and stuff that was removed from the game; some of which can still be found on older gameworlds though.

Playful has changed the names and property of some items, so that the older ones have been replaced instead of becoming spare items - for example "Large TNT" that was only able to destroy soft surface blocks but in a large radius, which is now Strong TNT that can destroy blocks up to the hardness of Stalactite and Siltstone, but with a much more controlled and smaller radius than before. This also applies to older already crafted Large TNT that has simply transformed into Strong TNT in the inventory, quickslots and storage containers of players.

The same happened to the Stamina Regeneration Potion that was changed into the Speed Potion, or the

This category should theoretically also list the Medium Potion (or formerly called "Medium Health Potion") that can still be found on older gameworlds and others, however images and properties would have to be provided.

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