This category lists all items and features that are available during the annual Halloween event Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign.

The first Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign ran from October 18th 2017 to November 15th 2017.

The second Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign lasted from October 24th 2018 to November 14th 2018.

The third Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign took place from October 17th 2019 until November 19th 2019.

From mid-October to mid-November, you can obtain Halloween-related items, Recipes, Costumes and the like for free by collecting Pumpkiru Candy and trading them in at any of the Pumpkirus. Since October 17th 2019, The Great Pumpkiru can be summoned anytime by using a Mysterious Bauble (that can be bought for Pumpkiru Candy from any of the Pumpkirus).

Pumpkiru Candy can be obtained from Ghost Creatures that spawn at night during the Halloween month, and by successfully completing Idol Events (mainly timed fighting challenges) that can be initiated by placing Haunted Idols. The first tier of Idols - Haunted Idols - can be collected for free during the Halloween event from Login Chests and Ghost Creatures. The second tier of Idols - Infused Haunted Idols - are often rewarded after Haunted Idol Events are successfully completed (for all participants of the event). The third tier of Idols - Unleashed Haunted Idols - are often rewarded after Infused Haunted Idol Events are successfully completed.

Idols can also be bought via block kits for Coins at any time throughout the year. You just need to find player-made Blueprints that include these summoning items, subscribe to these blueprints on the Steam Creativerse workshop and then click on "Get Kit And Build Now" when building these blueprints ingame.

Take care of selecting a blueprint that does not merely display these items on display containers like wall shelves, flower pots, placemats or the like, because in this case they will only be "ghost images" that you cannot obtain as items!

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