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This category covers everything that you can harvest from Pets.

Nearly all Creatures in Creativerse (except for a few event Creatures that can be summoned by placing Trog Traps) can be tamed with a Taming Collar.

All Pets can be harvested from and by that they will provide players with animal materials, Bones, Sinews, green Globs of Goo, crafting ingredients like Flowers, Mushrooms, Leaves, Vines or the like, and sometimes rare Recipes (Recipe pages and/or Recipe books).

Things (also Th'ang the Infernal) and Keepas (also Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas) will also occasionally provide pet owners with items like equipment and luminaires.

In principle it's all the same things that you can obtain as an Animal Loot when killing Creatures, plus:

Moreover, you can harvest up to 3 times the amount of items and materials from Pets than you would be able to obtain as an Animal Loot in Loot Bags when Creatures are killed (except for burning in sunlight).

The best Pet-harvest can be obtained after you have fed each Pet its exact favorite Food as shown in its Pet window when activating the Pet. This also means that you will have a lot less chances to harvest a Recipe for Plum Blossoms after you feed a Pet a Melon Sandwich if the favorite Food of this Pet is Jerky Sandwich.

Event Creatures (Idol Event Creatures, Halloween-specific Ghost Creatures and Trog Trap Creatures) that are tamed will afterwards not provide players with any event items (Halloween-related or Christmas-related), but with the same type of items as the most common "relatives" of the according Creatures.

Currently, a bug prevents tamed Ice Spies from providing players with Pet Harvest.

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