Blocks are the cubical units that shape the game worlds of Creativerse with their different biomes and layers.

This Category only lists naturally occurring blocks, in contrast to crafted cubic blocks or blocks that can be created by players otherwise. Natural blocks are part of the template worlds that all Creativerse game worlds are copies of.

Plants like Shrubs, Lilypads and Vines are not block-shaped, hence they are excluded from this category. The game worlds of Creativerse also feature many other shapes and objects additionally to cubic ones like cylindric Columns, pointed corner blocks and others, however most of them can only be crafted by players.

In Creativerse, all natural blocks can be mined or picked up (aka "pulled"), some only by using Power Cells of a certain tier. In principle, all of the game worlds of Creativerse can be completely disassembled this way.

Additionally, several types of natural blocks can (more or less rarely) be obtained from Creatures either as a random loot after killing them or as a Pet-harvest, such as many types of Flowers and tree Leaves, Brown Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, Weepwood blocks, Fossils, Magnetite, Tourmaline, Hardened Lava, etc.

Most natural blocks can placed into the game world just as they are, and such will serve as a building-material for all kinds of structures like houses, bridges, streets, statues, walls, etc. - except for Brown Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, the non-glowing Wildwood Flower type, Snowy Elderwood Leaves, Mossy Weepwood Logs and Queen Bees (that can only be placed on most types of natural Wood blocks and tree Leaves).

Many natural blocks can be used for crafting in the crafting menu as well (Wood, Stone, Bedrock, Limestone, Fossils, Magnetite, Siltstone, Stalactite, Igneous Rock, Hardened Lava, Corrupted Stone, Sand, Detritus, Canyonstone, Ruddy Canyonstones, Dark Canyonstone, Sandstone, Peakstone and many more); some can be processed (Peakstone, Leaves, Snow, Ice, Mold, Tourmaline, Stone, Bedrock, Limestone) and/or put into a Forge (Beeswax, Mud, Tourmaline, Sand) or can be used as a Fuel for the Forge (Wood, Leaves, Hardened Lava, Sulfur, Corrupted Wood, Corrupted Leaves).

Some natural blocks can be transformed:

Ore Nodes (Coal Nodes, Obsidian Nodes, Iron Nodes, Diamond Nodes and Lumite Nodes) are the only type of natural blocks that cannot be simply pulled with a Mining Cell equipped, but can only be removed when an Extractor is placed on them and the Ore is extracted from them.

Additionally to that, Creativerse offers a large number of more refined looking cubic Building blocks that you can craft yourself or can rarely find as gifts in Treasure Chests (only Wood Walls, Wood Floors, Stacked Stone Walls, Blue Carpets and Red Wood Walls).

Placeable crafted objects like Processors, Forges, Cooking Stations, storage chests, furniture and the like are not made of cubic blocks in Creativerse and such shouldn't be called "blocks" either, even though Minecraft players might tend to do so out of habit.

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