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Basic Information[]

Natural blocks are the cubical units that shape the majority of the game worlds of Creativerse with different biomes and layers.

This Category only lists naturally occurring blocks, in contrast to crafted cubic blocks (Building Blocks) and blocks that can be created by players otherwise (special corrupted blocks and salt for example). Natural blocks are part of the template worlds that all Creativerse game worlds are copies of, only a few of them can spawn over time after world generation.

The main difference between natural blocks and crafted building blocks is that most natural blocks will spawn Creatures under otherwise fitting conditions, so that they aren't recommended to be used for building structures like bases, crafting workshops and/or storage rooms.

What this category is not about[]

Plants like Shrubs, Lilypads, Mushrooms, Crops, Vines and the like are not block-shaped, hence they are excluded from this category, the same goes for liquids.

Non-cubic building shapes (like cylindric columns, slanted half-block-sized slopes, slabs, stairs, corner blocks for stairs and slopes, as well as other more rare shapes like eighths and rounded slopes) can only be created by players - mainly in a Processor.

A few actual objects (like furniture, crafting stations, etc.) do feature a cubic shape, but they are still not considered blocks, and definitely not naturally occurring ones.

Placeable crafted objects like Processors, Forges, Cooking Stations and the like are simple not the same as cubic blocks in Creativerse. Such crafted objects cannot be found in the building blocks category either, but on their own category pages, like for Furniture, Lighting, Machines, Storage, Display or Crafting Stations.

An overview about everything that can be crafted in Creativerse can be found in the article Crafting Recipes.

Only a few of these craftable objects are also randomly dropped by certain Creatures and/or can be found as a content of randomly spawning Treasure Chests, or of reward chests for Idol Events or Trog Trap Events, or can randomly be discovered in seasonal spawning containers like Holiday Gifts for ca. one month each year.

Creativerse offers hundreds of refined looking cubic building blocks that you can craft yourself or can rarely find as gifts in Treasure Chests (mainly Wood Walls, Wood Floors, Stacked Stone Walls, Blue Carpets and Red Wood Walls, but also several seasonal crafted Christmas-themed blocks in Holiday Gifts that spawn for ca. a month around Christmas and New Year).

How to obtain natural blocks[]

In Creativerse, all natural blocks except for Ore Nodes can be mined or picked up (aka "pulled"). In principle, all of the game worlds of Creativerse can be completely disassembled this way.

Additionally, several types of natural blocks can (more or less rarely) be obtained from Creatures either as a random loot after killing them or as a Pet-harvest, such as many types of cubic-shaped Flowers and tree Leaves, Weepwood blocks, Fossils, Magnetite, Tourmaline, Hardened Lava, etc.

Some blocks can only be mined/taken when a Power Cells of a certain minimum tier/strength is equipped.

Block tiers:[]

Blocks of tier 0 do not require any Power Cell to be pulled/harvested/collected:[]

uncorrupted blocks of Wood, Logs, tree Flowers, Cactus blocks, Cactus Flowers, uncorrupted tree Leaves, Beeswax, Queen Bees, Corals, green Grass, Dirt, Dead Grass, Savannah Grass, Detritus, Rocky Dirt, Canyon Floor, Matted Needles, Sand, Sandstone, Snow, Mud. So in summary, most surface blocks and vegetal materials. Collecting blocks of tier 0 will not reduce the durability of any power cells that you use on them.

Blocks of tier 2 require at least a Stone Mining Cell to be pulled/mined:[]

Bedrock, Limestone, Magnetite, Canyonstone, Ruddy Canyonstone, Dark Canyonstone, Tourmaline, Mold, Peakstone, Ice. In principle, this applies to most Fossil layer blocks and a few specific surface blocks.

Blocks of tier 3 require at least an Obsidian Mining Cell to be pulled/mined:[]

Siltstone, Stalactite, Saltrock and Glowing Mushroom blocks found on the Stalactite layer.

Blocks of tier 4 require at least an Iron Mining Cell to be pulled/mined:[]

Hardened Lava, Igneous Rock and Sulfur found on the Lava layer.

Blocks of tier 5 require at least a Diamond Mining Cell to be pulled/mined:[]

Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Dirt, Corrupted Wood, Corrupted Leaves like can be found on the Corruption layer as well as all Corrupted Blocks that can be created by players: Corrupted Grass, Corrupted Ashenwood, Corrupted Elderwood, Corrupted Ashenwood Leaves and Corrupted Elderwood Leaves, and all other types of corrupted Wood blocks and tree Leaves blocks that will turn into common Corrupted Wood respectively Corrupted Leaves when picked up.

Ore Nodes (Coal Nodes, Obsidian Nodes, Iron Nodes, Diamond Nodes and Lumite Nodes) are the only type of natural blocks that cannot be simply pulled with a Mining Cell equipped, but can only be removed when an Extractor is placed on them and the Ore is extracted from them.

"End of the World" blocks at the base and deepest level of each game world cannot be removed by any means.

How to use[]


Most natural blocks can be placed into the game world just as they are, and such can serve as a building-material for all kinds of structures - except for non-placeable Brown Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, the non-glowing Wildwood Flower type, Mossy Weepwood Logs, Moss-covered Weepwood blocks, Vines-covered Wildwood and Vines-covered Cragwood blocks.

Please note that structures made from natural blocks are able to make Creatures spawn in unlit areas.

Queen Bees can only be placed on uncorrupted Wood blocks and tree Leaves. They will grow into Beeswax in time under sufficient conditions. Queen Bees are able to spawn on tree Leaves of most kinds, even in areas where Queen Bees cannot grow into Beeswax and will then stay fallow.

When placing Ashenwood Leaves, Cragwood Leaves, Elderwood Leaves, Wildwood Leaves or Dark Wildwood Leaves in sufficient amounts somewhere with enough space above, then blocks of the according tree Flowers will grow/spawn on them in time.

When placing green Grass blocks into sufficient areas, Red Mushrooms and/or Crops might spawn over time. However, Horned Melons have not been seen spawning on Detritus blocks that were placed by players outside of "naturally" generated Jungle biomes as defined by template worlds.


Many natural blocks can be used for crafting in the Crafting Menu:

Wood, Stone, Bedrock, Limestone, Fossils, Magnetite, Siltstone, Stalactite, Igneous Rock, Hardened Lava, Corrupted Stone, Sand, Detritus, Canyonstone, Ruddy Canyonstones, Dark Canyonstone, Sandstone, Peakstone and many more are used for dozens of crafts, mainly for building blocks.


Some natural blocks can be processed into different shapes (like slabs and slopes) or into other materials in a Processor: Dirt, green Grass, Peakstone, Leaves, Snow, Ice, Mold, Tourmaline, Stone, Bedrock, Limestone.


Some blocks can be transformed in a Forge (Beeswax, Mud, Tourmaline, Sand) or can be used as a Fuel for a Forge (Wood, Leaves, Hardened Lava, Sulfur, Corrupted Wood, Corrupted Leaves).


Some natural blocks can be transformed, mainly by throwing specific Explosives at them or by placing them into specific environments or adjacent to specific objects/materials:

Creatures spawning on natural blocks[]

In areas that are not lit by artificial light, surface Creatures can spawn during the day:

In areas that are not lit by artificial light nor by sunlight (so often at night), Night Creatures can spawn at night:

Underground Creatures can spawn even during day and night in areas that are not lit by artificial light nor by sunlight:

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