Machines are craftable, wireable and usable items, and a category in the Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

These devices can only be crafted, except for the unique Touchstone (there is only one for each player on each gameworld). Some Machines are required as unlocking requirements for the crafting recipes of other Machines.

Some are activation devices that can be wired to Machines or Lamps to switch them on or off, or can be wired to doors to open or close them: Sensors, Switches, Levers, Pressure Plates or Number Pads for example.

Gates are operating devices wired between activation devices and activatable objects to process their signals. Number Comparison Gates for example compare the numbers that players type into Number Pads with a specific number or range of numbers defined by the owner/creator. Only if the requirements are met correctly, the Number Comparison Gate will forward the signal to the activatable object and - for example - open the door.

Other Gates are the Logic Gate, the Inverter Gate, the Flip-Flop Gate and the Delay Gate. SR NOR latches can be created with these Gates too.

Beacons do not illuminate their surroundings like Lightings, but send a long beam of light either upwards, downwards or sideways according to how you rotate them. They can be used for orientation or help with building and measuring large buildings. Healing Beacon provide healing over time for player characters when touching them, can purify corrupted blocks/water and hurt Corrupted Creatures.

Touchstones and Teleporters provide transportation, but Fans also can, by "blowing" player characters across other blocks, preferrably Ice Slopes that provide slithering, or can be used as elevators to blow players and/or Creatures upwards as well.

Checkpoints, Block Phasers, Mob Spawners and Loot Spawner are intended to be used within Adventures.

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