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Lightings (lamps, torches, lanterns) are luminaires you can craft in Creativerse via Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key).

These luminaires illuminate their surrounding and will prevent Creatures as well as Treasure Chests from spawning on the illuminated blocks. Only LEDs (including Industrial LEDs) do not illuminate their surrounding and such also will not hinder Creatures and Treasure Chests from spawning nearby.

Some of these luminaires can also be obtained from Creatures like Keepas of any kind (mainly Moss Torches and Coal Torches), or from Things (Coal Torches, Wood Burning Lamps, Arctek Lanterns, Arctek Torches, Grand Arctek Lanterns and/or Grand Arctek Torches). All of these lightings can also rarely be found in Treasure Chests of different kinds.

Please note that luminaires that display open flames can set flammable blocks on fire!

Items with open fire are also heat sources. You can place a number of Torches (or any items with open fire) next to each other into cold environments and stand on one of them to make the cold meter go down and such keep your player character from taking cold damage, since they emit heat.

Flames are able to spread to other nearby inflammable blocks, even across gaps of 1-2 blocks on worlds and player claims where the "fire spreading" option is enabled. This way a whole wooden building or forest (especially Wildwood, Parchwood, Weepwood and Shorewood) can burn down in the worst case.

Fire cannot be extinguished by using liquids, but it can be stopped from spreading by claiming the area and making sure that the claim (advanced) option "fire sim enabled" is disabled (by default). Fire Bombs will have no effect on these claims either.

It is also possible for owners of the gameworld (F2P players included) to toggle the spreading of fire on a whole gameworld in the basic world options ("edit world" and "disable fire spread"). Another option to stop fire from spreading would be to create forest aisles/swaths wide enough so that the flames cannot leap over.

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