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Basic Information[]

This category lists all Foodstuff, mainly all the Food that you can cook in a Cooking Station, but also consumable raw Crops and healing Mushrooms.

Many variations of Soups, Bread, Sandwiches and Pie can be cooked in a Cooking Station after the 4 recipes for all kinds of Food have been unlocked. Depending on the ingredients that you will insert in the slots of the Cooking Station, up to 36 different kinds of Food will then turn out.

There are only 4 cooking recipes that can be unlocked in the Cooking Station:

  • the one recipe for all types of Soup (unlocked by obtaining a Cooking Station),
  • the one recipe for all types of Bread (unlocked by obtaining Wheat ears),
  • the one recipe for all types of Sandwiches (unlocked by obtaining basic (!) Bread), and
  • the one recipe for all types of Pie (unlocked by obtaining basic (!) Soup)

No special cooking recipes have to be unlocked or found in order to cook special types of Food like Tar Bread, Bog Broth, Frigid Sandwich, Egg Drop Soup, Corrupted Pie or Jerky Sandwich just to name a few examples - all of these and more can be created with just the existing 4 cooking recipes.

Gingerbread Loaves are a variation of Bread, made with Molasses.

How to use[]

All types of Food (not all of their raw cooking ingredients though) can be consumed by your player character and will then grant you various buffs (positive effects) over time depending on the Food - usually for 15 minutes (Soups, Sandwiches, Pies), however only 7:30 minutes for all kinds of easy-to-cook Breads.

Some Crops like Horned Melons can be consumed for effects by player characters just as they are (not recommended because of their weak buffs) and can be fed raw to some Pets even as their favorite Food sometimes, just like Mushrooms.

Player characters can have several active buffs at the same time. However, if they consume the same Foodstuff twice while the effect is still active, the effect will merely prolonged to the maximum amount of time once again.

Please note that some types of Food provide twice as much bonus points to the maximum Stamina than their tooltips state for "Pro" players, except for Melon Sandwich, which in return provides half the max. Stamina than its tooltip claims for free players.

Food can also be fed to Pets, so you can then harvest from your Pets.

Pets are immortal and can survive without being fed. They just cannot be harvested from as long as they are hungry. Please note that Pets will give inferior harvest if they did not eat their exact favorite type of Food. For example: if you feed an ordinary Sandwich to a Pet that prefers Jerky Sandwich, then this Pet will not provide you with its best possible harvest after digesting the Food.

Where to get the ingredients[]

  • Ordinary Water can be scooped up from rivers, lakes or Oceans without any Power Cell, and like all liquids, it can be multiplied by letting it flow and only scooping up only the units of Water that form additionally while not touching the original source unit.

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