The Flashlight is a feature and permanent equipment that allows player characters to switch on a light that illuminates the blocks in front of the character and such makes exploration more comfortable, especially at night, in Caves and underground mineshafts that players can dig themselves.

When free players start to play Creativerse, they will realize that their player characters cannot see or switch on the flashlight. Only if players buy or obtain the Pro DLC for Creativerse via Steam , the Flashlight feature (and the Glider) will be permanently added to the player character's equipment.

Skins/Costumes for the Flashlight can be obtained ingame, for example the Jack-o-Lantern or Ghostly Flashlight that are available around Halloween for ca. one month each year, or the Reaudolph Flashlight that is available around Christmas and New Years for ca. one month each year, but these skins cannot be used by players that don't own the Pro DLC. These skins also come with differently colored light and/or alterations to the light beam (like a "face" that's visible in the light cone).

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