This category lists all items, bundles, recipes, costumes, creatures and events that were part of Elfi's Wonderland, the Creativerse Christmas event 2018. This event that lasted from December 19th 2018 to mid-January 2019 centered on donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and also featured most of the content of Elfi's Toy Drive (but not Elfi's Community Toy Drive from 2017 again).

4 Make-a-Wish Donation Bundles rewarded every donor with 4 special rare Recipes for Giftwrap blocks and exemplary crafted blocks. The donation bundles were tiered: the higher the donation, the more crafted blocks, but still always only of the same 4 Giftwrap blocks and their rare Recipes.

Whenever the donations reached a certain donated sum, up to 3 community reward bundles (Make-A-Wish Tier 1 bundle, Make-A-Wish Tier 2 bundle and Make-A-Wish Tier 3 bundle) were unlocked in the Store and all players were allowed to claim them for free after they were unlocked. These reward bundles contained rare seasonal Recipes and crafted examples as well, but also seasonal Costumes, including the Reaudolph Flashlight that players can only actually select and use after/if they had bought the Pro DLC.

Login Chests contain Small Trog Traps during Christmas event-times, and in 2018, these Traps and also Rescued Toys could be obtained from randomly spawning Holiday Gifts (on natural Snow and Ice blocks), as well as the newly implemented Reinbeaus and very rare Reaudolphs that spawned in many biomes during the Christmas event 2018 and could not be tamed, only killed. More Toys as well as useful items could be collected from reward chests that only appeared after Trog Trap Events were successfully completed. Occasionally Loot Bags would drop from Trog Trap Event Creatures too. Some of these Event Creatures became tameable in 2018: Ice Spies (both Leafis and Blizzard Chizzards), Target Arctic Mirus and Miru Minions.

Rescued Toys could be traded for Christmas-themed items and seasonal Recipes from Elfis that randomly spawned on blocks of Ice and Snow all over the surface of all Creativerse game worlds during the Christmas event.

With the start of Elfi's Wonderland event on December 19th 2018, two new purchasable bundles appeared in the Store: Elfi's Toy Drive Bundle 2017 and Elfi's Wonderland Bundle 2018. These two bundles contain all rare seasonal Christmas event Recipes that the Elfis "sold" ingame during the Christmas event; except for the Recipe for Frozen Containers and 6 non-craftable wintry items: Blizzard Potions, Jingle Juice, Leafi Snow Globe, Trog Snow Globe, Reaudolph Snow Globe and Pigsy Snow Globe - however, the 2 bundles contain several crafted examples of these items.

The rare seasonal Recipe for Frozen Containers could be only obtained for a few weeks in 2017 by claiming the Ice Box Bundle, and in 2018 the Frozen Container Recipe could only be "bought" from any Elfi for 50 Rescued Toys during the Christmas event.

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