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This category lists the many different Doors that you can craft in Creativerse.

Wicket Gates for Fences and Trapdoors are also listed in this category, even though they both have their own categories as well. They are just as wireable and lockable as common 2 blocks tall Doors.

Most Doors, Trapdoors and Wicket Gates can only be rotated sideways; so most common Doors cannot be used as Trapdoors placed into floors or ceilings nor vice versa.

Like with Fences, Creatures cannot jump over Wicket Gates that are only 1 block in height, but player characters can. Trapdoors are avoided by Creatures if they are able to, and they usually won't drop down through holes that are just 1 block in size. You will have to place several Trapdoors together and open them in the right moment when Creatures are directly on them in order to make them fall.

Creatures cannot open/close Doors and will often not be able to sense player characters even though a Door with transparent peepholes. However, if you close a door in front of a Creature that pursues player characters, then the Creature might continue to use attacks through the door and might be able to hurt player characters close by with their special attacks even through a closed door.


Doors, Wicket Gates and Trapdoors can be locked in Creativerse. The according option in the wiring inspection window is called "can interact". You can access this option by using a Wiring Tool and pressing "n" as the default key. However, this will require even you yourself to use either a Wiring Tool to unlock the door manually or activation devices that are wired to the door in order to open it.

Please mind that all players, even visitors, are allowed and able to open Doors, Wicket Gates for Fences and Trapdoors on all game worlds, player claims and in Adventures no matter their permission settings. All players can also activate/deactivate Sensors, Switches, Levers, Pressure Plates and Number Pads that are not locked.

In order to lock a Door, Wicket Gate or Trapdoor that only you (and your friends) are supposed to be allowed to open, you can either use a Wiring Tool like a key to lock/unlock the door in question on your own player claim/s, or you will have to use Number Pads together with Number Comparison Gates and a number code that only you and your trusted friends are allowed to know.

Doors can be wired to activation devices like Sensors, Switches, Levers, Pressure Plates or Number Pads. Doors are receivers of signals (activate = "open", deactivate = "close"), but cannot send any signals themselves.

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