Since the Crafting Table was removed from the game in September 2015, there are now 3 Crafting Stations left: the Processor, the Forge and the Cooking Station that was implemented together with the Farming feature.

Crafting Stations have to be crafted after their crafting recipes have been unlocked when the according requirements have been fulfilled; they cannot be obtained from Creatures nor from Treasure Chests, and they do not spawn all over the gameworld like the Crafting Tables once did.

After being crafted, Crafting Stations have to be placed into the gameworld to be accessed (with right-click or "f" as the default key while looking at them). They can be named and their permission settings can be defined, when being placed it will be "builders" by default now. As they can contain other blocks or items, they cannot be destroyed by Excavators or TNT-type Explosives.

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