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Crafting is a central gameplay feature of Creativerse.

This overview lists all the stuff that can currently be created through crafting in your Crafting Menu

Your Crafting Menu (to be opened by pressing "Q" as the default key) will show you only very few already (colorful) unlocked recipes when starting the game. Many more crafting recipes are greyed out in the beginning and have to be unlocked first in order to become craftable.

You can check the unlocking requirements for each of these recipes by clicking on their icons in the list. You'll see that you can unlock hundreds of recipes mainly by crafting other things, but also by gathering and mining specific materials in the game world.

Additionally, even more Recipes can be added to your Crafting Menu by learning them.

Many of these are rare findings in the shape of Recipe books and Recipe pages that can either be discovered in randomly spawning Treasure Chest in dark areas, or by killing/pet-harvesting different types of Creatures.

Recipe books and Recipe pages can be learnt only once, any surplus ones can be stored. These can be given to other players after inviting them to the game world where these Recipes are stored (Recipes in the shape of items cannot be transfered between game worlds).

Other rare Recipes can only be found or obtained during event times, like around Halloween or Christmas. And even more crafting Recipes are only available as Store-exclusive offers that can be bought as part of Recipe Packs for Coins that can be purchased with real money via Steam Wallet in the Store too.

Please note that you cannot learn recipes of items by obtaining crafted blocks or objects by buying building kits for Blueprints nor by buying Item Packs. However, these purchases might sometimes help with unlocking free Recipes.

Some seasonal Recipes and all Recipes from actual Recipe Packs in the Store will automatically be added to your Crafting Menu, but will not add any Recipe Pages or Recipe Books into your inventory nor storage crates. These Recipes are account-bound and can only be bought or claimed once per player / Steam-account. Naturally, they cannot be given to other players, the same goes for Costumes that cannot be crafted.

Other than using your Crafting Menu in order to create new items, you can use

  • a Cooking Station in order to cook Food. You can find an overview in the according articles or in the Category "Cooking"
  • a Forge in order to smelt Ore that you have found or extracted from Nodes, but also to melt or harden other materials. You can find an overview in the according article or in the Category "Forged"
  • and a Processor that can cut materials and blocks into different shapes like Slabs, Slopes, Columns, Corner blocks, Rods and so forth. You can find an overview in the according article or in the Category "Processed"

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