Crafting is a central gameplay feature of Creativerse.

This overview lists the many kinds of things that can currently be created through crafting in Creativerse. 

Your crafting menu (default key "Q") shows only a very few already unlocked (colorful) recipes when starting the game. Many more crafting recipes are greyed out and have to be unlocked first in order to be used.

You can check the unlocking requirements for each of these recipes by clicking on their icons in the list.

Mainly by crafting other things, but also by gathering/mining specific blocks, materials or findings in the game-world, you can unlock more and more recipes until you will be able to craft hundreds of different things, from equipment over consumables, explosives and usable furniture to a multitude of fancy building-blocks including roofs and stairs.

Some more Recipes are rare findings that can either be discovered in randomly spawning Treasure Chest in dark areas, or by killing/pet-harvesting different types of Creatures.

Other rare Recipes can be found or obtained during event times, like around Halloween or Christmas.

Most of these rare Recipes can alternatively be shared between players (they are transferable between gameworlds), like via player-made Adventures.

Even more crafting recipes have been added as Store-exclusive offers and can only be obtained by buying the according Recipe Packs, not by buying building kits for Blueprints or item packs.

Currently you can find the following subcategories in your crafting menu:

  • Mining Cells
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Tools
  • Machines
  • Crafting Tools
  • Lighting (Torches and Lamps)
  • Potions
  • Explosives (including Excavators and Fireworks from the Store)
  • Decor (Building Blocks, Roofs, Stairs)
  • Furniture (including Doors, Ladders and Windows)
  • Premium (only Store-exclusive offers)

Food is an additional category of consumables that can only be made in a Cooking Station though, and some more crafting materials and also blocks can be made with the Forge and the Processor, all of which cannot be found in the Crafting Menu, but are still "crafted" materials/items/blocks.

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