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This category lists player character Costumes that are available in Creativerse.

Costumes are account-bound "skins" (in actual fact complete 3D models) that will not affect any stats/points, but will only replace the look of the according body parts, mining cells, weapons etc. of your player character - for as long as these skins are activated/selected by you in the "Costumes" section of your character model.

The Costumes (and character customization) window can be opened by clicking on the word "Costume" above your player character's "paper doll" to the right side of your inventory, right next to the "Equipment" TAB that is selected by default.

Costumes will not come in the shape of items and cannot be seen in bundles or anywhere in your inventory. They can and do not have to be crafted, which also means you can't make or obtain spare ones and you cannot give any of your Costumes to other players.

After you have obtained Costumes, they can only be found as a possible option when you click on their respective costume equipment slot in the Costumes window. For example, in order to "put on" a helmet or costume head, you'll need to click on the head silhouette icon after opening the Costumes (and character customization) window.

Then a small window will open with all the Costumes that you own for this body part (etc.). Click on the Costume that you want to use on your character in order to activate it. This will now show the Costume icon in the according costume equipment slot and will automatically put the skin of this Costume over your player character's model in 3D as well. This selection can be turned off and on again any time you like. The selected Costumes of your player character will be kept on any game world that you play on, except if you choose to change your character's look.

Costume parts that you have selected and activated will not affect the stats (armor defense points, mining power, damage points) nor the durability of any original equipped armor (or mining cell or weapon) when the Costume is worn/activated.

To deselect a chosen costume or to select another one, simply click on "Costumes" over your character's model in your inventory again and then on the according costume slot/part once more in order to either chose another Costume or just to remove the current one by clicking on the red crossed-out circle.

Many Costumes will adjust their colors to certain color selections in your character customization. Click on the arrows over the Costume icon slots in order to scroll to the color selection windows and try selecting different colors for the body parts that are now covered by the new Costume/s.

Usually, hat costumes can be colored differently by changing the color of your player character's hair, leg armor costumes will respond to the color selection of pants and pants trims, etc. However, please note that a few Costumes have fixed colors that cannot be altered.

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