Columns are cylindric shapes of one block in height and nearly one block in width that can most often be created by placing specific cubic blocks into a Processor.

Despite their shape and their ability to be rotated, columns cannot move/roll, since they are mere building blocks. They cannot be used to create vehicles nor tumbling/drop traps or the like.

You usually won't need any crafting recipes to create Columns, but will have to obtain the required source blocks in order to process them in a Processor.

Most often, 2 Columns can be created from 1 crafted block, like from Wood Walls, Bedrock Walls, Limestone Walls, Asphalt, Wood Walls, Shredded Leaves, Diamond Glass, Corrupted Stone Walls, Hardened Lava Walls, Igneous Walls, Forbidden Red Wood Walls, Iron Walls, green Blocks of Goo, Orange Blocks of Goo, Purple Blocks of Goo, Gingerbread Walls, Spiral Limestone blocks, Straight Limestone blocks, Light Lumite Walls, Dark Lumite Walls or Lumite Walls for example.

There are a few exceptions though, like Rocky Ice Columns that can only be crafted in the Crafting Menu after their crafting recipe is unlocked by buying the Frost Bundle in the Store with Coins. Rocky Ice Walls cannot be processed into Rocky Ice Columns.

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