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In RPGs, the terms "buff" and "debuff" are often used to describe status effects. 

A Buff is a a temporary positive status effect or modification that affects player statistics like health points, stamina points, armor points, damage points or the like to the advantage of players.

Examples of buffs in Creativerse include:

  • Increasing the maximum Health points of a player character,
  • Increasing the maximum Stamina points of a player character,
  • Healing a player character over time for a period of time,
  • Increasing the running speed of a player character,
  • Granting resistance against specific attack effects (or environmental damages) like cold/freezing, poison, fire/burning, corruption or falling damage,
  • Reversing the damaging effect of elemental inflictions like cold/freezing, poison, fire/burning or corruption into a healing effect.

Some positive status effects are permanent though, for example all bonuses granted by Badges in Creativerse.

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