Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Beds are craftable, usable pieces of furniture that enable the player character to quickly skip either (the rest of) the day or the night.

Sleeping in a Bed also restores the player character to full health since update R41 in May 2017.

How to use[edit | edit source]

Beds need to be placed into the game world in order to be used.

Different to Chairs, Beds cannot be rotated and also cannot be placed upside down onto a ceiling.

When placing Beds into a Blueprint made from a Cornerstone, you might need to press and hold down Shift (as the default key for "Sprint" in your keysettings) and then place the Bed with right-click at the spot with the small bed preview icon.

You can use a Bed by pointing your cursor at a Bed and clicking your right mouse button or by typing "F" as the default key to activate the Bed.

Your player character will then lie down on the Bed (or slip into it if it's an Ice Bed or Galactic Sleep Pod), displaying a randomly selected sleeping position. You can stop the sleeping process anytime by using any movement key, preferably for going forward ("w" as the default key). If the sleep is interrupted quickly after lying down, the day or night will not be skipped, but the healing process will also be stopped.

You can put Beds on display, but objects that are larger than two blocks in width, like most Beds, will not fit well onto all types of display containers, instead they might jut out quite a lot.

If player characters jump onto a common Bed in a certain angle, they will bounce off like from a Block of Goo.

Please note that beds placed in an old world created before July 2015 must be pulled up and placed again before you can interact with them.

Sleeping and Healing[edit | edit source]

If you are the only active player on the game world and don't interrupt the sleeping process, then the rest of the day will quickly be skipped if it is daytime ingame, or the night, if darkness has already fallen. Your player character will then awaken at dusk/dawn and stand either directly on the Bed or on a free spot next to the Bed automatically in the early morning (5:12 am) or alternatively at dusk (10:36 pm).

On multiplayer worlds it might be necessary for all currently active players to go to sleep at the same time in order to skip time. But even if only one player character goes to bed, this character will be healed over time nonetheless, until the sleeping process is stopped (usually manually by you).

Sometimes, especially if only two players are active and close to each other, it is enough if only one of them uses a Bed though. You will be notified in the chat whenever other players on the same game world are going to bed, so you can do the same with your player character if you also want to skip the day or night.

The healing process takes a little while and will stop at the point of interruption - either if you yourself press any movement key and such force your player character to turn out, or if your player character is attacked by Creatures or dealt any damage otherwise. Being attacked by player characters will also force your player character to arise, but only if PvP is enabled on the according player claim or on the game world (enabled by default on both).

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