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Beacons are machines that will send a long beam of light upwards when being placed. They can be deactivated, activated, wired to activation devices, and locked.

The beam of Beacons optically reaches even above the highest accessible altitude of the game world, even from the very bottom of the world (End of the World blocks) and cannot be blocked by solid objects or blocks, but pierces through them unseeably.

When rotating Beacons, they can be used to help you with building large constructions. The beam will only be sent out as long as the Beacon is activated of course. Their beam can extend sideways up to the length of ca. 146-196 blocks. The beam can even optically exceed this length if you look at it while standing within this range.

Different from Death Statues, the light of a beacon does not shine upwards and downwards at the same time, but is only sent out in one direction. This light does not illuminate its surrounding and such won't hinder Creatures nor randomly appearing Treasure Chests from spawning under otherwise fitting conditions.

The Healing Beacon has additional functions: it can heal player characters and uncorrupted Creatures over time as long as they touch this useful beacon, no matter if the Healing Beacon is activated or deactivated. Moreover, the Healing Beacon can purify Corrupted Water into healing Mineral Water and all Corrupted Blocks into their uncorrupted natural counter parts. Touching Healing Beacons and/or Mineral Water will hurt Corrupted Creatures including Things and kill them rather quickly.

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