This category lists only materials that are typical for specific Creatures and will be contained in their Loot Bags every time they die.

These same materials will also always be part of the best Pet Harvest, but can not always be obtained when the Pets are not fed their exact favorite Food type as shown in their Pet windows (to be opened by activating the pets when looking at them either by pressing "f" as the default key or clicking the right mouse button).

The only exception of these rules are common Leafi Leaves - these animal materials are not always, but only often dropped from common green Leafies, Night Leafies and Night Twiggys when they die. Leafi Leaves might also not always be a content of their pet-harvest.

Most Corrupted Creatures do not drop additional Animal Materials other than Corruption Dust, except for Corrupted Mirus that also drop Miru Eyes and Corrupted Chizzards that also drop Chizzard Gizzard.

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