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This category lists all the stuff that can be looted from Creatures when they die, but this category does not cover their Pet Harvest.

All animal loot is "infinite", and in Creativerse, knowing about infinite resources is quite useful when planning to use a massive quantity of materials for building or crafting.

Not only Animal Materials are dropped by Creatures, but also Flower blocks, Iron Ore, Gunpowder, Seashells, Corals, plants, Mushrooms, Pigment, other natural blocks, sometimes even crafted blocks (Stacked Stone Walls from Hot Feet) and lots of other stuff can be dropped from Creatures, and nearly all these things can always also be harvested from Pets...

The long list of Rare Recipes, Journal Notes and Data Chips that can be looted from Keepas of all kinds and from Things is not covered in detail by this category though, just their according overview articles.

Weapons, Armor, Lightings and many other items can not only be found in Treasure Chests, but can also rarely be looted from Keepas of different kinds and Things, and sometimes several crafted items can be obtained from event creatures like Ghost Creatures too.

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