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Basic Information[]

This article is supposed to help you with common known bugs.

Here's the official help webpage:

As Creativerse is still under development and nearly every month new features are implemented, you will most probably encounter some bugs when playing this free game.

Please report any bugs that influence your experience, especially after new updates, on the bug-forums:

Please describe as many details about your problem as you can: when exactly did the bug occur, what exactly happened, was there an error message, what did it say? If you made or still can make screenshots, then please do so and include them. You can upload Steam screenshots to the forums directly from your Steam library and link them to the forums or upload screenshots that you made with other programs here into the Wiki and link them to the forums if you want to.

It's possible that the developers will ask you to send them files like the DxDiag.txt (created and updated as described on, error.log and output.log via e-mail to Please also include world name, world owner name, if possible coordinates of the items like storage containers that had issues, and a list of what was lost if this should have happened. Because Playful Corp has always offered to help anyone who has lost items due to bugs.

Currently, certain bugs seem to happen rather often. Here's how to cope with them:

Problems with launching the game or if you can't even connect[]

If you aren't even able to connect to the main screen, the problem is likely related to Steam -- you can check the status of their servers here: (mostly affects US players).  

If you're having other issues launching the game, especially if it says "you need to be running Steam" to launch the game (but you already are), then MSVCR may have gotten messed up. There is a security update for certain versions of Windows that affect the MSI installers. You should try to reinstall it and see if that helps: 

You can find the installer on Microsoft's website and download it from there:

If you are using Windows 10 you might need to download the MSVCR 2012 from here:

Also see

Creativerse text that looks like squares001.jpg

Creativerse starts in a very tiny window[]

If this happens, please close this window at first (x in the top right corner). Then go to your Steam Library and select Creativerse in your list. Hold ALT and click Play while holding the ALT key. Continue to hold ALT until a window will pop up that will allow you to change the resolution for the game. Select a proper game screen size. Then exit and start the game normally, it should be playable again. You can still adjust the game screen size some more then in the game options.

Blocky shapes looking like unintelligible text when loading the game[]

Another one of the frequently encountered issues: in this case the first thing you see when you load the game is a bunch of blocky shapes that look like they should/could be text, but are unintelligible.

If this is the case for only a second on the loading screen, then please pay this no mind - this happens to many players and doesn't have any affects on the gameplay in Creativerse at all.

Possible reasons and fixes for the issue if it prevails even after the world has loaded completely:

1) Your graphics card drivers need updating. Visit your manufacturer's website to install the latest drivers. NOTE: The "check for updates" function often will not detect a necessary graphics card update.

2) The Steam overlay is interfering with Creativerse. Try disabling the Steam overlay and restarting the game. (Right-click on the game's name Creativerse, then choose "properties" down below, uncheck the box next to "activate Steam overlay" in the "general" tab)

The game world seems to have reset/deleted (no buildings, no chests, etc.)[]

In most cases, the game world itself has not actually changed, but you might not be able to see the changes, mainly because of world loading issues. It would be best to ask another player or the support manager of Playful to enter your game world and check if they can see the builds that you cannot. If they are really gone for good, then you might have clicked on "reset world" in the world selection window? Or someone else has? Luckily, game worlds are saved often by Playful and can very likely be restored by the support. Reverted claims cannot.

If you can get into the main menu but

1) you can't even connect to a game world even though you try repeatedly,

2) you can get into a world but none of it is loading, or

3) if your buildings/placed objects seem to be "gone" like your world changes seem to have reset,

then you are probably running a program that is blocking Creativerse from functioning correctly. Please mind that other players who enter your world will see your buildings, chests, machines and the like correctly.

Likely culprits are anti-virus programs (Avast, Malwarebytes) or firewalls.

If you were able to access your game world before, but now it is "loading" endlessly without letting you in, please try connecting to a public game world (use the "world search" TAB after selecting "worlds" on the main game screen). If this works fine, try entering your game world again - this might solve the loading issues.

Otherwise, please try this: 

  1. Add your Steam folder to your anti-virus program's list of exclusions (e.g. instructions for Avast users can be found here: 
  2. Add this site as an exception to any apps blocking HTML pages:
  3. Set Steam to run as an Administrator (Right-click the Steam shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Select 'Run this program as an administrator').
  4. Ensure you have these ports unblocked as they are required to run Steam properly:
    • UDP 14000 - 15000
    • UDP 27000 - 27037
    • UDP 4380
    • TCP 27014 - 27050
    (More info here: )
  5. Quit the game and restart Steam.

One way to test if you have a program running that's preventing you from connecting to our servers is to load this page: and see if any warning messages pop up. (The page should just redirect you to without any pop up warnings if things are running correctly.)

If you're still having issues, a good way to troubleshoot this is to try the game on a different computer or with a different internet connection, or possibly through a VPN. At least you can find out more about the exact source of the problem by doing this. 

You can find more solutions here:

Liquids are not flowing properly, Teleporters are not working, absurdly high timers (up to full days) are displayed for Extractors[]

These different bugs are related to the internet connection to the servers of Playful. If you encounter them, please try relogging first of all: exit the game, wait for a little (this is important!) and then re-enter the game.

If you are playing on a solo-world alone, the ingame-time should then be set to morning (or to night during certain event-times like around Halloween), this indicates that you have waited long enough before logging in again. Many typical problems will solve themselves by doing that.

Losing all Stamina immediately when activating the Glider[]

Please check your keysettings options and change the setting for the "Power Attack" (Gauntlet Smash) to another key (usually Mouse 2, which is either the middle mouse button or a clickable mouse wheel)

Disappearing Pets[]

Pets are still affected by a few bugs. One of the bugs that can make Pets disappear is the infrequent world area/chunk saving process. If you have led Pets somewhere (like to a stable), then please stay with them for 1-3 minutes so that they will be saved for sure. Leaving them too soon might result in their disappearance.

Pets set to "wander" are not supposed to vanish anymore. Still, you'll use this setting at your own risk, since they might be able to wander pretty far off at times...

a) Pets that are set to "stay" are still sometimes being displaced by the game program. They might glitch through floors from time to time and can then be found on a lower level of a house or even in a cave below. At other times they might be transported higher up, like onto the roof of a house. Sometimes they can be displaced a few steps sideways instead (or even additionally to glitching upwards or downwards).

Often these Pets will be set back to where they "belong" if you just relog (but remember to wait a little after logging out before logging in again!). If not, you can always go to these Pets, "ask" them to follow you (in their Pet window after activating them with right-click or "f" as the default key) and lead them back to their stable.

You can type "y" as the default key to make all your Pets that are close enough follow your player character automatically. This way you can "call" Pets if they are close by even if you cannot see them.

b) Pets that are set to "follow" (by default right after successfully taming them) sometimes stop to follow players when they are outdistanced in rare cases instead of teleporting to their owners. It often happens when using a Glider for a longer time. These pets usually are still around though, so please try to retrieve them as quickly as possible by searching the area where you last saw them or where you have tamed them.

Please check the area map where Pets are shown as round light blue dots when they are nearby. If you cannot see your Pets on the surface of the world but the cyan blue dot is on the map and displays their name if you hover over the dot with your mouse cursor, the Pets might have slipped underground or jumped on top of a tree. This is also a common bug. As soon as you can find them, tell them to follow you (again) and lead them to their stables.

c) Pets that are set to "follow" can occasionally refuse to follow through teleporters. In this case you should be able to find them not far from the departure teleporter that you have used. Rarely they might have wandered around for a bit, then you will be able to find them somewhere between the teleporter and where you have originally tamed them or where you have made them to "follow" you.

d) rarely even Pets that had been asked to "stay" can enter nearby teleporters when being replaced and will then be transported to the receiving teleporter where you can retreive them. Just follow their possible route.

Invisible objects like doors, crafting stations, chests or the like[]

1) if whole areas are invisible or like made of thin glass (so you can see lower layers of the world, caves, lava and the like down below), this simply means that the game is slow with loading these parts of the game world from the servers. This also is the reason why some blocks can turn invisible right after you've mined/collected a block that was on top/in front of it. Often simply waiting a little will be sufficient and the invisible blocks will show up. Maybe you'll even get notified about "Server latency" in the top left corner of your screen.

There are some tricks you can try to make your connection faster:

Sometimes the loading process bugs out though and waiting doesn't help. To fix this, you can take a distance from this place (best so far away that the invisible area is out of sight) and upon returning there, the game will load the area again so you will be able to see it. Otherwise please relog; exit the game and enter it after a short while (2-5 minutes should be enough, best time to have a tea break)

You should also try clearing your cache by deleting the content of the subdirectory. This will force the Creativerse game client to download recent copies of everything it requires when you start to play again.

  • On Windows[], delete the contents of this folder: /Users/[user]/AppData/LocalLow/PlayfulCorp/Creativerse
    You can get here quickly by typing %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\PlayfulCorp\Creativerse into the File Address Bar or Windows Run Prompt(WIN Key + R)
  • On OS X[], delete this folder:

/Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/unity.PlayfulCorp.Creativerse

There are two subfolders you might not want to delete: "library" and "blueprints" (in the folder "Creativerse")

2) if not everything you've built/placed seems to have "reset", but only a part is missing, like a wall full of chests or so, please try relogging. It seems that placing certain items (often happens after new not-so-stable stuff has been implemented with an update) can affect the loading process of nearby items so that they temporarily refuse to load (or so)

3) the "Goo"-bug that enabled players to turn activatable items (doors, storage containers, signs, crafting stations etc.) invisible by throwing Goo, Explosives or Flares at them, should actually be fixed by now. But if it ever shows up again, you can try placing a Wood Sign under the ghost block, then stand on top of the ghost block and pull up the sign through the ghost block which will make it reappear.

Since autumn 2017, error blocks (red ghostly outlines) are supposed to appear instead of such affected activatable objects. If these show up, try relogging first (wait a few minutes before logging in again!) and only take the error block afterwards if relogging didn't help. Usually you should get the bugged object back with all its possible content, but sometimes this does not work, and all that gets removed is the error block so that the space is bug-free again.

4) please note that display containers like Placemats, Galactic Grav-Chambers and the like can be set to become invisible with an option in their setting window that you can access while wearing an Wiring Tool

Corrupted wooden poles hovering over the surface / oceans[]

This is no bug. These occasional irregular additions are part of the 4 most recent template worlds and consist of a few blocks of Corrupted Wood floating in the sky looking like trunks of corrupted trees with no leaves.

Currently corrupted blocks / liquids do not spawn on any Creativerse world after world creation for all that is known. But players themselves can corrupt ordinary wood, leaves, stone, dirt and grass by throwing Corrupt Bombs. Corruption spreading rules have been changed with update R43, so that no blocks will be corrupted by solid corrupted blocks placed adjacent to them any longer. However, corrupt obelisks and corrupted water will corrupt adjacent blocks of green grass.

Still, it is possible for blocks and liquids that were once corrupted by corruption spreading to return to their uncorrupted state all by themselves, like after relogging or leaving the area and returning to it again.

Underground Creatures appearing on the surface[]

Since update R31, sometimes Creatures (including Keepas) tend to jump really high and even to glitch upwards - in this case they can still rarely glitch upwards through thick layers of rocks - especially when jumping or spawning in narrow spaces. This can transport them up to tree tops or from any cave up to the surface, even from the Corruption layer. In the worst case they might appear right in your base.

Still, this issue has been much worse before and already fixed several times, so it is now happening much more rarely.

In any case Creatures can only spawn in Creativerse when player characters are near.

So if you are playing solo, you might encounter Mirus on the surface during the day and night creatures that spawn close by in underground caves or tunnels occasionally (even where you could not see them), but you will only start to see creatures from the Lava layer or even from the Corruption layer reaching the surface shortly after you have ventured underground deep enough to make them spawn there.

For now no better solution to this problem is known than to wait for more bug-fixes.


Another bug that has been around for many months now is causing Creatures and also player characters to suddenly be hurled high up into the air if specific conditions are met.

Sometimes Creatures will suddenly seem to "fly" upwards or you might catch sight of them just when they are falling down again from the sky. This can often happen to Keepas or other flight animals when you chase them.

The bug is known and some of its reasons were already fixed, but certain actions and circumstances can still cause Creatures to bounce upwards. In some cases, Creatures even get stuck high up in the sky and keep floating there... Unfortunately you can't do anything about this bug, the developers are working on it.

Creatures take no falling damage, but if the super-jump happens to your own player character, you might experience a deadly landing - except if you have bought the "Pro" DLC and can use your Glider so you will land safely. This is no trick to make you pay money for the game, it's just another unfortunate bug related to game physics and perhaps to Unity that Creativerse is based on.

If you want to reproduce it, there are at least three options to try out. The first one is the same problem that makes Creatures glitch upwards from underground layers. When fighting Creatures in a cave that give your character a upwards push, or when jumping (or even better flying) against ceilings of caves, at one point your player character might go through the ceiling and fly up very high, maybe even to the top layer of the world.

For the second type of super-jump you can try placing any solid block into the surface of any liquid and immediately jump on the block while or shortly after it made the "bump" sound when removing the liquid that was using the same space. It might work with thin layers of Snow, Red Mushrooms and Tallgrass too.

The third variant is to make a door frame out of solid blocks and place a door within. You must open the door and then position your character partially on the spot where the door would be when closed, then proceed to close the door, and then try to walk forward. This can cause a collision issue of some sort and will cause the player character to sporadically fidget in place for a moment before flinging them straight up into the air for varying distances.

Blizzard Chizzards stunning player characters "forever"[]

This bug can make Trog Trap Events and the quest "Ice To Meet You" especially annoying. You can unfreeze your player character after ca. 7 seconds at max. if you unequip and re-equip your weapon (in your weapon equipment slot on the right side of the inventory/bag) until the bug will be fixed by the developers.

Giant "crab" spawning in a house or at a player-build structure[]

Actually: this again is no bug, it's a feature instead.

Rockzilla is "attracted" (or "summoned") whenever a certain amount of specific block types and artificial lighting have been placed together.

To make Rockzilla despawn, going / teleporting away far enough and then re-entering the area where the giant Rockster was (for several times if necessary) will usually do the trick. Then take away some beach-related blocks/things and/or crafted blocks that Rockzilla loves, so it will not appear at that spot anymore.

Please refer to the article Rockzilla to see which blocks or things should be reduced in number in order to prevent the giant Rockster from spawning.

Rare Recipes do not carry over to other game worlds after being learnt[]

Since October 24th 2018, a bug has appeared that affects several rare Recipes, not only seasonal ones, but also Halloween Recipes bought from Pumpkirus and Christmas Recipes bought from Elfis. After learning these Recipes, they should be permanently available on all game worlds, no matter if these worlds have the "Pro" world option "recipes don't carry over" ("fresh start") enabled or not. As said, some Recipes currently do not show up in the Crafting Menu on other game worlds if you have learnt them after October 24th 2018.

You can either wait for a bugfix provided by the developers or learn the affected Recipes one more time on another game world. After learning them a second time, they usually are then available on all other game worlds.

Common recipes appear unlocked even though the world has "Fresh Start" (Recipes don't carry over) enabled[]

This bug is now active for months and has repeatedly been reported. We can only hope for a fix.

World is locked for maintenance[]

Usually this message will appear when the game is being patched for an update (ca. every month) or an hotfix.

In this case the message of course is no bug, but is simply asking you to wait until the game servers will be available again. Please check the official forums or social media to see if a patch is in progress.

It's not recommended to open a new forum thread right away when this message, nor to join such a thread with complaints about your game world being locked if there is already a thread announcing an upcoming update and kindly asking for your patience until you can enjoy the new game content.

It is also not recommended to nag the developers by repeatedly asking "when can I play again?" or "when will the servers be up again?" during the updating progress on Twitch , YouTube or Mixer while they are doing their best to entertain the player community with a livestream that previews the upcoming update while the patching is ongoing.

An update takes as long as an update will take, nobody can tell for sure because humans cannot foresee the future. Small patches might take only 20 minutes, large updates can take up to 2-3 hours. Please be patient!

If there is no update going on and your world is being "locked for maintenance" for hours or even days, then please DO report this on the bug forums so that the developers can look into this and unlock your world:

Often it's only the connection to the online servers of Playful that has stuttered, in other cases there might have been "server blips" that will leave a few game worlds locked until the developers will unlock them manually.

Stuff disappearing from storage chests and slots of objects[]

This is an especially nasty bug that luckily hits rarely. It is seemingly related to the infrequent saving intervals of game world areas/chunks

For now, the best way to prevent this from happening is to NOT leave your storage area quickly, but instead to stay close to your storage chests for 1-3 minutes - this will give the game plenty of time to save the area and everything in it properly.

Usually you won't lose any stuff anymore if you keep doing this.

A player suggested to perhaps wander around in the same area a little which will force the game to load one more chunk, this could help saving the area faster (this tip is unconfirmed though). Just take care to not wander too far away from your storage chests too soon, since this might lead to disappearances from storage again.

The bug is only very rarely happening nowadays since a change of the time stamps in the chest history.

Blocks consisting of red ghostly outlines (error blocks)[]

Sometimes you might see single blocks that look like the red ghostly frames that usually indicate "wrong" blocks placed within Blueprints. If you see such error blocks unrelated to any currently active Blueprint, then the first thing you should try is to relog (wait a few minutes before logging in again!). Only if this did not help to remove the error blocks, you should then pull = take them. If you experience error blocks often, clearing the cache might help (see instruction above about clearing the cache mentioned for how to fix "invisible objects").

Error blocks were implemented to deal with blocks and objects that had turned invisible by a bug and such could not be removed (ghost blocks). When taking the error block, the original block or object usually turns visible again in the inventory, if necessary, together with a block kit containing all the stuff that the object had contained. Sadly, sometimes this did and does not work correctly though. So that's why relogging should be done before pulling the error block.

Nowadays error blocks sometimes still show up here or there, mainly after placing blocks, even though no identifiable issue or bug seems to have happened. This often seems related to connection issues because of antivirus programs or firewalls, so that data got lost between the client and server. Relogging often fixes this.

Block phasers "eat" blocks[]

Unfortunately, block phasers do not always work like intended. The developers tried to fix the bug that was exploited by players in order to multiply all types of items and blocks, but in this process the block phasers became unreliable and now will not always reproduce the items/blocks they were supposed to "phase in and out of existence" any longer. Block phasers in Adventures and Blueprints are also affected by this bug. This applies to liquids most of all.

Smaller known bugs[]

These bugs have been reported, but haven't been fixed yet, some might actually be intended even though they seem weird, but there's no confirmation from Playful (developers of Creativerse) about this yet. As for tips how to deal with this type of bugs: for now unfortunately there's nothing we players can do about that other than waiting for the developers to fix these bugs or at least confirm that they are no bugs, but intended to work this way.


Signs, especially Arc Signs, but also Wood Signs, Wood Plaques, Stone Signs, Stone Plaques and so on are still under construction. Such many texts and codes that have been written on them a longer while ago might lose their display or functions. The text font for signs is under heavy revision and such might already look very different, especially on older signs, which also affects signs embedded in Blueprints.

Tooltips and naming issues[]

Several names of ingame objects and materials are too long for their tooltip windows and such cropped, like "Slanted Straw Roof Outer Corner" for example. This might be fixed one day, or it might not.

The apostrophe ' is often missing in tooltips and onscreen messages, like for Pumpkiru's King Chest and Pumpkiru's King Treasure for example, but also for many event messages (Idol Events and Trog Trap Events).

Display containers[]

Beacons can produce a sound of a beacon being activated even when put on display.

Extractors create the sound of extractors folding up once in a while even when on display.

Haunted Idols, Infused Haunted Idols, Unleashed Haunted Idols and Scare Flares also have sound effects even when on display, but this seems to be intended and not a bug. However, the idols sometimes also send a beam into the sky when the display container is rotated.

Flat items can "disappear" on certain displays like Stone Wall Shelves and Wood Planters, mainly Seeds (only their sparkles will show, not the Seeds themselves), Seashells, Mob Spawners, Loot Spawners and Placemats.

Seashells also aren't visible on Stone Wall Shelves; but if you rotate the Wall Shelves in certain ways, the Seashells can become visible.

You can place more than one item into the slots of display containers if you're fast enough or use drag & drop.

Sometimes items get "stuck" in the inventory and cannot be moved into any containers after using certain display containers (often the ones that were implemented with the latest update). In this case, you can place more than one unit/piece of items/objects/materials from the same stack into any slot of Placemats, Hidden Temple Altars and Stone Wall Shelves, maybe other display containers too, and if you take them back, they might "unstuck" then. Otherwise, relogging usually fixes the problem.

If you cannot see any flames on your Flaming Skulls or no green "vapor" around your Scare Flares when they are put on display, then this might not be a bug - you can try rotating the display container (and then back again), this should turn on the effects. This is only happening temporarily though, so maybe the effect showing is the real bug? Campfires and other objects with open flames might show up doused out when on display. Rotating the display container (and then back again) will turn on their flames. Excavators of all kinds will show their marking of blocks too when on display and the display container is rotated. However, if you leave the area or relog, the display of all these effects will usually vanish again.

Loot spawners and mob spawners[]

Loot containers are turned sideways when a Loot Spawner is positioned sideways, and upside down if the Loot Spawner is placed upside down on a ceiling.

Soulkeepas cannot be spawned on Mob Spawners, neither can all the Trog Trap Event Creatures, but all of this might be intended by the developers and thus not an actual bug.

Furniture issues[]

All the Beds cannot be rotated anymore. This is intended though and also applies to other objects that are 2 blocks "long", like Medieval Fireplaces and Red Brick Fireplaces.

The Stone Chair is the only chair (including thrones) that cannot be fully rotated, but only sideways.

The Wood Stool cannot be used to sit down anymore, it's now a low table. This is not a bug.

After buying the Hidden Temple Super Bundle, the Hidden Temple Trap Door still isn't unlocked automatically for some players when entering a new world, and it still shows its tooltip "This is a premium recipe. Visit the store to unlock it!" in this case. 

Obtaining a Hidden Temple Door and Hidden Temple Table will unlock the recipe though (simply take these objects from the item kit that comes with the Hidden Temple Super Bundle). Please note that relogging might be necessary to make the recipe show up in the crafting menu properly.

Other blocks, objects and items[]

There's no Stone Gate for Stone Fences. Instead the original textures for the gates were used for the fences.

Flammability, cooling and corruption effects[]

Different from their description, Corrupt Obelisks can corrupt directly surrounding corruptable blocks of green Grass when deactivated and not being wired to any activation device.

If you corrupt blocks of green Grass with Corrupted Water (instead of with Corrupt Bombs), they can revert from being Corrupted Grass to common green Grass all by themselves if you leave the area.

TNT of all kinds cannot be lit by fire nor by a burning a "fuse" (like one made from Tar) any longer. This might not be a bug actually, some players suspect that TNT is going to be turned into wireable machines in the future.

All heat-emitting objects will emit heat even when switched off.

The cold-emitting Snow Blower also emits cold when turned off.

Medieval Chandeliers, Medieval Fireplaces, Red Brick Fireplaces, Candy Skull Candles (of all kinds), Fire Pits, Iron Fire Pits, Campfires and other objects with open flames will set flammable material (like Tar or natural Leaves blocks) on fire even when they're switched off and don't show their flames. 

Medieval Lamps look like they operate with open flames but won't set anything flammable on fire.

Collision oddities[]

The Medieval Lamp does not have collision even though it is a tall floor lamp. Industrial Lamps, Industrial Lights and Wide Industrial Lights don't have collision either. The same goes for Medieval Lamps, Medieval Chandeliers and Haunted Lamps. This might be intended though by the developers. 

Industrial Fans have collision, which means they cannot be used to create Ice Slope railways or elevators. This might be intended and not an actual bug.

The Hidden Temple Torch also does not have collision anymore, but maybe it's supposed to because it is a "torch", although it's very massive and 2 blocks in height; so this is most likely intended.


Wood Treasure Chests spawn more sparsely since the beginning of 2018, even on game worlds with the "Pro" world option "more treasure" enabled. This might not be a bug, instead these treasure chests might have spawned too often before that and such have been "nerfed".

Treasure Chests can sometimes even be displaced and appear on crafted blocks instead of on natural blocks much further below or higher up.

If there's space (or liquid) of one block underneath solid blocks (like under arenas created on oceans),Treasure Chests will not always spawn on the blocks that they formerly used to spawn on, but sometimes underneath. They can float on water, in water or appear on an ocean floor deep below.

Map and Claims[]

When clicking on "reject all" (requests) to refuse all requests of other players asking for higher authorizations on your claims, they are instead all accepted. And you will have to revoke them manually one after another.

Creatures and Pets[]

Creatures still show off their ability to jump super high occasionally (it was way worse months ago though).

Even though Creatures are supposed to be able to swim, they will instead most often sink in liquids, often until they hit the ground, and will then helplessly drown. This can be used to the advantage of players when fleeing from aggressive Creatures into deep water and simply keep swimming until the pursuers will drown.

Creatures will not always spawn on the blocks that they require to spawn on, but if there's space of one block underneath or any liquid under the solid blocks, they can randomly spawn below the blocks that actually make them spawn.

Because of this displacement bug, Creatures can sometimes even spawn on crafted blocks illuminated by artificial lighting high up in the air above any natural landscape or below the blocks that actually make them spawn.

Dried Leafies look different (greyish-green) from their colorful icons on the Mob Spawner. And their Dried Leafi Leaves are even completely brown.

Pets can still be displaced sometimes and suddenly stand or walk around outside their stables. They won't jump onto roofs or glitch downwards as often as before though.

Players can accidentally feed Bread to Pets more than once, even if they're already sated, which just wastes the Bread without amounting to anything.

There are issues with feeding Mushrooms to Pets (mainly to Pigsies). If you feed a Mushroom of any kind to any Pet, you often cannot feed another Mushroom to another Pet right away afterwards. Right-clicking or dragging the Mushrooms to the Pet Window doesn't do anything. If you feed any Pet with something else, then it usually becomes possible again to feed the next Pet after that with Mushrooms once more. This workaround seems to work well even if you use 2 types of Mushrooms on a rotation basis - like feeding one Red Mushroom to a Pet and then one Brown Mushroom to the next Pet, and then a Red Mushroom again to yet another Pet...

Creator Mode[]

The Creator Mode inventory is a work in progress and might not provide you with all the blocks and items that you might expect, and on the other hand, more items might be found in the CM inventory than expected.

Creator Mode enables players (even F2P players who play on a Creative World and get CM permissions by the world owner) to complete all Quest and collect all the Badges extremely quickly and such makes the usual gaming progress nearly obsolete. This might be changed in the future, since Creator Mode is a new feature, has already been altered by hotfixes and is still under revision.

Most Store-exclusive items can be unlocked in the crafting menu by simply crafting common stuff.


The naming and figures of updates have been altered several times and are jumbled.

The latest Patch notes have failed to announce many of the newest features and changes.