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Creativerse Update Preview - The Blueprint Revolution!

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Blueprint customization UI

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5 QBits autobuilding a castle

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Basic information[]

Blueprints are outlines (building plans) of prefabricated structures produced by a cornerstone in order to help with erecting these structures by suggesting the exact position of specific blocks.

Blueprints will NOT build themselves by being "filled" with the correct materials automatically when placing the cornerstones. However, it is possible to automatically build Blueprints using QBits since the QBits Construction Co. update on May 26th 2020.

If building the Blueprint yourself, you can (by default) make use of the function "burst fill" that will fill up to 27 blocks of the same kind into the blueprint (when activated) up to a certain distance in front of your player character with right-click just like you usually place blocks.

Of course you cannot fill in more blocks than you carry in your inventory and quickbar. When holding SHIFT (or the key you have assigned for running) only one block is placed instead of a bunch at a time.

You can additionally freely change the design of the structure that you will actually be building in all sorts of way while building. Blueprints are still suggestions after all, and mainly designed to make building large structures together with friends easier.

If you complete Blueprints "correctly" (even in customized variations) you will merely be "rewarded" by a colorful firework going off, nothing else.

Buildings made from Blueprints have no "special" features. They are not "indestructible" nor inaccessible for other players - you will still have to protect them yourself like any other player base (for example by claiming the area, disabling fire spread and/or locking all doors with a Wiring Tool).

How to start[]

You can get any cornerstone for free by "getting" the according cornerstone in the Blueprint menu in your game (choose the "Blueprint" TAB above after opening either your inventory, map or crafting menu).

If you want to use Blueprints of other players, don't forget to subscribe to them first (and best restart your game), so your computer can download the Blueprint from the workshop, only then you can get the cornerstone.

After placing the Cornerstone, you can customize the suggested blocks too (click on the button "Swap materials" after activating the cornerstone that you have placed). In this way you can build all Blueprints with any (free) blocks you like, even if the original Blueprint has been built from Store-bought blocks.

As said, you will have to activate Cornerstones after placing them into the game world, only then you will be shown the floating "ghost blocks" suggesting where to place the according blocks that you have collected and/or crafted.

If you have customized the Blueprint, then the blocks and/or items that you have defined yourself will be shown as small floating ghost blocks instead of the standard suggestions.

All Blueprints are now for free for all players as well as their Cornerstones. Also creating your own Blueprints is for free. You do not need to buy any DLCs ("Pro") nor building kits.

Of course you can buy all the blocks that you'll need for the completion of building/structures (even for your personal customizations) with QBits using the "Get Kit" button, but these block kits are not required to complete Blueprints, they just make building stuff even easier.

Types of available Blueprints[]

You can find the TAB "Blueprints" next to "Craft" and "Bag" and left of "Map" when opening any of these menus ("q", "e" and "m" as the default keys).

Playful's "featured" Blueprints[]

Simply click on the TAB "Blueprints" to see a list of Blueprints offered by Playful (developers of Creativerse) and of selected player-made Blueprints recommended by the developers on the first page.

Click on any of the Blueprint images to receive more detailed information. You can zoom and turn the image in the window with your mouse - use the mouse wheel and/or hold and drag with your left mouse button, use your right mouse button to topple.

For more images and information related to each Blueprint, simply click on "View in Workshop", then your standard browser will open the according webpage with all the details.

Player-made Blueprints[]

In order to receive player-made Blueprints, you will first have to download them from the Steam workshop to your computer. You can access this workshop directly with your internet browser/s or if by clicking on the button "Steam Workshop" in the top right corner of any blueprint that you can select ingame, and you can then start browsing from that point on.

To download any Blueprint, you can do so by clicking on the button "subscribe" visible just below the main image(s) in your browser.

Don't forget to "upvote" player Blueprints that you like by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon! You can also leave a motivating comment below.

Only after subscribing and relogging your game, you will be then able to select the according player-made Blueprint ingame by clicking the TAB "library" in the Blueprints menu (the icon that looks like 3 figurines).

Your own Blueprints[]

Even F2P players can create their own Blueprints from the structures they have built for free and share them for free via Steam workshop. Making your Blueprints public on the workshop will only be possible though if you are not a "limited user" anymore. Steam considers every new account who has spent less than 5 US$ (ca. 4,30 Euro) a potential dummy account and will automatically hide their Steam workshop uploads.

You do not even have to "publish" your Blueprints though, which will upload them to the Steam workshop. You can just use them for yourself instead on several Creativerse game worlds - for example to assist yourself with copying parts of buildings to the other corner, or with copying a building that you've made from one game world on another wold. Even if you do not publish your Blueprints but click on "view" after creating them, they will still be listed in your Blueprint Menu (in the TAB that looks like a folder).

If you want to use your own Blueprints with another Steam account though, you will have to publish them and then "subscribe" to them with your other account on the Steam workshop. However, if it's just for yourself, you can "hide" your Blueprints' "visibility" in Steam if you should prefer this, so the Blueprint's URL for the Steam workshop page will only be known to you and nobody else.

The visibility settings can (quickly) be set on the Steam workshop page for your build after you have uploaded the Blueprint (either "public", "for friends only" and "hidden"). The according option is clickable on the right side on the Steam workshop page with an eye symbol next to it.

You can "capture" your own builds or those of your friends or players with a lower permission rank with either a Small Capture Block (15x15x15 blocks max.), a Medium Capture Block (31x31x31 blocks max.) or a Large Capture Block (63x63x63 blocks max.).

You can of course also use several Capture Blocks to copy a very large structure cut in several parts that you can then (let other players) put together again elsewhere.

Please note that you cannot "steal" buildings from other players' claims if you don't have the according permission rank there.

To learn more about the exact procedure of creating Blueprints and - optionally - uploading/publishing them, changing their visibility etc., please browse down.

Obtaining Blueprints[]

You can choose any of the available Blueprints offered by Playful or by other Creativerse players (or also your own) to claim them for free - on any game world and as often as you like, without requiring any DLCs.

If it's not your own Blueprint, you need to select this Blueprint in the Steam Creativerse workshop and click "Subscribe" first. Then give Creativerse a little while to upload the Blueprint to the ingame list of Blueprints that you can select - you do not need to restart the game.

When opening the Blueprint Menu, the first TAB (the crown) icon will usually be pre-selected, this one lists the builds that Playful "features" for a certain timespan (usually around one month, then other featured Blueprints will be selected). When clicking on the icon called "library" looking like 3 figures in your Blueprint Menu, you can choose any of the player-made Blueprints that you have download from the Steam workshop by "subscribing" to them. Your own Blueprints can be found in the library TAB that looks like a simple folder (the third icon).

Search for the Blueprint in your Blueprint Menu ingame, and click on "Get Cornerstone" to be sent an icon with this Blueprint's image into any free quickslot or your inventory/bag. The icon looks like an image of this Blueprint on a blue background - this icon itself is the Cornerstone. This Cornerstone has to be placed into the world in order to build the Blueprint and will then display the outlines of the Blueprint.

Cornerstones for player-made Blueprints and even your own builds can be received for free. You can also build Blueprints for free if you craft all the required blocks and objects, or customize the Blueprint so that you can use blocks and objects that you can craft (for free).

However if you do not want to craft all the blocks and objects required for the Blueprint, you can buy the building kits for them. This will have to be paid with QBits. QBits can be found in rarer Login Chests, or can be bought for Coins (which can be bought for real money via Steam wallet) in the Store. Remember that you can buy building kits for your "personal" customized version too, you do not need to buy the suggested original blocks for the Blueprint. You can also use the "Auto Build" option, which will automatically build the Blueprint (including your customizations) for you in exchange for QBits.

Buying a Block Kit/Building Kit[]

As mentioned, since update R46, purchasable block kits can be bought for all Blueprints and customized versions that will suit your own taste or needs.

Buying Block Kits make it much easier to build from a Blueprint, because you won't have to craft any of the suggested blocks or items. However you can alternatively of course collect all the blocks and materials yourself for free, and you can even use different ones if you rather prefer to customize the Blueprints.

In the lower part of each Blueprint window you will see a button with the option to buy the according block kit with all the blocks and items that are required to build this Blueprint in its original suggested version: "Get Kit". Under this button is the price in QBits for the building kit.


  • you might rather prefer to refrain from buying a building kit until you have checked the specifics of the Blueprint and customized it to your liking - then you can buy a building kit with the customized blocks, objects and placeable materials inside that you prefer
  • you do not need to buy any building block kit in order to build a Blueprint at all, instead you can just craft all the required blocks and items yourself (or you can customize the Blueprint and use different blocks/items, so you can avoid having to use Store-bought blocks for example)
  • you can also buy any block kit to build whatever else you like; you are not obliged to use block kits to build a Blueprint like suggested

Please note that you can only buy block kits for QBits (available from Login Chests or through the Store for Coins, which are available in the Store for real money via Steam Wallet) for all Blueprints that are available in the workshop. These block kits will then contain all the (up to many thousands of) blocks and items necessary to build the according Blueprint from scratch to finish.

Cornerstones do not have to be crafted any longer since update R45 in July 2017, and such they are also not part of any of the block kits, but have to be claimed separately.

You will need 1 empty slot in your inventory or in your quick bar when buying one kit so it can be sent to you. And another empty slot for the Cornerstone that will produce the actual Blueprint. After buying it, the kit will at first be an icon in your inventory/bag or quickbar looking like a staple of wooden crates. It can then be placed into the world like any common storage chest.

After the kit has been placed, it will look like a stack of crates the size of two blocks in height. You can interact with this kit ("f" as the default key or right mouse button) and open it like you would open any storage chest.

You can take just as many blocks as you want from the kit and use them to build step by step. You cannot put anything back into the kit though, it's a one-way container. After you've taken all the blocks, the stack of crates will vanish, not leaving anything behind, and you will not receive any crates in the end, just like with Loot Bags or randomly spawning Treasure Chests.

You can always pick up a kit that still has blocks in together with everything it contains though. The kit will only use up 1 slot of your inventory or quick bar again.

If you've encountered problems with vanishing blocks (usually they aren't loaded correctly from the server in some cases) in your game world, it might be a good idea to pick up the kit and place it into your inventory or any quickslot before logging out - just to be on the safe side.

Using Blueprints to buy resources or crafted stuff[]

Since update R46 in September 2017 you can now buy building kits (that can only contain placeable objects, blocks, liquids, but no crafting recipes, animal material and the like) for all Blueprints, no matter if made by Playful, by other players or by you. This also applies to customized blueprints with any type of placeable items that you choose yourself.

Some Blueprints are made from Store-exclusive blocks and objects - if you buy the building kits for these Blueprints, you will receive all the crafted blocks and objects, but not any crafting recipes for these.

If you want to buy a lot of common (placeable) resources instead of spending a lot of time mining or collecting them, or if you want to buy already crafted objects/blocks in large numbers instead of crafting them yourself, then you do not need to subscribe to a blueprint that is made from specific common resources (like wood, magnetite, tourmaline, slabs...) or has been built using/suggesting the crafted objects you are interested in.

Instead you can get any type of placeable resources, crafted blocks and crafted objects that you want by simply customizing any blueprint. To get specific amounts of stuff, you should best create your own blueprint for this - you can simply capture natural structures for this too, and you do not even have to publish your blueprints.

Then customize the blocks with one block/piece/unit of resource or crafted object/block that you want to buy in larger numbers. This works with everything that can be placed into the world, including liquids, seeds and saplings. It does not work with anything that can only be placed into display cases/objects though.

You can even ask other players to craft store-bought blocks/objects for you and place them into the Blueprint for customization, then buy the building kits. Again, please remember that obtaining the blocks will not teach you how to craft them. The crafting recipes can exclusively be bought with Super Bundles in the Recipes TAB of the ingame Store.

After saving your customization, you will be offered to buy the kit that you have put together yourself. Take care to exchange all blocks shown in the blueprint with stuff that you want, otherwise you'll get some useless blocks contained in the kit as well. 1 QBit is the minimum price that a Blueprint building kit can cost right now, so holding back too much to only buy a few blocks/objects will not help you saving QBits - rather try to buy either exactly the amount of blocks and objects that will equal 1 QBit.

Building kits are dynamically counted by the game based on block type and count.

Placing a Cornerstone[]

The Cornerstone, looking a lot like the Blueprint itself, has to be placed into the game-world by using the quick-bar before you can actually build the house or structure.

Since update R26 the Cornerstone will now even send a cyan blue beacon-beam into the sky to make it easier for you to find it and return to it.

Please note that you cannot place anything on claims of other players or in game worlds of other players if the owners have set you to "visitor" though.

By placing the Cornerstone, the Cornerstone will then show you the blue outlines of the planned house, so you can see how it will fit onto the ground.

You can take the Cornerstone and place it somewhere else and/or turn it (use rotation by holding "r" and dragging with the left mouse button), or place the Cornerstone again while looking at the same spot from a different angle ... until you're satisfied with the suggested position.

You might want to remove all blocks or things (like Mushrooms, Shrubs, Rimecones, maybe even whole trees or hills, etc.) on the ground that overlay with the Blueprint, so that building blocks can then be placed there instead.

Changing materials / customizing blocks[]

Once you've chosen and cleared up an area that you deem fitting, please right-click the Cornerstone. In the window that will pop up you can see what kinds of blocks, materials and/or items will be suggested for this building.

You can change the list to your liking by first clicking the button "Swap materials", clicking on the block you want to change in the material list in the upper left corner of the UI that appears, and choosing a replacement from the new screen that pops up. You do not need to have the block you want to use as customization in your inventory.

You can also change the colors the Blueprint uses in the same interface - just click on the color you wish to change in the list in the bottom-left corner of the customization UI. Note that you can only change everything that uses the same color at once - if you have, say, Dirt and Stone that are both colored blue, you cannot make Dirt green and leave Stone blue. Unpainted blocks are considered as a single color, so if a Blueprint does not use Paint at all, you can only color the Blueprint as a whole.

The "track-"function for Blueprints that you could once enable to then see the required materials listed on your screen while you go gather them (just like the tracking function for crafting recipes) and that has been a button in the top right corner of the Blueprint window has been removed.

Activating a Cornerstone and building the structure[]

When you're done collecting and changing materials, please activate the Cornerstone.

Either right-click the Cornerstone or interact with it using the "f"-key (default key), then close the interface by clicking on the X in the upper right corner, or pressing ESC to start building - or use the "Swap materials" button to customize the blocks, the "Get kit" button to get the building kit with all the blocks needed to build the Blueprint, or the "Auto build" button to automatically build the Blueprint (the latter two options cost QBits).

After activation the cornerstone will start to glow, send a cyan blue ray of light into the sky and small ghostly block-suggestions will start floating next to the Cornerstone - they indicate where you should put which block/object to build this Blueprint.

You can customize the Blueprint's originally suggested blocks and objects anytime while building. After clicking the button "Swap materials", simply click on the block you want to change in the material list in the upper left corner of the window that appears, and choosing a replacement from the new screen that pops up. In order to reset the Blueprint customization to the originally suggested blocks/objects, click the button "Reset Palette".

Now you have to actually build the house/temple etc. by replacing the ghostly suggestions with real blocks. With the default burst fill several blocks of the same type will be built with only one (right-)click.

Whenever you fill in more blocks, even more ghostly suggestions of blocks close to the new ones will start to show up, so in time you will be shown the whole building bit by bit.

Altenatively, you can choose the "Auto build" option from the cornerstone interface, and for a few QBits, the Blueprint will be automatically built for you. Note that autobuild will not remove any blocks that are in the way of the blueprint, so be sure to remove such blocks and customize the blueprint to your liking before starting the build. With this option, you do not need to have the blocks - the little flying QBits that do the building come with their own block supply, and will not use yours. It is not possible to remove the cornerstone while the autobuild is in progress.

Completing a Blueprint[]

You don't have to fill in all the blocks and items that the Blueprint suggests 100% correctly, since the Blueprint is really just a "suggestion".

Blueprints are designed to help friends building large structures together. So you can use any Blueprint as an inspiration and you can change your actual build however you like; skipping some blocks, adding others somewhere else, displacing walls or whole towers, only building small parts of the Blueprints, etc.

The only "reward" for completing a Blueprint as intended will be a firework at the moment of completion being displayed directly above the completed structure/building, so you won't really miss anything relevant.

Once you're satisfied, no matter if the Blueprint has been "completed" or not, just take the Cornerstone up (pulling it with the left mouse button like you take any other block). No Power Cell is required to do so.

You can then put the Blueprint into your storage and you can of course reuse it as often as you wish in that same world where you have claimed the Blueprint. Blueprints (or rather their Cornerstones) can also be traded between players.

Blueprints might include machines with their connections and objects with specific settings - like sign text or lamps turned off (or on). Even shelves, placemats and other decorative containers are now captured in Blueprints, together with the items they contained. These captured items can’t be "removed" by the Blueprint builder, since they are "ghost blocks", but they can be replaced with any other preferred items that you can use in such containers.

Blueprint should be completed, but is not?[]

Very likely you have missed a few blocks or objects in this case. Go and activate the cornerstone (by right-clicking on it or typing "f" as the default key when looking at it with the cursor). You'll see green check marks next to all the suggested blocks that you have already placed correctly, but the check mark/s will be missing next to blocks or objects that still want to be placed. The amount of missed blocks/objects is also shown below.

Click on the round dot next to "Show Hints Through Blocks" to make the missed blocks/objects more visible to you. Objects like Crafting Stations or lamps aren't reduced very much in size, so they're easier to miss than cubic blocks. It's especially hard to see the outlines of blueprinted glass blocks or the like against the blue sky. In this case it might help to wait for the night (or use a Bed to make night come quickly) and perhaps to switch off some lamps (right-click on them or type "f" as the default key while looking at them with the cursor).

Creating your own Blueprints[]

Since update R45 in July 2017 you can create your own Blueprints for free in Creativerse, either from your own structures or from buildings that other players permit you to capture (you need to have the according permission rank!) by using Capture Blocks (Small, Medium, Large).

A Small Capture Block captures all blocks within a range of 15x15x15.

A Medium Capture Block captures all blocks within a range of 31x31x31.

A Large Capture Block captures all blocks within a range of 63x63x63.

If your build is larger than 63x63x63 blocks, you will have to use more than one Large Capture Block in order to capture several parts of your build that you can then (let other players) put together again elsewhere. Place the Capture blocks next to each other.

If you plan to share your Blueprints with others (like by publishing/uploading them to the workshop), it's not recommended to let the captured parts of the large build overlap, since player can't "complete" each single Blueprint in this case.

Please add to your description how to connect the Cornerstones (in the same way as you place your Capture Blocks to create the Blueprint). Uploading a screenshot of this arrangement to the Steam workshop page after you've uploaded your Blueprint will surely be appreciated by the players interested in re-creating your build.

All Capture Blocks can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q") from Stone Slabs and Arcstones. The crafting recipes for all 3 types of Capture Blocks are already unlocked when starting the game.

Capture Blocks are devices that will "create" a Blueprint within their outlined area by "capturing" said blocks. They have to be placed (not on player claims or gameworlds where your permission rank is low) at one side of the structure and can also be rotated ("r" as the default key), however only sideways.

It is not possible to capture structures on another player's claim where your permission rank is too low, not even if you place the Capture Block right outside the claim (only the unclaimed area will be captured in this case).

You'll have to place the Capture Block on the ground in front of your build so that build is within the blue frame that the Capture Block sends out. Then right-click the Capture Block while pointing your cursor at it or type "f" (as the default key) while looking at the Capture Block in the game world in order to activate it. 

After activating the Capture Block, it will take a while for it to capture the build. It can take up to a few minutes to fully capture a large structure. Then a window will open with a 3D image of the captured area with your build in it. If your build is not fully shown, you will have to pick up your capture block and place it a little closer or use a larger capture block (or several capture blocks for parts of your buildings that you can then assemble.

You can hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the 3D model sideways. Holding the right mouse button and dragging will tilt the 3D model up/down, but can also rotate it. Zooming in and out can be done with the mouse wheel. Shave off any unneeded parts (left edge, right edge, depth, and height) by using the slidebars in the top left corner - be careful with those, they are very mouse-sensitive.

By clicking on "view blocks", the capture block will count the blocks necessary to build this structure. The button "view blocks" will list all the blocks for you that are in the current cut-out that will be captured, which can include ground blocks and liquids too. It's the same list of blocks that you (or other players) will be shown when you (they) will then start to build the Blueprint.

When you're content with your selection, click the button "Capture" in order to actually create a Blueprint of the build. The next window that will then pop up will let you name your build and add a description to it. This will show up on the Steam workshop page too whenever you choose to upload your Blueprint.

You can change both the name and the description on the workshop page whenever and as often as you like. You cannot change this for a Blueprint ingame as long as you won't upload it though. When you're done with naming and describing, click the button "OK".

It will take a few seconds or a few minutes (depending on the size of your capture) until the Blueprint has been saved. The completion will be accompanied by a new window that will pop up - you can either select "view" or "publish" now. You do not need to publish your Blueprint right away, so clicking "view" at first might be more recommendable.

The Capture Block will be turned into a Blueprint Cornerstone by that and can then be used by you on that same game world. You can also give it to other players on this game world without a need to upload the Blueprint. You can use and directly share the same Blueprint anytime on another game world too, since the Blueprint is account-bound, not world-bound, by clicking on the TAB "mine" in the Blueprint Menu and selecting it there, which will produce another Cornerstone.

Since update R46, teleporters and machines together with their connections and settings (!) will now also be captured, even display "cases" like Placemats, Stone Wall Shelves or Galactic Grav-Chambers. These will then have their own menu with "ghost images" in the Blueprint that will be shown and can be replaced by actual blocks to show anything different if the builders prefer so.

Unfortunately, activatable objects and activation devices like doors, trapdoors, lights and so on will not keep their wiring settings like codes or connections after being captured. However, when you build the blueprint, connecting an activation device to one of several activatable objects is enough to then restore the settings enough so that all the other activatable objects will also automatically be wired to the activation device properly.

Please note that blocks of Moss and moss-covered Ashenwood will be captured as simple Ashenwood blocks without any moss on them. Vine-covered Wildwood blocks are captured as simple Wildwood blocks without any vines on them. The same goes for vine-covered Cragwood blocks that are captured as simple Cragwood blocks without any vines on them. Hanging Vines are captured correctly though. Moss-covered Weepwood, Mossy Weepwood Logs and non-glowy variants of Wildwood Flowers cannot be captured. Crops are all captured as their according Seeds, including wild Crops. Player-grown Mushrooms are captured as their according Mushroom Spores, but wild Mushrooms cannot be captured.

Publishing your Blueprint[]

You can upload the captured Blueprint of your structure/landscape/building to the Steam Workshop in order share it with all other Creativerse players by clicking the according option "publish" anytime later on after selecting the Blueprint.

Blueprints can be published right away after capturing them by clicking "Publish" instead of "View", or this can also be done later via Blueprint Menu (TAB "mine" with the folder icon), where you will have to click on the thumbnail/icon of your Blueprint at first and then can select "Publish" in the small window on the right side.

You will have to agree to Steam's workshop user agreement first, then best select some "tags" for your Blueprint that fit it's "type", so others can find your Blueprint in the workshop easier, and then confirm by clicking "Done".

It will take a little until your Blueprint has been uploaded to the Steam workshop. After that, the Steam workshop page with your Blueprint will open. You can change the title and description of your Blueprint in the workshop anytime. You can upload additional pictures (mainly screenshots) and even link videos to your Blueprint to illustrate the details of your build - very recommended to show off interior and any interesting details or views! You can always exchange/update these additional screenshots later on as well. And you can link to other parts of larger Blueprints as "required items".

You can find all these options and more on the right side of the Steam workshop page.

Please mention in the description to the Blueprint on the Steam workshop page if you have used any Store-exclusive blocks/objects or some made from rare Recipes. You should add the (Steam nick)names of players who have helped you with building the Blueprints, or maybe have originally created them. Please never forget to give credits to original creators!

Hiding Blueprints, changing their visibility[]

Usually, Blueprints are automatically visible to everyone right after having been uploaded to the workshop. You can change their visibility to "hidden" (only visible to you) or to your friends only, or to everyone, while you are revising the description, adding screenshots that you can upload to the workshop page, create a sight-seeing Adventure that shows off your build and add its link to the workshop page, etc.  

The visibility option has an eye symbol and can be found on the right side of the Steam workshop page. 

If your Blueprint is hidden after uploading it and stays hidden even if you try to change the visibility, then please check if you have a limited user account on Steam.

Non-limited Steam users should try to enable their account for Steam Cloud usage (Steam settings - Cloud - enable Cloud synchronization) in order to upload workshop objects properly. Perhaps your workshop item has not been uploaded correctly - if the file is 0 kB in size, then something went wrong. Please upload your Blueprint again (you can choose the option to "overwrite"/update your own Creativerse workshop item when uploading it) and you might then be able to share it with other players. It might also be necessary to activate Steam Guard.  

Or are you a limited user? Steam considers everyone who has spent less than 5 US$ (ca. 4,30 Euro) a potential dummy account that might have solely been created to spam or cause harm. By limiting the interactivity options of such accounts, Steam claims to reduce the amount of vandalism and griefing.

Some restrictions of limited user accounts concern the Steam workshop. Limited users cannot upvote, downvote or comment to workshop objects of other players. So if you cannot do this, then your Steam account must be a limited one.

Even though the Steam help page claims that limited users cannot even "submit" workshop content, it has been confirmed that objects can in reality be uploaded to the workshop just fine, but just cannot be "unhidden".

To remove this restriction, it seems to be unavoidable to spend 5 US Dollars or more for Steam games or to upload that same amount of money to the Steam Wallet of this user account. After that, all the workshop features will be unlocked after a little while. Restarting Steam and reloading the workshop webpage is recommended. 

Updating and deleting Blueprints[]

You can delete unpublished Blueprints easily. But if you have stored a copy of the cornerstone somewhere, it will usually show up in your Blueprint menu (TAB "mine") again if you open the according storage container.

If you want to delete a published Blueprint, you will have to delete the workshop item first on Steam. You can access it through the browser. Scroll down and search for the deletion button with a red X on the right side of the screen.

Updating a Blueprint is very easy too. You just have to publish your newly captured Blueprint and then select to overwrite your old Blueprint. Please note that this will exchange the name of your old Blueprint with the newly chosen name, the description as well as all images that you have once uploaded with the new ones. So you might want to save your old description and all screenshots or images that you want to re-use for your updated Blueprint in the workshop.

Blueprints offered by Playful[]

Name Blocks Required
Colossal Castle 19,292
Industrial Hover Jet 233
Robo Retreat 10,138
Floating Island 14,130
Tree House 8,334
Garden Estate 2,015
Haunted House 3,821
Wooden Fort 13,839
Majestic Hidden Temple 3,025
Iron Bunker 617
Barn 4,038
Cragwood Keep 3,550
Tower Castle 5,843
Beach Bungalow 2,965
Small Traditional House 2,539
Longhouse 5,090
Windmill Cottage 1,866
Chizzard Coop 469
Hidden Temple 821
Mushroom House 1,819
Wishing Well 710
Gazebo 1,008
Pigsy Statue 2,374

Removed Blueprints (since updates R23, R31 and R45)[]

Playful has removed several of their own Blueprints from the default list in course of time.