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Basic Information[]

In the 3D block-based online sandbox-game Creativerse, you can:

  • play alone on your own online game world(s) to where you can optionally invite others
  • additionally play on many other game worlds; your friends' online worlds (after they've told you their world password) and/or on "public" multiplayer worlds, no matter if the world owners are currently online or not
  • (optionally) take on Quests from QB that will lead you through the game progress and reward you nicely. Do not expect a story narrative though, since this is up to you to imagine yourself
  • explore the large but finite pre-generated (not individually randomly/procedurally generated) game world/s with their different natural surface biomes, caves and underground layers, all of them populated with endemic Creatures (no villages, buildings/ruins or NPCs though, except for event times)
  • find randomly spawning Treasure Chests in dark places all over the game world here and there
  • keep your player character alive (no hunger, fatigue/sleep deprivation, and no permadeath though, inventory content is dropped at "defeat" retrievably), by equipping them with Armor, melee Weapons and using items like healing Potions or Explosives. Take care not to stay too long in freezing cold, burning heat, irrespirable liquids or poisoning corruption, unless you know how to counter these environmental hazards
  • fight the unique looking Creatures, or tame them in order to obtain their animal materials peacefully, hunt rare Creatures like Keepas, Silver Keepas, Golden Keepas, Things and Rockzillas for valuable "loot"
  • harvest plants, collect dozens of natural blocks and materials like wood and leaves from trees (leaves do not decay in Creativerse, but can be used for building and as Fuel), extract Ore from Nodes (that you can find at fixed positions, they do not spawn nor respawn), mine your way to the deepest layer of the world, which requires increasingly stronger Mining Cells to be obtained (usually crafted) and equipped
  • craft hundreds of items and blocks with some additional help from placeable Crafting Stations: Processors, Forges and Cooking Stations. Find out about more direct ways to transform the environment too
  • farm land, grow 4 types of Crops in order to cook Food (required to feed Pets if you want to harvest from them, and provides many types of useful buffs for player characters), grow trees from Saplings
  • build your own base/s for storage, your own teleporter network and crafting workshop, optionally by comfortably using Blueprints (either made from other players or Playful, both types can be found in the Creativerse workshop), and/or create your own Blueprints that you can optionally share with others
  • claim land, lock your doors, build traps and machines, use Arc Signs that can display colorful images
  • create and share Adventures with or without a story, puzzles, hidden paths etc. for other players to enjoy
  • play special event content during Halloween and Christmas that can provide you with rare items like actual ranged weapons (Vlad-a-Rangs & Shur-Ice-Ns) and/or their crafting recipes. Maybe you can even obtain the very rare automatic Snowball Turret and other rewards that are unlocked by the whole community
  • for more detailed information about the features of the game, please refer to the article "Creativerse"

Creativerse is free to play, but the continuation of game development and online support requires continual financial backup, which is accomplished by the gameplay-relevant Pro DLC, "cosmetic" offers in the Store, the Welcome DLC (identical to the Welcome Bundle), purchasable claims and building kits for Blueprints.

Since purchasable building kits and textures for blocks, equipment, etc. are required to keep Creativerse alive, player Mods are not allowed that could obviate Playful's own offers. Still, no purchasable weapon is stronger than the free Lumite Sword, and all purchasable Armor parts are just Costumes that will merely change the look of your player character.

Kindly note that this public editable Wiki about Creativerse is solely maintained by the contributions of Creativerse players. The developers of Creativerse are not involved in this fan Wiki in any way.

Starting the game[]

Creativerse profile icon 2019-05-23 13-29-29-12.jpg
Creativerse email registering arrow 2019-05-23 14-29-29-48.jpg
Creativerse email verification registration registering 2019-05-23 15-15-29-0065.jpg

After you have installed Creativerse, you will have to accept the EULA and confirm your age and e-mail. You need to agree with the EULA in order to play the game and by that you will also agree that you will not hack the game or use any illegal mod(ification), or use any game content that is property of PlayfulCorp. in order to make profit.

You can then register your e-mail in order to receive a crafting recipe for blue Flares that will then automatically show up in your crafting menu on all Creativerse worlds.

Next you might want to customize your player character (toon, avatar) that will represent you on all Creativerse worlds. You can change its look as often as you like later on anytime.

You should automatically be led to the character customization right away after starting Creativerse for the first time. If not, or for any changes you'd like to make later on, exit the game world and click on the gear-like symbol in the bottom left corner next to your nickname or directly on your nickname. Then choose "customize".

Creativerse R41 character customization01.jpg

Either young male or female characters are available ("Gender"-tab, although some faces look quite gender-neutral), with 4 different faces/heads to choose from each, 7 hair-styles (plus "none"), 26 different skin-tones, and 48 colors for hair, 20 eye-colors and 48 colors for 5 parts of clothes each. Visuals for characters will be revised in the near future.

You can also change your nickname that will be displayed ingame over your character's head, in the chat next to what you're "saying", and in automatic chat messages about some of your actions.

Creativerse worlds Playfulverse 2018-10-04 11-06-18-16606.jpg
Creativerse worlds old social worlds 2018-10-04 11-07-03-09.jpg
Creativerse worlds Playfulverse RW6 example 2018-10-04 11-07-27-13.jpg
Creativerse world options F2P 2018-10-03 11-01-31-69.jpg
Creativerse world creation fresh start 2018-08-22 18-59-52-42.jpg
Creativerse world is password locked 2018-09-28 12-03-31-28.jpg

Choosing a Creativerse world to play on[]

Like many new players you can choose to start playing right away on your own free solo world to get accustomed. Please note that playing "solo" does not mean "offline", since Creativerse is an online game.

F2P players will currently receive only one world of their own where they will automatically start to play, while "Pro" players can "create" up to 12 worlds that they can own, customize and moderate.

To see what options you are able to set and change for your world, simply use the "ESC" key and click on the button "Edit World" at the bottom of the left panel under the image of your world (that you can modify too). The "Pro" DLC allows players to change more world options than free players can, like low gravity, peaceful/defensive creatures and more.

However remember that everyone can additionally play on all worlds of friends who have shared their game world password. And you can also freely start to play on any public multiplayer game world that is open to everyone at all times (public worlds have no passwords).

Plus you can temporarily play any of the many Adventures that have been made public too. So when playing Creativerse you are not restricted to experiencing only one game world, not even as an F2P player.

To play an Adventure or visit other game worlds, exit your game world first (it will be saved, since it is an online world) to return to the main screen where you can choose an "Adventure" in the main menu or you can click on "Worlds" to search. By choosing the Tab "Public" on top of the world list you will see a list of public game worlds that you can visit.

Creativerse world search.png

The newest and best populated public worlds are often checked and supervised by moderators who work closely together with the developers. These worlds are called "Playfulverse" RW5 - RW8, they are made for building purposes and sometimes featured by Playful's livestreams.

These public peaceful building worlds created by APlayfulGuy are all set to the standard world options except for:

  • strict server rules that will grant a nice community and will let all players build large structures without being griefed; players will be banned if they take or destroy other players' property, begging is not allowed, chatting has to be kept children-friendly at all times, players are asked to be nice towards each other in general
  • every player has to keep a distance of 3 free areas to other players' claims when claiming land, public land has to be kept "natural" and not ruined by bombs/excavators,
  • to enable server admins and moderators to keep the peace properly, the chat is to be kept in English, no custom colors or symbols can be used in nicknames,
  • all claims might be removed after their owner has been inactive for more than 90 days unexplained,
  • every new player is set to "builder" permission rank per default,
  • PvP is disabled, so player characters cannot hurt / kill other player characters when hitting them with melee Weapons and Explosives, but they can enable these PvP options on their own player claims,
  • the spreading of fire is disabled, so forest fires will be prevented; however every player can enable this on their own claim/s
  • the use of area-damaging Explosives like TNT types and Excavators is disabled, which every player can enable on their own claim/s
  • the spreading of corruption is enabled, so corruptable blocks can be corrupted, however every player can disable this on their own claim/s
  • all Creatures are set to defensive ("peaceful") so Creatures won't attack player characters on their own, but most will still act aggressive when they are hurt or tamed by players. Please note that aggressive event Creatures that can only be summoned by players on purpose like red Halloween boss mobs and certain aggressive Christmas event enemies will always be aggressive, even on these game worlds
  • higher spawn rate of Treasure Chests in dark places
  • higher regrowth rate of flowers, mushrooms, beeswax and the like
  • Playfulverse RW8 also features low gravity, while RW5 - RW7 have standard gravity

However there are also older unmoderated public "social worlds" created by Playful where some players have already claimed a bunch of areas and have built large bases, even though most of them have been deserted in the meanwhile. Search for "@Playful" in the world search array if you want to look for these free public worlds.

These older public worlds made by Playful are all set to the standard world options except for:

  • everyone is set to "builder" permission rank,
  • there are no moderators/admins,
  • PvP is disabled so player characters cannot hurt / kill other player chracters when hitting them with weapons, but they can enable PvP on their own player claims,
  • the spreading of fire is enabled, so torches can start forest fires; however you can disable this on your own claim/s
  • the use of area-damaging Explosives like TNT types and Excavators is enabled, which you can disable on your own claim/s,
  • and the spreading of corruption is enabled, so corruptable blocks and liquids can be corrupted, however you can disable this on your own claim/s once again.

While you can play on many worlds parallel, please note that you cannot transfer any items between worlds in Creativerse.

As for crafting progress/recipes: an option can be set on all Creativerse worlds to either forcibly reset all known common crafting recipes so that they have to be unlocked from the start ("world bound recipes"), or to allow you to "carry over" all of the unlocking progress that you have achieved on other worlds.

"Fresh start" means that everyone will start playing on this game world only with the default starting recipes unlocked in the crafting menu, however also always all Store-bought crafting recipes and all the rare Recipes you've ever obtained on any game world, including seasonal ones. Please note that if you change this setting after it has been disabled, you will not have your crafting menu reset though.

Creating your own Creativerse world/s[]

Creativerse Create new world Blocked R54.5.png
Creativerse Create new world20.png
Creativerse world creation fresh start 2018-08-22 18-59-52-42.jpg
Creativerse world option overview before logging in 2018-10-03 11-01-55-85.jpg

1. if you are completely new to the game and an F2P player too who does not own the Pro DLC yet, then you will automatically start playing on a solo game world that the game will create for you.

As a free player you can only choose standard world options and change them anytime later on - the name of your world, the description, a password, public world or protected, enable/disable fire spread, enable/disable terrain-affecting explosives like TNT and Excavators, enable/disable corruption spread.

Please note that PvP is enabled for F2P worlds by default, which means that players that you will invite can attack your player character (unless they have "visitor" permission rank), and you can attack them. PvP can be turned off in the F2P game world options, afterwards players cannot hurt other player characters with melee Weapons, ranged Weapons and common Explosives that can be thrown and deal physical damage.

To protect your game world from being changed by visiting players, you can enable the world option "Default to Visitor".

Please note that other players can harvest, mine and change your creations on your world unless you will check this world option "default to visitor". You may individually promote every player to higher permission ranks (usually "builder") and you can also demote every newcomer to be a mere "visitor" manually. To manage players on your world, type ESC and click on the large button "Players" at the bottom next to the button "Edit World".

Visitors cannot dig and as such cannot change anything on your world. They cannot even fight Creatures, but they can loot willingly dropped player bags, loot bags of Creatures (that other players or kill-traps can kill) and randomly spawning Treasure Chests though.

Visitors also have access to all storage containers and crafting stations that are set to "everyone" in their permission settings ("builders" by default). Visitors can also use teleporters (but can't see their settings), can open doors that aren't locked, use switches, pressure plates and all devices that aren't locked.

Another protection option would be to disable Explosives on your world so other players cannot use world-affecting Explosives like TNT or Fire Bombs. The spreading of fire in warm to hot biomes can be disabled as well separately. And you can additionally make use of Claims to protect your base with several individual claim options too.

To experience other possible world options like peaceful (defensive) creatures or low gravity even as a F2P player, you can join worlds of players anytime who have set such options for their own "Pro" game worlds, or who might willing to do that for you to test them out.

F2P game worlds cannot be deleted, but can be reset to their original state in the "world" list that is accessible from the main menu before entering any game world. If your game world settings should be unaccessible from ingame, you might have an older F2P game world. In that case please access your settings from the world list - after updating any of the options (like the world description or tags), you'll be able to access them again while playing on this world.

2. if you have played Creativerse before, but have never spent any money for it, then you will not have received the Pro DLC for free. The game will create a new Creativerse game world for you like for all other F2P players, however all your old worlds are still also yours and accessible at any time (simply exit the world and search for your own worlds by clicking on "Worlds" and then on "my worlds" on the Tab above).

As long as you will not buy the Pro DLC, you won't be able to create any additional new game worlds though, and unfortunately you won't be able to change the "Pro" world options of your old worlds; some of which had been available to all players before the "Pro" DLC was created. You can however ask the developers on the official forums to change those worlds' options back to what they have been before update R33 (like "peaceful creatures", "disable explosives" or the like).

3. after you have paid for the Creativerse Pro DLC, or if you have automatically been promoted to "Pro" (like everyone who has bought the game before it went F2P and also everyone who has ever spent some Coins in the Store before August 2nd 2016), then you can "create" up to 12-15 game worlds of your own. Each new world will have PvP enabled automatically, also fire sim/spread and corruption sim/spread.

You can name all of your game worlds individually, add a description and a password to each (well, naming and describing are standard options that everyone can use), and you can also choose different advanced world options for each of your new game worlds as well as for your old game worlds too.

You can change all world options anytime whenever you wish while playing the game, for example switching between low gravity and normal gravity or setting creatures to "peaceful" at any given time. You can change the name, description, thumbnail picture and password of your own worlds any time too. Simply press ESC while playing on any Creativerse world of your own and click the button "Edit World" below.

World Settings[]

Creativerse world options F2P 2018-10-03 11-01-31-69.jpg
Creativerse world creation fresh start 2018-08-22 18-59-52-42.jpg

As mentioned, F2P players get one game world of their own, but cannot create more worlds than their one free world. However players who bought the "Pro"-DLC can own up to 12-15 game worlds moderated by them. After clicking on "Worlds" and then choosing the TAB for "My worlds", you can then click on the first icon labelled "Create New World" to start another game world (up to 12-15).Kindly note that all game worlds, even though you can be their "owner", will still be hosted on Playful's online servers, because Creativerse is an online game and designed for easy multiplayer accessibility.

An offline mode for Creativerse is not envisaged for the near future, but the possibility was mentioned by the producer of Creativerse during a livestream in February 2020.

All players can protect their own game world/s with a password, so they can either play solo there or only with their friends that they will choose to invite.

Some game world settings that provide protection can be chosen even by free players and can individually be changed anytime by world owners.

F2P World Settings[]

Ranks determine the access players have in each other's worlds. These are set by the world owner. In this section, the Visitor rank is described first because it is the default setting for newly created worlds.

  • To check your permission rank on a player claim (if you are currently on a claim) or game world, type "/permissions" into the chat (and press "Enter").

Visitor Permission Rank (Default Setting)[]

With this world modifier activated, every new player joining the game world will be set to "visitor" as their permission-level by default. Otherwise new players will automatically be have a "builder" permission rank.

Players with visitor ranking can not do any of the following:

  • harvest or mine any blocks or plants (including Crops),
  • hurt other players with a Sword (even if PvP is enabled!),
  • fight/hurt nor tame Creatures, cannot place anything into the world (including their own Touchstone, TNTs and Excavators) and
  • wash Pets.
    Creativerse permission for lamp 2017-05-13 12-16-37-39 R41,5 tests mit Tester.jpg
    Creativerse permission setting claim builders 2017-11-18 15-50-43-62.jpg

Visitors can do the following:

Visitor Teleportation and Interaction:

Visitors can be teleported by all Teleporters to their destination teleporter, and can teleport to all Touchstones that allow players to travel there. Visitors can climb ladders, use chairs and can use beds (which will heal them, and can even change day to night).

Visitors can open and close doors and wicket gates that are set to "can interact" (by default) and activate/deactivate all activation devices that are set to "can interact", which includes lamps, beacons, fans, loot spawners, mob spawners, block phasers and so on.

Visitors can also activate pressure plates by pressing them even without the "can interact" setting being enabled, and they can activate sensors that are set to "players".

Visitors can only pick up, activate/use or change settings of activatable objects that are set to "everyone". All activatable/usable objects like storage chests are set to "builders" by default when being placed, while capture blocks and cornerstones are all set to "just me" by default.

Please note that visitors could even "dismiss" Pets that are set to "everyone", which would kill the Pets.

Other Permission Ranks[]

Creativerse Map full overview public world 2017-05-11 15-08-27-62.jpg

Permission ranks determine the freedom or limitations players have when interacting with worlds and claims. There are three ways in which the permissions can be set.

  • World-level permissions: which include: World Owner, World Admin, World Mod, Builder, Visitor
  • Claim-level Permissions: Claim Owner, Admin, Builder, Interacting, Visitor
  • Individual Permissions: no matter the starting permission level of players, you can always provide another permission rank to each player individually on your world.

Tip: You can also claim land on your own or other worlds to protect your base with specific permission settings.

Creativerse claim permissions player list 2017-05-11 15-20-29-70.jpg

The permission ranks are as follows, with the least permissions described first:

Visitor: minimal access, see the section above for details. This is the default setting.
Builders: can do everything that visitors can, but can additionally also fight and kill Creatures, can fight players in PvP worlds and on PvP claims, can claim land for themselves, can harvest, mine and place any kind of blocks (including TNT, Extractors and Excavators that can remove blocks from the game world, except if these Explosives are disabled in the world options or claim options), and since they can loot and mine, they can also craft all unlockable items, equipments and bombs, and they can craft from all rare Recipes that they have obtained in any other Creativerse game world, as well as all recipes that they have bought in the Store.
World Mods can do everything that builders can, additionally to that they can also mute and "kick" troublesome players.
World Admins can do everything that World Mods can, additionally they can ban or promote other players with lower permission ranks and can remove touchstones of players. Banned players can still be unbanned later on again.
World Owners have the highest permission rank of course and can change permission ranks of all other players, and of course world owners cannot be banned, demoted, kicked nor muted. Only world owners can change the name of their game world, can decide to make the game world public (or not), can change the password and also change the presentational image of this game world.
Creativerse player management Tester2017-02-28 17-56-33-63.png

How to Change Individual Permissions[]

Creativerse builder permission rank by default 2018-10-30 20-21-43-60.jpg

To change permissions for a player, simply type "Esc" and click on the button "Players" that will appear next to "Edit World" button.

Anyone on the game world can click this button for informational purposes, but only world owners, world admins and world mods can change the settings of players of lower permission ranks to promote, demote, ban or mute them. World owners have the highest permission rank of course. As mentioned, if you set your object permissions to "everyone", then even visitors can use them.

Device and Container Ranks[]

All machines, storage containers, devices and crafting stations that you place are automatically set to "Builders" by default, so visitors cannot use or take your stuff and objects. If you aren't the owner of the game world, then the world owner and mods of the game world will still have access to all of your stuff, even if you take care to set every permission option to "just me".

  • To change permissions on your crafting stations, storage chests and machines by activate them by right-clicking on the item ("f" as the default key) and then by clicking on the padlock symbol.

How to Control Damage[]

Various explosives can damage a world unless they are disabled.

Disable Explosives[]

This option does apply to the transformation abilities of throwable bombs like Fire Bomb and Freeze Bombs. But most of all it applies to Explosives that could damage the environment. This means that all kinds of TNT cannot be activated after being placed, Excavators cannot remove blocks, and Extractors cannot remove Ore from Nodes.

Creativerse torch setting shredded leaves on fire 2018-02-02 14-49-16-87 temperature.jpg

Disable Fire Sim/Spreading[]

Open fire from torches, fire pits, campfires etc. cannot set flammable blocks and materials (like Tar or plants) on fire, so fire cannot spread over all adjacent flammable blocks. Fire Bombs and Flaming Skulls cannot set flammable blocks/liquids on fire, and also cannot melt Snow and Ice, or cannot transform Hardened Lava into liquid Lava, Sand into Salt, Tar or Coal.

Disable Corruption Sim/Spreading[]

If this Corruption Sim/Spreading is disabled, certain corruptable materials and blocks like green Grass blocks cannot be corrupted anymore when Corrupted Water is placed next to them. Corrupt Bombs cannot corrupt corruptable blocks and materials either with this setting disabled, however Purification Bombs can still purify Corrupted Blocks and Corrupted Water.

Creativerse tutorial death 2017-05-12 01-48-20-98.jpg

Disable PvP []

Melee Weapons and common throwable Explosives that deal physical damage cannot hurt other players if PvP is disabled. Some Explosives on the other hand can still have some effects - even on your own player character. So beware when using TNT too close by! Please note that PvP is enabled for all newly created game worlds by default until this option is enabled. PvP can be enabled or disabled on player claims separately and will then override the world setting only on the respective claims.

"Pro" World Settings[]

World options for "Pro" players who have bought or received the Pro DLC :

Creativerse F2P start crafting menu 2018-10-01 13-06-46-48 .jpg

World Bound Recipes (Fresh Start)[]

Everyone coming to this world can have all their common crafting recipes reset that they've already unlocked in other Creativerse game worlds, so that they have to unlock them from scratch anew (word bound recipes). However store-bought recipes and rare Recipes that have been found in Treasure Chests or been obtained from specific Creatures will always be available in all Creativerse game worlds, even for free players

Double Treasure[]

More automatic generated Treasure Chests with occasional rare Recipes in them can be made to randomly spawn in dark places when activating the according world option

Double Regrowth Speed[]

Flowers and Beeswax can be made to slowly spawn over time on trees in time, as well as more Red Mushrooms on blocks of Grass in suitable Biomes, maybe also more Crops in the wilderness

Creativerse red mushroom regrow 2018-10-30 20-31-43-56.jpg

Passive Creatures[]

All Creatures will be set to defensive only, so none of them will attack any player characters on this game world on their own. Most Creatures will defend themselves though if they are attacked by players or when players attempt to tame them. Exceptions are Keepas of any kind (including Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas), common green Leafies and Ghost Creatures. Most Creatures won't mind being pushed with your gauntlet though

Sparse Creatures[]

Only half the amount of Creatures than usual can be made to spawn in this world if you choose the according world option

Creativerse low gravity 2018-10-30 20-56-52-17.jpg

Low Gravity[]

You can lower the gravity of the game world, which will enable all player characters on this world to jump a lot higher than just 2 blocks and will also grant slower descent and safer landing - however low gravity will not completely negate ALL falling damage! Better quickly use your Glider when falling from very high up so your player character won't be hurt when landing

Creativerse R33 new skybox option.jpg


A "celestial sky" can be chosen as an alternative skybox where giant planets in the sky during day and night will provide that game world with a decent additional SF-touch

Combat Difficulty[]

Instead of the Default "average" Difficulty Mode you can also choose either a Hard Mode or an Easy Mode (you cannot activate both at the same time though).

In "Easy Mode" all Creatures will only hit half as hard as usually and all player characters on this world will not drop any items/blocks/materials from your inventory into a Death Statue when a player character is defeated (and temporarily "dies")"Hard Mode" on the other hand means that Creatures will do twice the damage than normally and even all items/blocks/materials from the quickbar as well as the whole equipment of player characters will be dropped into a Death Statue when they are defeated. There's no permadeath in Creativerse as of now, and even in Hard Difficulty Mode, all your stuff will be re-equipped and sorted back neatly as soon as you will recover your Death Statue

Your first minutes in Creativerse[]

At first you might want to take a quick look at the general game options (by typing ESC and clicking on "Game Settings") and your Key bindings ("Controls") that you can customize to your liking. This will also allow you to preview the many possible actions and menus available in this game.

Please note that only players who bought the "Pro" DLC can use a Glider and a Flashlight with quick-keys that are not available to (new) players of the free game version.

Controls (Keysettings)[]

  • Creativerse keysettings Tester 05.jpg
    Creativerse keysettings Tester 06.jpg
    Creativerse keysettings Tester 07.jpg
    1-+ (or ´) ... Quick Slot Select (key can be customized) - selects the
    Creativerse roll 2018-08-23 10-46-00-21 roll.jpg
    according slot of your quickbar on the bottom of your screen
  • 1-´ (or +) ... typing a number key while hovering your mouse cursor over an item(-stack) in the inventory will put this into the according quickslot, replacing whatever was in that quickslot before
  • 1-+ (or ´) ... double-typing the quickslot number will consume consumables from this quickslot, and will also throw throwables from this quickslot. Placeable objects, blocks or materials will not be placed by double-typing a quickslot number
  • Esc ... access the System Menu and World Options (Graphics, Audio and Controls/Keysettings)
  • w ... go Forward (key can be customized). Double-tap to roll forward (if enabled in the options). Hold "w" to climb up a ladder, vines or similar. Press "w" while looking down to dive
  • s ... go Backwards (key can be customized). Double-tap to roll backwards (if enabled in the options). Hold "s" to climb down a ladder, vines or similar
  • a ... go Left (key can be customized). Double-tap to roll to the left (if enabled in the options)
  • d ... go Right (key can be customized). Double-tap to roll to the right (if enabled in the options)
  • Space ... Jump (key can be customized). After consuming potions like Bat Juice, Love Potion or Blizzard Potion, hold "space" to rise up, combine this with pressing "w" to move forward for a jetpack-like movement. Press "space" to swim upwards when under water or emerged in any other liquid
  • LeftShift ... Sprint (key can be customized) - the player character will run faster for as long as this key is held down (key can be customized). Sprinting will use up stamina, and when all stamina has run out, then the character will slow down again automatically
  • Creativerse gliding Adorany Reen's dragon bridge 2018-09-17 11-26-00-44.jpg
    LeftShift ... the Sprint key can also be held down to boost your Glider (only available after buying the "Pro" DLC for Creativerse). When holding the "Go Forward" key ("w" by default) and the "Sprint" key at the same time, the glider will soar high up and use up Stamina in the process. When all stamina has run out, the character will immediately glide downwards, but can be flared out then
  • LeftShift ... Craft 5: by holding down the "Sprint" key, you can also craft 5 times the usual amount of items in your crafting menu, in the Processor, the Forge and the Cooking Station
  • Creativerse pulling bedrock in cave stone mining cell 2017-08-02 12-46-27-03.jpg
    Creativerse pulling without power cell01.jpg
    Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... "Dig" - lets you use the item currently in hand (gauntlet starts to pull or push creatures/pets, weapon is swung, taming collar starts to tame, plow starts to plow, washer starts to spray water) at the spot that you're pointing at with your mouse cursor. This key setting can also be changed. Please note that you are not allowed to dig or plow if you only have "visitor" permission rank on game worlds or certain player claims that you're on (claim options override world options). You also may not harvest or wash Pets of other players, unless they have set their pets to a permission level that you meet or outrank
  • Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... with your ArcTek Gauntlet powered by Power Cells, you can pick up blocks (or items, liquids, crops etc.)
  • Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... with your ArcTek Gauntlet, you can push away Creatures and your own Pets out of the way. You cannot push a Pet of another player if you don't meet or outrank the permission setting of the Pet though
  • Creativerse galactic flux incapacitator 2018-08-26 19-25-06-67 weapons.jpg
    Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... while having drawn any melee Weapon (like a Sword or the default Twig), you can click the Left Mouse Button (default) to hit a Creature (or player if PvP is not disabled on the game world or player claim you're on) in close combat. However, to throw a ranged weapon like Rimecones, Snowcubes or Explosives, put them into a quickslot, select this and use the Right Mouse Button (default) while aiming at a Creature (or player or spot) with your cursor
  • Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... while having a Tool currently in hand, you can use this tool with the Left Mouse Button (by default), often by holding it down for a certain timespan:
  • Creativerse taming across a fence001.jpg
    Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... with a Taming Collar in hand, aim at a wild Creature until the cursor turns cyan-blue, then hold down the Left Mouse Button (default) to start taming (Caution: this can make many Creatures aggressive, others might run away, so be prepared). A timer will show you how long you need to hold down the Left Mouse Button while aiming your cursor at the Creature
  • Creativerse plow usage 2017-08-13 02-19-06-84.jpg
    Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... with a Plow in hand, aim at a plowable block like Dirt, Grass or Mud and hold down the Left Mouse Button (default) to create tilled land, so you can plant Seeds there that will grow into Crops (when Water or Mineral Water is directly adjacent). Or aim at other blocks like Ashenwood, Elderwood Leaves, Snow, etc. to transform them with the Plow (please refer to the article Plow for details)
  • Creativerse wiring with Pigsy 2018-09-20 15-47-42-79.jpg
    Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... with a Wiring Tool in hand, aim at a certain wirable object with your mouse cursor and click the Left Mouse Button (default) to connect a wire to either a Send Hotspot or Receive Hotspot. To check and/or configure wiring settings and change permissions, labelling, etc., type "n" to open the inspection window. Type "f" (as the default key) or use the right mouse button to access the storage space of any activatable object that has slots to fill (like the Mob Spawner and Loot Spawner).
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... "Place" (customizable) - places blocks, liquids, items and other placable stuff from a selected quickslot onto the spot that your cursor aims at. To select a quickslot, either use the according number-key, click on the slot while the inventory is open, or scroll through the quickslots with your mouse wheel. It's not possible to hold down the right mouse button in order to place blocks continually though. Player characters with "visitor" permission cannot place anything on the respective game world or player claim they're on. TNT-Explosives, Extractors and Excavators cannot be placed on game worlds and/or player claims where the "Explosives" world/claim
    Creativerse 02 Crafting stations.jpg
    option is disabled
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... uses/activates usable objects like storage containers, crafting stations, lamps, activation devices, certain machines or Pets in the game world that you aim at with your cursor. This lets you check and configure their settings if existent. Can only be used if you have the necessary permission rank and the option "can interact" is enabled for certain objects
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... "activates" an NPC (Pumpkiru or Elfi) in order to start trading
  • Creativerse Melon Seeds planted 2017-08-11 21-27-37-41.jpg
    Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... plants Seeds from a selected quickslot on tilled land while aiming at it with the crosshairs, plants tree Saplings on Dirt or green Grass blocks etc., plants Queen Bees on uncorrupted Leaves or Wood blocks. All of these plantables can

only be placed on specific blocks/ground types

  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... lets your player character instantly consume consumables like potions, mushrooms, perfume or food from a selected quickslot, except if there is a cooldown of the exact same consumable in effect (indicated by a blurring haze over the according icon)
  • Creativerse Rimecone at Autumn Leafi003.jpg
    Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... throws throwable stuff like Explosives, Rimecones, Globs of Goo or Snowcubes from a selected quickslot towards a spot where the crosshairs aims at, considering a certain trajectory. Please note that the effects of Corrupt Bombs, Fire Bombs and Flaming Skulls can be completely prevented by world settings and claim settings
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... equips melee Weapons (like swords), also tools and armor parts from the inventory into the according equipment slot to the right side of your inventory. If no weapon/tool/armor part is currently equipped, any of them that you obtain (like by crafting) will automatically be equipped in the correct equipment slot
  • Creativerse learn recipe 2018-09-28 20-58-49-65.jpg
    Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... lets your player character learn a rare crafting Recipe from a book or page when right-clicking on its icon in your inventory (alternatively you can drag & drop the Recipe over your 3D character "doll" to the right side of the inventory by holding down your Left Mouse Button).
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... puts stuff/whole stacks from a quickslot that you click on into your open inventory (alternatively you can drag & drop any item/stack to your inventory by holding down your Left Mouse Button).
  • Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... places things from the open inventory into the next availably empty quickslot (alternatively you can drag & drop any item/stack to your quickbar by holding down your Left Mouse Button). Please note that some things cannot be put into a quickslot, for example animal-materials, ores, weapons, tools and armor parts
  • Creativerse placemat castle Jiffy.jpg
    Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... also sends things from your inventory or from quickslots into storage containers (Wood Chest, Stone Chest, etc.), display objects (Placemat, Stone Wall Shelf, Wood Planter, etc.) or crafting-stations (Forge, Processor, Cooking Station) after they are activated/opened. When opening these containers/objects, the left window will list everything that can be forged, processed, cooked or placed into the slots of the container accordingly
  • Creativerse gauntlet smash grass to dirt 2018-09-30 12-19-51-51.jpg
    Third Mouse Button (Mouse2), can also be a Mouse Wheel that can be pressed down ... AOE Gauntlet Smash attack when hitting the ground close to any Creatures or player characters (if PvP is not disabled in the game world or on the player claim you're on). Can only be used when the weapon is drawn and stamina is at 75% or more of its maximum. Will deal area damage depending on the damage points of the currently equipped melee Weapon, and will transform blocks on the ground around the point of impact depending on the mining strength of the currently equipped Power Cell
  • drag & drop with the left mouse button ... can often be used as an alternative to right-click (like for consuming consumables, learning rare Recipes, moving items/stacks from or to the inventory, quickbar and slots of items/storage containers - but drag & drop might not always work as well as right-click
  • drag & drop with the left mouse button... and hold the "Sprint" key (Left Shift by default) and drag will move half a stack
  • Creativerse jump 2018-09-13 11-43-29-99.jpg
    drag & drop with the left mouse button... if you hold a stack of items with your left mouse button over the destination area/slot, then click your right mouse button, this will drop one piece of a stack into a quickslot, a container, a crafting-station, etc. However, when consuming consumables, throwing throwables or feeding a pet, only one item from a whole stack will be used by default anyway, so using the right mouse button is more advisable. Please note that most consumables and throwables have a cooldown, so the next item from a stack in the quickslot cannot be used right away
  • hold down Left Shift and click your right mouse button to move five items to slots from or into your possession (into empty equipment slots or quickslots first, then into the inventory)
  • Left Ctrl ... "Modifier1" - hold down Left Ctrl and click your right mouse button to move only one item either to or from slots from or into your possession (key can be customized)
  • e (E) ... "Menu" - opens the Inventory / Bag (key can be customized) - also provides access to the Tabs (above the inventory window) for Crafting, Map, Blueprints, the Codex and (further up at the top of the screen) the Store
  • q (Q)... opens the Crafting Menu (key can be customized)
  • Creativerse touchstone symbol compass 2017-05-12 01-40-34-35 R41,5.jpg
    t (T) ... Touchstone menu (key can be customized) - lets you select either your own touchstone that you have placed, or any other players' touchstones that permit you to teleport to them. In the teleport window that opens, you can reclaim your touchstone as well and it will return into any empty quickslot or your inventory right away
  • t + t ... double typing the "Touchstone" key will transport/teleport you to your own Touchstone (if placed) within seconds unless you're interrupted by moving or being attacked
  • f (F) ... Use / Interact (key can be customized) - as an alternative to the right mouse button, this key interacts with certain interactable objects in the game world, like Crafting Stations, storage containers, doors, activation devices (Switches), lamps, as well as Pets.
  • "F" will also open the storage window of wireable objects like Mob Spawners or Loot Spawners. To access their wiring settings, type "n" (per default). Pressure Plates and Sensors. To activate or deactivate wireable objects, use your right mouse button. With the left mouse button, you can take objects with your ArcTek Gauntlet
  • Creativerse Map full overview public world 2017-05-11 15-08-27-62.jpg
    m ... Map (key can be customized) - opens your area Map. Click on the magnifying glass to switch to the world overview Map. You can spot claimed areas colored according to your permission setting there, you can see all your nearby Pets and other players too on the map if there are any. By hovering your mouse button over the player dot icons or pet dots, you can view their names as well
  • c ... Safe Walk (key can be customized) - by crouching, your character won't fall off most blocks and such can safely add blocks to a bridge
  • NumLock ... AutoRun (and also "AutoSwim") (key can be customized) - lets the player character go forward until being stopped by an obstacle (one block is sufficient), does not work when flying a Glider
  • ~ ... take a Screenshot (key can be customized)
  • Tab ... Cycle Mode / "TabCycle" (switch between the ArcTek Gauntlet for Mining & Harvesting <-> Weapon for Fighting <-> Tool (for plowing, taming, washing, wiring) and back to the Gauntlet)

(key can be customized) - draws a melee Weapon (like a Sword), or switches back to the Gauntlet / Mining Cell. When a Tool is equipped, pressing the key (TAB by default) will first draw the sword/crowbar, when using the key again it will activate a tool (if equipped), and when pressing the key a third time, the Gauntlet will be used again

  • Creativerse gliding old world no quickbar 2018-09-28 00-46-53-12.jpg
    g ... Glider (key can be customized) - start flying and use your "Go Forward" key to fly up for a short while, the "Go Backwards" key to fly down, "Go Left" and "Go Right" to sway to either side (only for "Pro" players as mentioned). If you lose all Stamina when activating the Glider, please check your keysettings and change the setting for the "Power Attack" (Gauntlet Smash) to another key (usually Mouse 2, which is either the middle mouse button or a clickable mouse wheel)
  • l (L) ... Flashcube (floating light) - turns your Flashlight either on or off (key can be customized), but only for players who have bought the "Pro" DLC
  • Left Alt + any directional key, or double-tapping any directional key ... Roll move. Can only be used in 3rd-person combat. Two roll moves (indicated by 2 arrows to the right of the quickbar next to the small armor durability doll) are available and will then replenish over time
  • Creativerse wiring new character 2018-09-18 17-31-18-37.jpg
    v ... Shows / hides Wires - toggles the visibility of blue wires while Wiring Tool is equipped (key can be customized)
  • n (N) ... ("Inspect" Wires) opens the configuration/inspection window of wireable devices and machines (key can be customized) when a Wiring Tool is equipped and your crosshairs cursor points at a device/machine (works best when pointing at either a Receive Hotspot or a Send Hotspot)
  • k ... Breaks Wires - will disconnect wiring when an Wiring Tool is equipped and your cursor points at a Send Hotspot or Receive Hotspot of any wireable device or machine (key can be customized)
  • h .... "Pro" - this control seemingly doesn't do anything, although it's speculated that it is supposed to disable/toggle certain options of the Pro DLC (key can be customized)
  • Creativerse red mushrooms rotated 2018-10-01 02-36-12-83.jpg
    r (R) ... Rotation Icon.png Rotation (key can be customized) - hold this key and the left mouse button too while targeting a block with the crosshairs, then move the mouse to rotate the block
  • r ...

just tap r (simply press the key and release it, don't keep holding it down) while targeting a (rotated) block to lock this rotation - additional blocks in the quickslot you have selected will now be placed in the same "angle" so you won't have to rotate each block one at a time. Tap r again to "unlock" the rotation

  • kindly note that not all blocks and objects can be rotated into every direction. Some furniture objects can only be rotated sideways for example, while a few furniture objects cannot be rotated at all. Also, some containers must be emptied before they can be rotated
  • Creativerse keepa dropping loot bag 2018-08-24 12-09-12-84.jpg
    (undefined by default, you can assign any key you like) ... TABLeft and TABRight - both of these keys can be used for switching between Weapon <-> Tool <-> Mining Cell
  • Return (Enter) ... Open the Chat and start to write (key can be customized)
  • Backspace ... Start chat reply (key can be customized)
  • Right Alt ... Mouse Unlock (key can be customized) - frees your mouse cursor. You cannot select quickslots nor use any of the onscreen icons with your cursor this way though. It should be possible to check the box "do not show the tutorial again" on tutorial popup windows, however there aren't many of these tutorial explanatory windows anyways
  • BackQuote ... Camera (Ingame Screenshot) (key can be customized)
  • / (Slash) ... Start Chat Command - if you write chat commands (see below for a list and details) into the chat starting with this key, certain functions can be executed (key can be customized)
  • Del (Delete key) ... Delete an item or stack of stuff from your selected quickslot while pointing the cursor on it. One item (also block, liquid) will immediately be deleted, however before 2 or more stacked items are being deleted, a window will prompt you to confirm your wish to delete them (key can be customized)
  • Creativerse player bag R34.jpg
    z ... Drop an item from a stack out of the currently selected quickslot into a player bag (please note that this bag is similar to Loot Bags of Creatures, so if the bag is left alone by everyone, it will quickly vanish!) (key can be customized)
  • o ... View Mode - lets you see your player character from 3rd person view and circle them with the camera, but only while your character stands still. Moving the character will let you return to 1st person view (key can be customized)
  • y ... Command Follow for your Pets - calls and lets all your Pets that are close by start to follow your player character (also through [[teleporter]s and to your touchstone if you teleport there) (key can be customized)
  • i ... Command Stay for your Pets - lets all your Pets that are currently following your character stay still where your cursor is pointing at, or at the closest free spot on the ground, and stop following your player character (key can be customized)
  • Creativerse warmworm harvesting 2017-06-22 20-42-44-91.jpg
    u ... Command Wander for your Pets - lets all your Pets that are currently following your character start to "wander" around randomly and stop following your player character (key can be customized). It is advised to only let Pets wander within an enclosed area like a stable or corral (like other Creatures, Pets also cannot climb Fences and Gates as long as no "jumpable" blocks or items are placed next or onto the fence/gate)
  • \ ... Store (key can be customized) - offers a selection of purchasable rare Recipes, item/block kits, Costumes and Coins. Coins can be bought with real money via Steam wallet, the other Store-offers are to be paid with Coins
  • x ... Codex (key can be customized) - opens your Quest window with QB in it, also the Badges menu (the second TAB accessible by clicking on the icon that looks like a medal) and the Help files too (the third TAB accessible by clicking on the icon that looks like a book with a question mark on it) with basic information about the main features of the game
  • . (period) ... Color Palette (key can be customized) - opens your Painting window so that you can select a swatch made up of one or two colors in order to paint blocks and placeable objects. Any placeable block/object/liquid that you place from the inventory will be colored according to the colors you have selected in the Color Palette window
  • LeftControl ... Paint (key can be customized) - while holding down the Paint-key, you can paint blocks, liquids and objects in the game world individually with left click of your mouse. You can remove paint with right click and you can also use other keys for painting while holding the Paint-key, like copying colors from the blocks/objects (crouch/safe walk key) and switching of primary and secondary color
  • BackQuote ... Camera options (key can be customized) - tap this key for the camera mode window to show up. Please note that not all of the filters will work if you alter or deactivate certain graphic options (like PostProcessing)
  • Creativerse fighting night twiggy 2018-09-27 19-34-36-94 tutorial.jpg
    you can find an option to disable 3rd person combat perspective in the "Graphics" game settings
  • claim borders can also be rendered invisible in the game world for you in the "Graphics" settings if you feel irritated by seeing these force field walls
  • Since update R44, you can select one of 8 possible cursor types in the game settings ("Graphics" TAB).
  • in the "keysettings" options you can either enable or disable the possibility to double-tap movement keys (WASD by default) to make your player character "roll" during combat and glider flight (disabled by default)
  • other options that you can either enable or disable in the keysettings are:
    • reverse mouse wheel scroll direction for the quickbar (disabled by default)
    • invert camera Y-axis (disabled by default)
    • safe-walk (crouch) toggle control by pressing the according key (enabled by default)
    • enable mouse acceleration (enabled by default)
    • enable right mouse button control for interaction (open containers, activate crafting stations, open pet-windows, open doors, use switches, number pads, machines, etc.) (enabled by default)
    • show advanced machine details when wiring tool is equipped (disabled by default)
    • enable overriding block suggestions of blueprints permanently (if disabled - by default - you can enable this override option for individual block suggestions by pressing SHIFT by default while building the blueprint)
    • enable multiplayer preview vision of other players for blueprints (disabled by default)
    • enable blueprint "burst fill" (enabled by default)
    • enable combat aim assistant to automatically aim at nearby creatures after drawing the melee weapon (enabled by default)

HUD / UI[]

On top of your screen you can see

  • your compass-bar with helpful symbols. The white square symbol stands for your Touchstone (your "home" teleport available from anywhere) as soon as you have placed it.
  • after you've been defeated, an additional white skull will appear and will lead you to your (last) dropped stuff in a Death Statue.
  • other player characters are represented on your compass by a colored spot when close enough
  • sometimes a blue pulsating Arcstone-symbol will briefly indicate that a Keepa is somewhere nearby (note the exact position on the compass to see in which direction you should go to find the Keepa. It still might be up on a tree top or underground in a cave though too)
  • the current ingame-time of day or night (with either a sun-symbol or a moon-symbol accordingly)
  • the kind of Biome that you are currently in
  • and the temperature of the biome/air (this is important; since freezing or being too hot can hurt player-characters! Temperature will also have an impact on flammable materials like Wood or Tar, can make Seeds or Saplings stay fallow, cold can freeze Water, heat can melt Ice, and more effects like that)
  • you are also notified if you are on a claim (claim permission ranks always override world permission ranks, however world owners and admins always have access to all other players' stuff including their touchstones). Your own claim will be indicated by a blue flag, a claim where you only have "visitor" rights will have a red flag, while yellow flags indicate "builder" rights or higher

At the bottom of your screen you'll see:

  • a yellow bar for Stamina (which will drop while running by holding LEFT SHIFT and/or the key that you have defined yourself), and a red bar for Health. Both bars can change their size, for example when consuming Food that grants more max. Stamina and/or Health. The Stamina bar will turn blue while using a Glider. "Pro" player characters have twice as much Stamina (200)
  • a small armor-doll, indicating the durability of currently worn armor (status: green, yellow, red or black = full durability, reduced durability, critically low durability, destroyed/no armor)
  • a quickbar with quickslots for 12 either placable or usable / consumable items, blocks, etc. that you have taken up recently or have put there from your inventory (by right-click or drag & drop). These items are accessible with number-keys 1-´, or by left-clicking the quickslot or by scrolling with your mouse-wheel. Please note that only placable or usable items/blocks/liquids can be put into quick-slots, but no crafting materials and not even rare crafting Recipes which can only be learnt from the inventory by right-click or dragging and dropping them on your character's portrait
  • You can place blocks (and items like crafting stations, ladders, furniture, etc.) from this quickbar into the world by selecting the respective quickslot and right-clicking. Consumables like Mushrooms, Food or Potions will be consumed immediately by right-clicking their quickslots (except for Healing Potions if your player character already is at full health), and Rimecones, Goo or throwable Explosives will be thrown with right click or by typing the quickslot number (twice)
  • to the right side of your quickbar initially empty slots when starting the game will later on display a Power Cell (your all-purpose-mining/chopping/harvest-boost), a Weapon and a Tool (like Taming Collar, Wiring Tool, Plow or Washer) that you will equip
  • additionally to that the main screen also lists the quick-keys that you have assigned for important menus: Inventory "Bag" together with a number of slots that are already in use/filled (X/Y meaning: X slots used/filled of Y max available) Crafting Menu (blue numbers indicate new crafting recipes that are ready to be unlocked), the Map and the quick-key that lets you teleport to your Touchstone (the metal-plate) as soon as you have placed it

When opening your inventory (type "e" as the default key), different options and icons will show up:

  • to the right side of the inventory window you can see your current equipment being arranged around your player character "doll".
  • on the left side of your character, you'll find the slots to equip a Power Cell, a Weapon and a Tool. Only players who bought the Pro DLC will also see the symbols of their Glider and the Flashlight together with the assigned keys. The number next to the small sword icon is the total amount of your current attack points, mainly dependent on the melee Weapon in hand. On the right side of your character, you'll see the slots to equip amor: a pauldron, armguards, a breastplate and leggings. The number below next to the shield symbol is the total amount of your current defense points, determined by all the armor parts that are currently equipped.
  • next to the TAB "Equipment", there's a clickable option called "Costumes". You cannot drag any Costumes from the inventory into Costume slots, but instead you can click on the slots themselves to then see a list of Costumes that you own (most of them can be bought in the Store with real money)
  • on the right side of the TAB "Costumes", you can find an icon that looks like a white crossed-out circle by default. After unlocking Badges by questing, you can choose one of the unlocked Badges to be displayed here and over your character's head, visible for other players next to your character's name
  • Creativerse player bag R34.jpg
    you can now also see a Player Bag icon at the bottom of your screen below the inventory window next to the Trash Bin and quickbar. Using this, you can put items and liquids into a bag that your player character will then drop. Hold your left mouse button to drag items from your inventory and quickbar over the bag icon and release them there. By dragging more items there, these will be placed into the same bag until the bag is opened. Friends can then pick up this bag or you can reclaim your stuff yourself later on. But beware: if you leave player bags alone with no player staying nearby, then all the unlooted or half-looted player bags will vanish for good and everything in there will disappear, just like unlooted/half-looted dropped Loot Bag of Creatures and randomly spawning Treasure Chests also will vanish when left alone...
  • a stylish wooden Trash Bin next to the Player Bag icon. Careful! Whatever single item you drag onto this icon will be destroyed / deleted immediately. To prevent this from happening inadvertently, you will have to confirm your wish before deleting whole stacks
  • You can equip a new Power Cell, Weapon, Armor part and/or Tool by right-clicking on them in your inventory or by dragging them from your inventory into the according slots next to your character's model to the right side of the inventory. This will also unequip the currently worn equipment automatically and exchange it for the new one. To quick-switch between Power Cell, Weapon, Armor part and/or Tool after you have equipped them, please press TAB as the default-key
  • on top of your screen the button for the Store as well as your current amount of Coins are displayed

Creativerse chat commands 2019-05-23 21-15-29-1244.jpg
Creativerse chat command pref 2019-05-23 21-15-29-1246.jpg

Useful chat commands[]

  • to learn your exact location in the world, type // into the chat (and press "Enter"/"Return" to confirm of course). First number is the longitute X from East to West (+ 5,120 -), the second number is altitude from the bottom of the world (0) to the highest point (255), the third number is the Y latitude from North to South (+ 5,120 -)
  • if you should get stuck anywhere, type /stuck to break free. However if it should happen in a corner, on ladders or on stairs, merely jumping once or stepping back will usually set you free again. This will not kill your player character and does not induce teleporting to the Touchstone, but will replace your character a little
  • type /hud to hide the UI (for making better screenshots) - and type the same command once more to return the UI
  • /who will list all players who are currently present on the same game world as you are on
  • /ignore (playername) will let you ignore another player's chatting. You can also /unignore (playername) that player later on if you like, or even /ignoreall 
  • /tutorial (on) (off) (reset) will let you stop seeing tutorial-tips or restart the tutorial from the beginning
  • /ban (playername) or /kick (playername) will let you ban respectively temporarily kick a player from your own game world; later on you can /unban (playername) that player again if you so wish. Only world owners and world admins can ban and kick players of lower permission ranks
  • /mute (playername) lets you mute a player on your own game world in the chat. Only world owners, world mod(erator)s and admins can mute players of lower permission ranks 
  • /setspawn lets you decide at which spot on your own game world visitors will arrive at when they log in for the first time  
  • /permissions will reveal your personal permission rank on the current game world and/or claim (claim first if you're currently on any claim)
  • " /promote (visitor) (builder) (mod) (admin) " - shows you a list of players on the current game world so that you can promote (or demote) anyone on your own game world from visitor to builder, moderator or admin... Please note that you can alternatively click on the button "Player" displayed under the world settings when typing "ESC" to manage players more easily. Only world owners and admins can promote (or demote) players of lower permission ranks 
  • " /w (playername) (message) " will send a "whispered" message to another player that all others cannot read
  • " /r (message) " - "whisper back" (reply) to a player who just sent you a whisper
  • /sim will show you the position of the chunk - piece of land - that you're on
  • " /party invite (playername) " - lets you invite a player to a party, /party accept or /party decline will let you accept or decline a party invitation. With "/party leave” you can leave your current party
  • " /p (message) " - the main reason to form a party currently: with this command you can chat only with members of your party (team-"channel"), any other players outside your team won't be able to listen in
  • /kill - feeling suicidal? This will NOT kill any mobs nor other players, but just your own character 
  • /request - lets you see a list of any pending builder requests for your claims 
  • for more commands type /help 
  • please note that there is no chat command in Creativerse that will provide you, other players or the game world with infinite blocks or items of any kind 

Where am I?[]

Creativerse area map new world 2018-05-26 13-56-42-16.jpg
Creativerse map new solo world 2018-05-26 13-56-43-79.jpg

Your player character will "spawn" (pop up) either in a Woodlands-biome (nearly all the times) or rarely in a Grassland-biome close to a Forest.

While looking around and getting costumized to the game controls, you might notice that the first quest has already started automatically as is visible at the left border of the screen. The quest is called "Welcome to the Jungle", and notifies you that QB is asking you to place your Touchstone.

Now take a look at your inventory by typing "e" (as the default key), where you might want to read the starting Note. Also read the tool-tip of your Touchstone in your quickbar by hovering your mouse cursor over it.

You'll notice the tutorial windows popping up with each new large discovery you make, like it happens when you open your inventory. Please take your time to read the information, its always short and easy to understand, as well as illustrated with images that are useful to know.

So then you might want to place your Touchstone on the ground like QB has asked of you. This enables your player character to respawn there after defeat/death. Of course you can replace your Touchstone to any "better" spots (like into your first base) as often as you like!

If you like, you can now complete the quest by opening your quest window ("x" as the default key, otherwise open your inventory and click on the "Codex" TAB above). If you do not want to continue questing (yet, because the rewards are really nice), then you can simply select not to "track" your quests onscreen any longer by disabling the according option in the quest window.Take a look at your Map to orientate yourself in the game world by typing "m" (default key). Click on the magnifying glass to switch between the overview of the whole world and a map of the area that you have just "discovered" by entering the world.

You can turn off the tutorial by checking the button next to the message "Don't show these messages again" on the tutorial windows or by typing " /tutorial off " into the chat (without the quotation marks). You can also restart the tutorial anytime by typing " /tutorial on" and " /tutorial reset " into the chat.

You might want to start off in this new game world by collecting all kinds of useful materials and blocks right away, since you will need them for building and crafting. You should notice green frames around blocks and stuff. These indicate that you can take these specific blocks, items or things - do so by holding down your right mouse-button as the default control.

Red frames are supposed to tell you that you either do not have the necessary permission level (like on Claims of other players) or that you will need a better Power Cell (Mining Cell) to gather/mine hard rocks.

Blue Frames indicate Nodes of Ores that can only be obtained by placing one-use Extractors on them. As Ores are much needed resources, you will need to craft a large number of Extractors soon.

Encountering Creatures[]

Creativerse Forest Pigsy001.jpg

Daytimes are safe times[]

On worlds that you have just created yourself or where you are currently alone, you will always enter the game world in the morning. During the day, yellow Pigsies and chameleon-like green Leafies will roam about there.

Maybe you can also see a few crab-like red Rocksters, small Pebbles and bird-like Chizzards at shores or Blizzard Chizzards on Tundras nearby and goat-like Rambeaus descending from snowy areas - all of them are peaceful creatures. As you move around, more Creatures will spawn (pop up) as far as your line of sight goes (and also underground in caves just below your feet) around you.

But watch the time (top right corner), as it is going to get more dangerous at night (except on game worlds with the "Pro" option "peaceful Creatures" enabled)! You might want to start digging a safe underground shelter at dusk, and you should better have crafted several Moss Torches too at that time to light this shelter; otherwise aggressive enemies could spawn in the dark right beside you there.

Not all biomes are safe during the day though[]

Creativerse Leafies and Pigsies in Woodlands001.jpg

 During the day (from approx. 5:12 AM to 10:43 PM in-game time) it is safe to explore the area where you have started to play - usually Woodlands, also neighbouring Forests and Grasslands - to get accustomed and to collect basic resources.

Creativerse Feral Pigsy in Swamplands01.jpg

In general, most surface areas in Creativerse are safe during the day, so you can go exploring a bit to climb Mountains, roam Tundras, Taigas, snowy planes like Frozen Deserts or ice-covered parts of Oceans and large bodies of Water.

Beware though if you spot golden Savannahs with flat Parchwood trees, or foggy Swamplands with greenish Bog Water and weeping-willow-like Weepwood trees, or dark Jungles with lots of Vines hanging from blossom-loaden Wildwood trees, or especially striped Canyons.

Creativerse BossHog in Savannah01.jpg
Creativerse Dustevil and Trog in Canyons001.jpg

Savannahs are home to rowdy yellow BossHogs (that can "call" other animals to assistance, even peaceful ones that will then turn aggressive), Jungles and Swamplands are ranged by even more dangerous poisonous red Feral Pigsies, Canyons house grumpy and strong troll-like Trogs with a large reach as well as treacherous bone-pile-like Dustevils that you might not want to encounter right now - better stay away until you're prepared. In Sandy Deserts ("Dunes"), Cacti can be spawning-spots for Dustevils too, so please watch out.

Additional to that you should be careful near Cave-entrances, as in the darkness of Caves dangerous cyan-glowing Night Creatures like Night Pigsies, Night Rocksters or cave-dwelling large green Miru can spawn and might come out to hunt your player character if they can spot them!

These enemies cannot withstand sunlight for long though that will make them burst into blue flames and quickly burn them to nothingness.

It's usually sufficient to simply run away from most aggressive Creatures, especially during the day when only a few of them are around. You won't even need to speed up; after a while your pursuers will give up the hunt and walk away. It will be a lot easier to escape of course if you have a Glider (a Pro DLC equipment).

Please note that you can push Creatures away with your gauntlet (with or without any Power Cells equipped), however this might not prevent them from quickly attacking at least once before you can give them a push. Also, pushing can rarely anger peaceful Creatures so that they may become aggressive - except on "Pro" worlds with the feature "Peaceful Creatures" enabled.


Please note that a current bug can cause underground Creatures to glitch upwards to higher layers of the world. This means that aggressive Creatures like Mirus, Night Pigsies or Night Rocksters might suddenly pop up on the surface from Caves underground or be flung high up into the sky and drop to the ground from there, which can even (rarely) transport them into buildings or onto roofs. During the day, these Creatures will quickly start to burn anyways, and until they will die by themselves this way, they can easily be outrun too.

Creatures can only spawn within a certain radius around player characters, so new players usually won't encounter way too dangerous enemies when playing alone. The only significant annoyance can usually be posed by Hot Feet that will spawn on Lava layer blocks as soon as player characters get close enough, like when exploring Caves that reach into the Stalactite layer underground (directly above the Lava layer). The glitching bug might teleport these aggressive strong Creatures either into said caves or up to the surface, which is only irksome at night, since they also cannot withstand sunlight for long.

However, if stronger player characters are busy way down in the Corruption layer, they can make Corrupted Creatures spawn around them. And if these very dangerous sunlight-resistant Creatures happen to glitch to the surface and meet scantily dressed new player characters there, then Death Statues will most likely drop soon...

Running away immediately is usually the best strategy when dealing with very strong Creatures like that, because it takes way too many hits with a simple Wood Sword or even the starting Twig to kill them, while Corrupted Creatures can defeat a player character that wears thin Leather Armor with 1-3 hits.

Night times are dangerous times[]

At night (starting at ca. 10:34-10:43 PM) aggressive Night Creatures will start to spawn on the surface: Night Twiggies, Night Hoglets, Night Leafies, Night Pigsies, Night Rocksters, Night Chizzards, Mirus and Arctic Mirus. More of these night creatures will pop up in the distance and underground whenever you enter another chunk (small area).

Rarely, night creatures might even emerge earlier than at dusk by chance, but they will usually burn away in the last rays of sunlight in this case. Still, you might not want to stay idle if you're close to any of them, since they can hurt player characters even while they burn, until they have been completely consumed by the blue flames.

Daylight Creatures will not vanish at night and they also will not transform into their night variants, but no more of them will spawn during the night. More daylight Creatures will only start to spawn again after dawn and during the day, and always only around player characters.

Night times are not all bad. Valuable random Wood Treasure Chests will also show up during the night at places where no artificial lighting has been placed. As long as player characters stay close by, Treasure Chests that have already spawned will not vanish, they can even prevail for days and won't mind the sun.

Creativerse Dustevils1001.jpg

Night Creatures[]

Creativerse Miru Night Twiggies Night Rockster01.jpg

Most Night Creatures are easy to spot since they have green-blue glowing parts on their skin (or shell).

If you stay close to where you have entered the game world at first, you might meet small Night Twiggys and/or Night Hoglets in Forests, in Woodlands and Biomes very close to those as soon as night falls.

They have been implemented as easy to slay enemies that mainly pop up in and around the usual starting areas of any Creativerse game world in order to meet newly arrived players, not posing too much of a threat early in the game.

Other typical Night Creatures would be:

From dark Caves unfriendly clicking green large Mirus might emerge and seek prey while the sun is no danger to them anymore. They are rather strong compared to the other Night Creatures, so beware!

Arctic Mirus that show up in all kinds of snowy areas and in the Mountains at night. Their sky blue and white colors do not glow, but are still well visible. They too are rather strong compared to the more common types of Night Creatures. Both types of Mirus make distinctive sounds that will herald them even from a distance.

During event times like Haunted Nights around Halloween, harmless white Ghost Creatures might appear additionally as well at night. These will flee from you when they see you approaching and won't fight back when being attacked.

Creativerse burning night creatures001.jpg

Deadly Light[]

When Night Creatures are hit by sunlight (after daybreak at 5:12 AM ingame-time) these darkness-dependent creatures will start to burn with a blue flame and will perish after a short while, leaving nothing behind.

This applies to all Night Creatures: Night Twiggies, Night Hoglets, Night Leafies, Night Pigsies, Night Rocksters, Night Chizzards, Mirus and Arctic Mirus. Also Hot Feet and Halloween Creatures ( Ghost Creatures, Pumpkiru Jr. and The Great Pumpkiru).

Night Creatures will not drop any Loot Bags when dying from blue flames in the sunlight.

Also, Creatures cannot die from falling.

However, all Creatures can drown in most liquids (except for Mineral Water that heals uncorrupted Creatures), they can die from freezing, burning or corruption, and Corrupted Creatures can also die from being purified. In all of these cases, dying Creatures will now drop Loot Bags just like they will when being killed by players.

Luminaires will keep night creatures and even all other Creatures from spawning nearby (on all lit ground blocks) except for harmless Keepas and Rockzillas - however, Rockzillas need a combination of specific blocks to spawn on anyways. So it's a good idea to light your base/house and also your way through caves and mine shafts. However please note that placing lights will also prevent Treasure Chests from spawning (on specific natural blocks)...

Creativerse Night Leafi walks into lit area001.jpg

Unfortunately the light from torches, lamps and other luminaires cannot hurt nor kill Night Creatures, so these aggressive enemies can still spawn in dark places and then wander into artificially lit areas unfazed.

Spawning grounds[]

If you build a shelter, it is not only advised to light it up properly, but also to build all floors from crafted blocks.

Generally Creatures will not spawn on any kind of crafted blocks (except for peaceful valuable Keepas and Rockzillas), instead each common creature type will only spawn on certain kinds of solid natural blocks. These game mechanics ensure that you will only meet the most dangerous corrupted creatures on the Corruption layer deep underground, or else on player-built artificial corrupted biomes.

An interesting exception to the rule is the herein before mentioned Rockzilla - a giant "Boss Mob" that will spawn intendedly in lit areas made from specific blocks that players can put together, which is usually called an "altar".

Creativerse corrupted creatures on corruption arena.jpg

Please note that now and then Creatures might spawn next to the blocks or biomes made out of blocks that they prefer, and such they might sometimes show up in places where they are not welcome. So it is advisable to light up the areas around your base too, and/or to cover them with crafted blocks.

Your Inventory[]

Creativerse 2017-07-24 16-28-09-01 journal note.jpg

Open your inventory by pressing "e" (as the default key). At the beginning of the game on any new game world that you enter, only three items will be in your possession:

1. a Note, telling you to build a lit shelter before nightfall. Notes, Journal Pages and Data Chips can be read by you as a player looking at the screen, they cannot be "used" ingame, only stored

Creativerse R27 tooltip touchstone25.jpg
Creativerse Twig R31.jpg

2. your first and default weapon - a Twig that is only shown when you use right-click (it has been an actual item before). It cannot be crafted and will always stay with you as an extremely weak emergency weapon

3. your Touchstone - that will currently be in your first quickslot 1 when you start the game. You can use the number-key 1 (or click on it or use the mousewheel) to select it and then right-click to place the Touchstone on the ground.


Wherever you will place this touchstone (by right-clicking), your character will automatically respawn after being defeated. You'll also be able to teleport to your touchstone within 5 seconds by using a key ("t" by default) anytime, except while moving or in imminent danger, like during a fight or on unsafe ground.

After placing your Touchstone, this spot will always be indicated on your compass-bar (at the top of your screen) with a white square touchstone symbol, no matter how far away it is. So usually most players will place their touchstone in their base/house.

Creativerse touchstone X 95.jpg
Creativerse touchstone placed0016.jpg

As long as you don't place your touchstone or if you have recently reclaimed it and carry it in your inventory/quickbar, you will always respawn at the spot where you have entered the current game world for the first time. The entry-spot can be decided/set by the world owner by typing /setspawn (playername).

You can replace your touchstone whenever you please again and again. You can either pick it up or reclaim it from anywhere by typing "T" (default key) and clicking on the "reclaim"-button at the bottom of the touchstone menu. Other players that you invite to your world can also spawn and respawn there - except if you deactivate this option at the touchstone. You can also teleport to any other player's Touchstone who permits this.

What to Do First[]

Creativerse crafting R34 new unlocked001.jpg

Questing and Basic Shelter[]

To see quests from QB, press I to open your Inventory, then click on Codex for the journal.

As a new player, it is advisable to complete the first quest from QB, which awards you with a sword and other items, but nightfall can be dangerous, so gathering some resources for a shelter is a priority too.

Create a safe shelter! A small underground room lit with moss torches should be sufficient, as long as it's done before sunset. From there, you can spend the night digging downwards to gather stone and then start crafting for real. For this, you should at least gather some (surplus) blocks of wood and vines that you can take to the shelter with you too.

Crafting Basics[]

Besides exploring, you will most likely want to equip your player character with some better means of defense and attack power, dig downwards to see deeper layers of the world, light and mark your way, build a base and storage containers, etc. For all of this, crafting is the key!

Crafting basic items is very simple and it is done through your Crafting Menu. The menu is opened by typing Q as the default key. You can also access it by pressing E to open your bag, then by clicking on the tab, Craft, at the top of your bag. The game has various recipes to unlock through the process of crafting itself, by discovery, or by (optional) purchase.

Crafting FAQ:

Creativerse unlocks R34 007.jpg

  • If you click on any recipe (locked or not) on the left side of the Crafting menu you can see the resources needed to craft the block or item.
  • Recipes that are shown in grey are not unlocked yet.
  • None of the locked crafting recipes needs to be unlocked by paying money, all of them are for free.
  • Store-bought recipes will be added separately in a section named "Premium", and you can also find additional rare recipes in Treasure Chests or sometimes obtain them from Creatures, which do not have to be unlocked.
  • Since update R34 in September 2016 you can make use of some search options in your crafting menu too.
  • After your first night, you will want to make the crafting stations that will allow you to make more complex items.

Creativerse Tracking now Stone Mining Cell01.png

Tracking Recipes

This feature makes your life easier from the start. It puts an item list on the upper left side of your screen, so you can see how many of items you need as you gather before it gets dark! To add a recipe (locked or not) to the Track list:

  1. Press Q to open the basic crafting menu
  2. Locate the recipe on the left side and click on its icon
  3. On the right side of the crafting menu, locate the word, Track, which found just above the icons and list of resources.
  4. Click the small circle to the right of the word Track to add it to the list.
You can track up to five recipes at a time.

Creativerse crafting favorites R34.jpg

Starred Recipes

While you have the basic crafting menu open, you'll also notice that you can click on a Star icon. This will prioritize the starred recipes in your list, which can be helpful while working on large projects. You can toggle and change these at will, like the recipe tracking.

Craft the Most Important Equipment[]

Creativerse crafting Stone Mining Cell alternatively 2017-06-02 16-30-40-81.jpg

No matter if you're a Builder, Explorer, Adventurer or Fighter: in any case you'll appreciate better (and faster!) mining-power that only Power Cells (also called "Mining Cells") can provide.

Your character already wears an Arctek Gauntlet right from the start that will enable you to collect soft materials like blocks of Grass or Dirt and organic materials like surface Mushrooms, blocks of Wood, Logs, Flowers and Leaves from trees, Crops, Tallgrass and other plants.

However, with stronger Power Cells of higher tiers you can dig downwards faster and deeper to explore and to create better shelters, to collect more blocks and valuable materials to craft better means for storage, healing, equipment and so on.

The first Power Cell you can craft after starting the game is the Stone Mining Cell; it will enable you to collect soft blocks faster, to mine harder rocks like Bedrock (necessary for building a Forge), and is also an unlocking requirement for the stronger Power Cell.

Complete Quests[]

Press the X key to open the Codex quest journal.

Quests are supposed make the basic game progress in Creativerse a little faster and easier with their rewards. Quests serve the following purposes:

  • Rewards you with basic, starter equipment like the Wood Sword
  • Rewards you with coins
  • Badges unlock permanent character bonuses, like damage reduction
  • Acts as a light tutorial for new players

Don't worry if your equipment loses all of its durability and breaks; you can simply gather all the required resources and craft the starter equipment yourself again.

Quests are not mandatory at all, but recommended because of their very useful rewards. For example, the "Rookie" Badge quests will reward you with Coins for the Store (7 quests earn 350 Coins in total). All the other quests will grant you Badges with permanent bonuses like damage reduction, critical hit chance and prevailing longer under water before starting to drown.

To see your Codex:

  1. Press the key "x" (as the default key) or by opening your inventory, map or crafting menu, where you can
  2. In the window that opens, locate the Tab called "Codex" on the right side (next to the Map tab)
  3. Click on the word "Codex" to access the quest menu. 
From here you can track/untrack quests and complete them when you've finished their tasks in the according quest window after clicking on the quest in the list.

The first quests help you learn the basics of harvesting, crafting and fighting at your own pace. As you learn, you will be assisted by the tutorials that pop up whenever you start to take on another important step of the game progress. 

Gather Resources for Basic Items[]

Creativerse crafting recipes R34 0012.jpg

  • Aim to craft 1-3 Processor/s as soon as you can, as they will process basic materials into Wood Slabs, Wood Rods, Twine, Stone Slabs, Stone Rods and many more much-needed materials. You'll need Slabs for better Power Cells and the Forge, plus you'll need Rods for better Weapons, Armor, Explosives, consumables like Potions and many other useful crafts. To create subassembly in a Processor, no crafting recipes have to be unlocked
  • Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Lighting 0018.jpg
    craft as many Moss Torches as you want. If you're a hard-working miner, you'll soon be crafting much brighter Coal Torches. Still better save some of the first Coal you'll find for Stone Mining Cells and other more essential items than wasting coal too soon for tons of torches; rather try to make due with Moss Torches for a while
  • Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Potions 0037.jpg
    craft as many Basic Health Potions as you like, but remember that you will need a few Flowers for Mining Cells too. Blue, red and yellow flowers are up in the trees. You can somehow "multiply" them by placing them on the ground and picking them up again. In Savannahs (beware of BossHogs) and Tundras you can find a lot of flowers growing on the ground to pick, and there are also often Flowers in random Wood Treasure Chests at night
  • even if you might choose to ignore questing, you should still craft a Wood Sword to defend yourself more efficiently than with your emergency-twig (plus obtaining a Wood Sword is a necessary requirement to unlock the crafting recipe for the even better Stone Sword)
  • craft a Stone Mining Cell in order to enable you to gather Bedrock (for the Forge) and other harder materials. It's also a requirement to unlock some more crafting recipes. You'll need Coal to craft a Stone Mining Cell. So please do not waste the first pieces of Coal that you can find or extract for Coal Torches yet (like one would in Minecraft), instead you can make do with Moss Torches in Creativerse a little longer
    Creativerse red flower ashenwood01.jpg
  • craft a few basic Extractors for Ores, starting with Coal and Obsidian, until you can craft the much better Advanced Extractors - and yes, these are totally worth it - because of their double output. So craft Advanced Extractors as soon as you obtain Obsidian Ore
  • next would be 1-3 Forge/s to create Bars from Ore (starting with Obsidian Ore), to melt Glass from Sand, to harden Adobe Bricks from Mud, to create Melted Wax from Beeswax, etc. You won't need to unlock any crafting recipes to melt/harden/roast stuff in a Forge
  • it's also recommended to craft Wood Walls (a starting recipe) to unlock more useful crafting recipes
  • next craft Wood Chests as soon as you want to store stuff, only then you will be able to craft the even better Stone Chests. Please note that these chests are permanent placeable containers and such different from randomly spawning Treasure Chests
    Creativerse Wood Chest with bloom.jpg
  • also start to craft a set of Leather Armor for defense. To unlock the according crafting recipes you'll need to obtain Leather from Creatures like Pigsies, Night Hoglets or Night Pigsies, also Bones either from most Creatures or by processing (blocks of) Fossils in the Processor. Btw.: Twine is made from Vines or Sinews in a Processor. Processing materials does not require any crafting recipes to be unlocked

Hunt Treasures[]

If you are not afraid of combat, you should try to loot any randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chest that you can spot on the surface after nightfall (however they will prevail as long as you will stay nearby), as they sometimes contain rare Recipes and generally will provide you with helpful stuff for beginners like Coal, Gunpowder, Flowers, Cragwood and so on in considerable amounts.

Learn rare Recipe Pages or Recipe Books by dragging them over your character's model on the right side of the inventory or by right-clicking them in your inventory. The according recipes will then show up in the list of available crafting recipes in your crafting menu (to be opened by "q" as the default key).

Creativerse Keepa alarm1001.jpg

If you should ever see a blue Arcstone-symbol with light-circles "radiating" from your compass, this will mean there's a Keepa nearby - you might want to hunt it (easy prey as it doesn't fight back) or (later on after crafting a Taming Collar) even tame it to receive Arcstones regularly so you can craft advanced items.

Prepare for the night[]

Creativerse Night Twiggy Night Hoglet01.jpg

You have been warned: after nightfall (ingame-time ca. 10:34 PM) aggressive versions of daylight-creatures will spawn (usually starting at 10:43 PM) and these Creatures will attack when you get too close, except on worlds that you've set to "peaceful-mode".

Sometimes, night mobs can show up a little earlier and will then immediately start to burn in the last rays of the setting sun. They won't stay alive for long, but if you're too close to them, you better take a distance, because they can hurt your players character even while they're burning, until they will have burned away completely.

How to survive the night[]

Skip the night with a Bed[]

Creativerse bed too small R31.jpg

With a Bed you can skip the night on solo worlds by using it at or after nightfall. You can also skip the day by using the Bed during the day... On multiplayer worlds usually all players have to use their Beds at the same time to skip either night or day.

To unlock the crafting recipe for the basic Bed, you will only have to craft a Wood Chest since update R43. The Wood Chest is a useful storage container, quickly craftable from Wood Slabs together with Beeswax (found on trees) and Vines from Cragwood trees, Wildwood trees or Leafies.

If you had found one of the 3 rare Recipes for either Red Beds, Yellow Beds or Blue Beds in a Treasure Chest, you can also craft one of those; it will have the same effects as common beds.

Creativerse basic bed crafting recipe 2017-05-24 23-00-56-50.jpg
Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Storage 0076.jpg

To craft a Bed, you will have to create Shredded Leaves by putting most kinds of tree Leaves into a Processor. No crafting recipe is required for this. When activating the Processor you'll see if whatever you are carrying can be processed on top of the window to the left that will replace the inventory window with a list of your stuff. And if you put it into the Processor, you will see what you can process the according block/item/material into. Click "chop" to make the Processor work - you can fill it with up to 21 items in advance.

Also Twines can be made by putting Vines or Sinews into a Processor, Wood Rods by putting most types of natural uncorrupted Wood blocks into a Processor, and Stone Rods by putting either blocks of Stone, Bedrock or Limestone into a Processor. Just simply carry the materials with you in your inventory and quickbar and activate a Processor that has been placed into the game world.

You should best choose a safe spot to place a Bed so you won't be hindered from going to sleep by grumpy creatures. Mind that Wood Treasure Chests will also only spawn during the night though, and by skipping the night you might miss out on some good stuff...

Run to survive[]

You can always try to run away from aggressive mobs/creatures. Currently you can outrun many creatures even without holding down LEFT SHIFT (default key). After following you over a short distance your pursuers usually will give up the chase rather quickly.

Creativerse Night Rockstar on the beach001.jpg

You should watch your path though to not dash into even more enemies. Creatures can start to spawn on previously empty open areas as soon as you get there, as long as these places are not lit by artificial lighting and made of natural blocks.

Also mind that by running fast (by using LEFT SHIFT as the default key), the stamina of your character (yellow bar at the bottom above the red bar) will drop.

As soon as the stamina has run out, your character will slow down again automatically and will merely "jog" once more. Also mind that some Creatures have special attacks that might hit you over quite a distance!

Look down on your enemies[]

Creativerse up above060.jpg

Currently baddies won't be able to jump or reach up to/above a height of three blocks or higher (even though they can swim upwards in any kind of liquids).

So if you grow tired of running away, you can try jumping up while looking down and then quickly place a block of dirt, grass, leaves, wood or the like right under your feet. Then repeat - after placing 3 - 4 blocks on another you'll be safe from most aggressive creatures.

However don't let aggressive creatures crawl under your feet while you do so, because they will jump up with you then! Also some nimble creatures might be able to jump up once before they will stay put at the bottom; and a few (like Canyon creatures) can reach high up so you will have to build your "pillar" even higher.

Then you can either wait for the sun to rise that will kill night creatures, or build a platform, place stuff and start crafting, or build a bridge from your pillar to safer places - all above the heads of your enemies that will not be able to reach and hinder you. If you hit Creatures from a high up place where they cannot reach you, this could just make them retreat further away. So you might want to try throwables like Rimecones or Explosives instead.

Creativerse ladders on playfulcorp tumblr01.gif

Use ladders[]

You can also climb up Ladders - either Wood Ladders or Stone Ladders that you can craft - to get out of reach from Night Creatures until they dissolve in sunlight, but mind that ladders are not safe places per se where creatures won't attack you (anymore), so you will have to climb at least 3 block high or more.

If you position yourself carefully, you might be able to hit Creatures from a ladder without being hit back, but that can quite be hard to accomplish, and sometimes Creatures might back away and take a distance instead of accepting their fate.

Creativerse night leafi on weepwood tree001.jpg

Attention: climbing trees will not help you a lot, because aggressive Night Leafies, Night Chizzard and other creatures can sometimes spawn in darkness in tree-tops (since Leaves are natural blocks) throughout the whole night! You will have to place torches everywhere and also make sure that Creatures cannot climb or fall into your hiding place.

Use fences[]

Wood Fences and all other types of Fences can withhold creatures too and only need to be 1 block high. However you will have to make sure that you create a closed ring without creating any breaches or steps (even liquids placed next to fences can be used by Creatures like a stair to climb the fence).

Creativerse Fences safe but not too safe001.jpg

Do not place torches or other items on top of fences as this will create "breaches" for Creatures. Hitting Creatures across fences might not work well, because Creatures tend to retreat when they cannot reach you - since update R44. Also Creatures can always fall down from fences if they have managed to get up, and can even descend from high cliffs or trees without taking any damage at all.

It might be possible to fight Creatures over fences without being hit if you position yourself carefully. However not every Creature can be fought this way, and often your player character will have take more than one hit.

Build traps[]

You can build "automatic" kill-traps in Creativerse, for example by placing a teleporter over several units of water within an enclosed space (optionally with a slab, stairs block or slope underneath that will let drop loot bags down below, but might let slip Creatures through occasionally), and placing other teleporters into the world, connected to the teleporter in the trap. You can find Blueprints of such traps in the Creativerse Steam workshop ready to be subscribed to and built for free.

To shape the terrain can be helpful in fighting and taming Creatures. It is possible to place blocks in a way that Creatures cannot reach player characters, but players can still hit Creatures with swords. For example, you can simply place a block right before an immobile Warmworm and then hit it across this block while the Warmworm cannot hit back.

Creativerse gap003.jpg

Please note that not all Creatures can be trapped safely in a way that makes them defenseless. Some Creatures have a longer reach than a sword, and others might rather prefer to take a distance to wait for a better chance to strike at your player character again.

Also, even if you use clever traps like with Fans that push Creatures into a corner and/or teleporters to transport Creatures to some sort of cages... there's still the possibility of glitches or bugs happening that will make Creatures escape such traps or simply vanish.

Create gaps[]

Even if the "gap trick" might not always work, you can still give it a try if you want. The principle behind the "gap trick" is simple - Creatures cannot cross gaps of 1 block if the gap is at least 3 blocks deep. So you can try digging a trench that is 3 blocks deep and 1 block in width around a platform to stand on (at least 4 blocks so you can step back if necessary) and with either steps or ladders placed in a way that you will be able to be safe on the platfom that Creatures aren't able to climb.

Creativerse platform with gap corruption.jpg

Or you can try building a platform that floats at least 3-4 blocks above the ground. Most creatures won't be able to hit your player-character up there except for a few that have a long reach. Next you can build "stairs" leading up to such a platform, but you should leave a gap of at least 1 block between the upper end of the stairs and the platform.

Then you can try luring Creatures up the stairs - while you can jump or simply walk onto the platform over the gap, Creatures cannot follow you. Some might freeze at the edge now while pondering about how to kill and eat you best. If you position yourself carefully close to the gap, then you can sometimes kill Creatures across the gap without getting hit yourself. As said, this might not work with every type of Creature, as some might simply walk away after a while when realizing that they cannot reach your player character.

How to build a shelter[]

Creativerse quick shelter001.jpg

If you want to be safe-safe and have a haven for your items to store, then build a shelter as told on the Crumpled Note. You can do this very quickly!

Digging a small cave of 2 blocks height into any hillside made of grass and dirt is sufficient for starters, and it's way quicker than building a real house from blocks.

But you can do whatever you like of course. In any case you should not forget to close the entrance with blocks if night falls before you're done and can craft a door. No Creature in Creativerse can destroy blocks or open doors. In early days of the game, the Spectre was a dangerous night creature very similar to Creepers and able to blow up player houses. It was removed from the game.

You can dig a shelter into the leaves and wood of a tree too if you like - but you will have to close your "entrance" just as well with blocks (like leaves) or a door if you don't want Creatures to climb up and seek you out.

How to furnish your shelter[]

Please note that you will have to place torches or other lightings into the room(s) of your shelter in any case, otherwise Creatures can spawn on natural blocks in darkness - in the worst case right next to you.

You don't have to build an impressive mansion right away! Your first shelter has the main purpose of keeping your safe and maybe to help with crafting and storing your first necessities.

By crafting and placing Teleporters a little later on (using Magnetite and Obsidian Slabs) you can easily move house to any nicer place that you will find later on; wherever you will want to set up your "real" base - a house, tower, castle in the sky, smial, village, city in the trees, underground temple or whatever else you will prefer to build.

Creativerse Shelter with crafting stations34.jpg

You might still want to place your Touchstone into your first small shelter in order to return to it quickly if necessary; as well as some Crafting Stations and storage chests (the crafting-recipe for Wood Chests is a starting recipe since update R34).  

If you have already placed your Touchstone somewhere, you can type "t" (as the default key for teleporting to your Touchstone) and "reclaim" your Touchstone to your current position (into your inventory or any free quickslot).  

On social worlds, public worlds and even on worlds that you share with your friends, you can decide if you want to allow other players into your base or not by clicking on your Touchstone.  

All crafting stations and storage items will automatically be set to "Builders" currently, so only players with builder rank on the game world or claim (claim settings will override world settings) will be able to access or even take them. You can change these permission settings (like to "just me") by activating your crafting stations and storage chests and click on the padlock symbol in the top right corner. 

Creativerse Shelter and Stairs001.jpg

A shelter is useful to work mostly safely at night, like placing and stuffing your crafting stations and using the waiting time to dig your way down from there to get harder rocks, either by creating rough stairways or by using Ladders. You can even quickly produce Dirt Stairs or Grass Stairs to make things smoother if you want.

The crafting recipe for Wood Ladders is unlocked by making Wood Rods from Wood and Twine from Vines or Sinews in a Processor, and crafting or finding Wood Walls (they are frequent contents of Stone Treasure Chests for example, but it's easier to craft them).

Illuminate your shelter well[]

Again: don't forget to place enough Torches or other lights into your shelter and also along your way down, so no Creatures will suddenly pop up! Moss Torches are a starting crafting recipe and easy to make from just Wood and Moss that is easily available early in the game on nearby birch-like Ashenwood Trees. These trees can often be found in Woodlands where you start every new game on a newly created game world.

Later on you will prefer to craft Coal Torches, but don't forget to use your first pieces of Coal to craft at least one or more Stone Mining Cells. You can extract Coal from Nodes found on the Fossil layer by digging mineshafts or exploring Caves, or you can travel to Mountains where Coal Nodes are often visible on the rocky surface. Coal can also regularly be obtained in smaller numbers from Treasure Chests and Keepas of any kind.

Creativerse Wood Chest Torch Flower.jpg

Tip: it might be easier for you to find your way back through long Caves if you mark only one side (let's say the right side) of your path with Torches on the floor, while applying Torches to the walls or ceilings on the left side if you need more light. Mind that you have to illuminte the floor well though to prevent Creatures from spawning.

Liquids are not very safe[]

Since update R30 nearly all creatures can now safely swim in almost all liquids. This way Creatures are able to swim upwards within waterfalls and cataracts and can use them as "elevators". Creatures can still drown when being "trapped" in Water for too long, but they endure it longer than player characters - except when in Mineral Water that player characters can breathe.

Luckily Creatures cannot spawn in liquids of any kind. Corrupted Creatures can even be poisoned when touching "purifying" Mineral Water, while uncorrupted creatures cannot survive swimming in Corrupted Water or liquid Lava for long - however if they should die from being corrupted, purified or burnt, they won't drop any loot.

Creativerse Pigsy swimming upwards001.jpg

So you can still spend quiet nights on small artificial islands built of any blocks, as long as they are far enough from any shoreline and lit by artificial lighting. Creatures won't go swimming just by themselves "for fun", but only when they can sense you and purposefully aim to attack you.

Creativerse Fences safe but not too safe001.jpg

Resources []

Creativerse 03 brown mushroom10011.jpg

Currently your character does not need to eat, drink nor sleep to survive in Creativerse. Your character can do all of that though - to receive bonus-effects.

Your character can sleep in Beds to skip the night (or day) and be healed, can drink potions for healing, to receive resistances and for other effects, can eat Mushrooms (to be healed again), can also eat raw Crops (not recommended though), and can enjoy a wide range of cooked meals prepared in the Cooking Station with very useful different buffs/enhancing effects.

Even as a "builder"-type player you will have to gather resources, craft and sometimes also tame and/or hunt creatures so you can assemble a nice collection of different building-blocks.

Well, another option to get building-blocks though would be to buy block kits for Blueprints full of building-blocks with Coins (to be bought with real money via Store). You can then use these pre-crafted blocks for free building.

Also note that Treasure Chests can contain considerable amounts of certain crafted blocks too.

Since February 19th 2020, you can enable Creator Mode for building purposes, but only on Creative Worlds. If you have bought the Pro DLC, you can turn your own game worlds into Creative Worlds via world options. As an F2P player, you can be granted permission to enable Creator Mode on a "Pro" player game world, and then use this feature.

Mining and harvesting[]

For mining and harvesting you will always need merely one tool - it's the Arctek gauntlet that your character wears that enables her/him to "pull" any kind of block and stuff except for ores.

It can be powered up with Power Cells (to be equipped by right-clicking them in the inventory or dragging them to their designated slot on the right side of your character's model).

To gather/mine harder materials farther down (and also liquids), you will need to craft and equip stronger/better Power Cells one after another.

Creativerse Mushrooms Red Brown001.jpg

You can pull many basic resources with your bare "hands" without any Power Cells right away, like all kinds of Wood, fallen Logs and Leaves from Trees, Dirt and Grass blocks, even common grey Stone and pretty much all plants.

  • red and brown Mushrooms: mind that all mushrooms will heal a very small (!) amount of health. Combine them with Flowers to craft them into Basic Health Potions with even better healing effects!
  • You can consume raw Mushrooms or any other consumables like Potions and Food by either dragging them into your quickbar, choosing their quickslot and then right-clicking, or by dragging a (stack of) Consumables directly from the inventory with the mouse (left-click) over your character's model on the right side into the equipment section.

Creativerse Mushrooms healing over time001.jpg

  • Only one consumable will be eaten automatically, then there will be a cooldown-period during which the same kind of consumables cannot be eaten/drunk again. However currently there are 3 different types of mushrooms in Creativerse to use, and you can also collect different kinds of buffs at the same time

Extracting Ore from Nodes[]

Creativerse Ore Extractor required01.jpg

Nodes of Ores (Coal, Obsidian, Iron, Diamond and Lumite) cannot be "pulled" with your gauntlet, no matter which Power Cell is equipped.

Instead Ore can only be extracted from Nodes by applying one-time-Extractors. The Nodes themselves cannot be taken, and also cannot be destroyed, not even by TNT type Explosives.

Creativerse Extractors71.jpg
Creativerse crafting favorites R34.jpg

You don't have to make too many basic Extractors right away, as you will soon get to make Advanced Extractors that can extract twice the amount, and faster too. But prepare yourself mentally: you are going to need many stacks of Advanced Extractors in order to craft equipment. At first you might think it's not worth "wasting" Obsidian for Advanced Extractors, but actually it is well worth the investment.

It would require much more effort and time to find more Nodes. You can easily put aside enough Obsidian for more Advanced Extractors as soon as you can get twice the amount of Obsidian Ore from each Node.

Advanced Extractors are even more useful when it comes to Nodes of higher tiers with less Ores inside: Diamond Ore, Iron Ore and Lumite Ore.


You can access the Crafting-UI by typing "q" (by default) or clicking the "Craft" TAB after opening your inventory/bag or Map. Crafting is a core-feature of Creativerse.

Since update R34 in September 2016, you can now see all crafting recipes and even some Store offers grayed out in your crafting list. Only rare Recipes (found in random Treasure Chests and with some specific Creatures) won't show up until you've learnt them. If you click on any of the grayed out "locked" recipes, you can see the requirements for unlocking them listed at the right side.

To craft something, click on the colored icon of any unlocked crafting recipe you wish to craft to see which materials you'll need.

Creativerse crafting tracking coal torch001.jpg

After selecting a crafting recipe you can sometimes scroll through alternative crafting ingredients with left-click if there are two small blue arrows added to an ingredient icon. In this way you can choose between different kinds of Wood, Flowers, Mushrooms, Canyonstone types and so on.

To craft items successfully, you can only use ingredients that you presently carry in your inventory/bag or a quickslot. If you have stored them, you will have to take them out of your storage container.

You can click on the star symbol in the top right corner of any crafting recipe to copy it to the top of the crafting list as one of your personal favorites to make it easier to find. Click on the star symbol again to remove the crafting recipe from your favorites.

You can also "track" up to five crafting recipes by clicking on the round dot next to "Track" at the top right corner of the selected crafting recipe. A list of the materials will then be shown on your screen afterwards up until you stop tracking the recipe/s by deactivating "track" again in your crafting menu for the according recipe/s.

Creativerse Shift to craft 40.jpg

By holding down SHIFT (as the default key, or else the key that you have assigned for "Sprint" in your key settings) you can craft 5 pieces or stacks of the usual amount of items at a time (since update R34 in September 2016) - you can do so even while using crafting stations too.

Creativerse R22 Crafting Stations01.jpg

As mentioned above there are additional crafting stations that will provide you with usable crafting-materials made from raw resources:

  • the Processor to process materials/blocks/bars into Slabs, Rods, Twine, Pigments, Bones, Goo, Seeds, etc. No crafting recipes have to be unlocked in order to use a Processor
  • the Forge to smelt Ore (Obsidian, Iron, Diamond, Lumite) and other materials, like Beeswax to Melted Wax or Mud to Adobe Bricks. No crafting recipes have to be unlocked in order to use a Forge
  • the Cooking Station (added with update R22 in September 2015) to cook up to 36 different types of Food from only 4 cooking recipes, simply by inserting different ingredients

Creativerse forge R31.jpg

After unlocking their crafting recipes you will be able to craft these crafting stations and should craft them soon. You can then rename these crafting stations individually, and define permission ranks for other players by clicking on the padlock symbol.

You will need to place Crafting Stations like Processors and Forges first to use them, however you can take them with you anytime again by "pulling" them (no Power Cells are required to pick up crafted items/blocks any longer currently).

Fighting and Taming[]

Creativerse 01 Potions.jpg

Taming Creatures[]

Creativerse taming collar R35.jpg

You don't necessarily have to kill the funny and weird animals that you will meet in Creativerse! On a "peaceful" world (a "Pro" game world option only available with the Pro DLC) you might get along fine without killing for example.

You can tame all kinds of Creatures (except for Ghost Creatures and player-spawned Creatures on a Mob Spawner) instead of killing them in order to collect animal-materials like Leather, Bones, Rockster Rocks, Miru Eyes, Feral Pigsy Fur, Leafi Leaves and so on - on all game worlds since update R22 in September 2015.

How to tame[]

Creativerse Royal Advisor10.jpg

For taming you'll need to craft and equip a Taming Collar (after crafting Stone Mining Cells and Basic Health Potions) and you will then have to use it on a Creature constantly for the duration of a few seconds (except for Ghosts and Creatures spawned on a Mob Spawner). You'll see the exact required time in seconds displayed while taming, ranging from 10 to 60 seconds depending on the type and power of Creature.

Please note that most Creatures except for Leafies and Keepas will defend themselves against taming attempts by fighting back during the whole taming process until it's done, even on "peaceful" worlds.

Taming can be even more dangerous than fighting, because "tricks" like creating gaps, using ladders or platforms do not work so well any longer, and it's very hard to circle Creatures while constantly keeping the Taming Collar aimed at them. Only common green (daylight) Leafies and Keepas (including Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas) are flight animals and will run away from players that try to tame them - this can be a problem in itself, since the taming process will be interrupted when players are outdistanced.

Special attacks that will push player characters away can also interrupt the taming process. To succeed with taming nonetheless it is advised to use Stun Bombs every 5-6 seconds against all types of Creatures. Don't be too stingy with Stun Bombs, but rather use them often (take a lot of them with you), since it will be too late to throw a Stun Bomb to interrupt special attacks (often with a knockback effect) when Creatures start to prepare for using them. If the taming process is interrupted often it can lead to using too many Stun Bombs which can be lethal to Creatures eventually!

To make Creatures stand still while taming (especially Keepas) you can alternatively try trapping them in holes at least 3 blocks deep, since Creatures can't jump higher than 2 blocks, not even on game worlds with low gravity (a "Pro" world option). Still please take into consideration that trapping is currently especially hard because of a bug that can make Creatures glitch upwards or downwards out of sight all of a sudden, which especially applies to Keepas. And if aggressive Creatures are trapped, they might still be able to hit your player character anyways, like Trogs or Dustevils that have a long reach.

What to do with Pets[]

If you have managed to nonetheless successfully tame Creatures, they will follow you and you can then lead them to a corral and tell them to stay there by using right-click or "f" (as the default key) when looking at them to bring up their pet window. You can find the options to make Pets either "stay", "wander" around or "follow" you in their pet window.

Freshly tamed Pets will be hungry right away. Check their pet window for their favorite food. To receive the best possible harvest from your Pets you'll have to feed them their exact favorite food type (if they like turnip sandwiches, then feeding them common sandwiches will not provide you with their best harvest!). If you haven't crafted a Cooking Station nor grown any Crops yet, you can still feed them simple Mushrooms or raw Crops for starters, although their harvest will be meager.

After your Pets have digested the food, you can then harvest their typical "drops"/loot without killing them. Yes, even Arcstones, Leather, Bones, Eyes, Horns, Sinews and other body parts - but as mentioned, Pets will not provide you with some of this if you haven't fed them their favorite fodder...

To start cooking you will have scoop Water (which does not require any Power Cell to be equipped), then to use a Plow to till Grass, Dirt or Mud, so you can plant Seeds processed from certain Crops (or found when pulling Tallgrass).

From the Crops you grow you will then have to prepare meals for your Pets at a Cooking Station (that you will also have to craft), and after feeding and harvesting Pets, you'll at last need a Washer too, because only clean Pets will get hungry again after a while.

It's recommended to learn how to cook in any case, because Food can provide player characters with extremely useful buffs (positive effects). Up to 36 different foodstuffs can be cooked from only 4 cooking recipes by using cooking ingredients in different combinations.

How to fight and survive[]

Creativerse crafting menu R34 unlocked swords.jpg

As an Explorer or Adventurer type player you will want to defend yourself (well, rather your player character) during your voyages. For this you will want to manufacture many different animal-materials to craft Weapons, Armor, Explosives, Healing Beacons and Potions.

Creativerse gap003.jpg

Melee combat[]

Melee is easy enough - after equipping a Sword (or the Industrial Crowbar) via quickslot, type TAB (as the default key) to switch between harvesting-mode and fight-mode (plus a tool-mode that will be available later on as soon as you will equip a tool).

It is strongly advised to craft a Wood Sword and then a Stone Sword as soon as possible, instead on relying on the awkward but unbreakable starting Twig.

You will automatically draw your melee-weapon when switching to it per TAB, then you can simply slash away by left-clicking. Type TAB again to put your weapon away and use your arctek gauntlet with its Power Cell to mine.

Try to run around Creatures while swinging your melee Weapon at them, so that they will not be able to hit you back. You can hold down the left mouse button (as the default key) to just keep on hitting.

You can also use your ability to change the terrain, or to place Teleporters or Fans to transport Creatures into fighting arenas that you have prepared beforehand. However trapping Creatures can be hard to accomplish since the bug that can make them glitch upwards or downwards all of a sudden has not been fixed yet.

Please note that since update R45 in July 2017 some Creatures might quickly take a distance as soon as they notice that they cannot hit player characters while the Creatures are getting hit themselves. So using ladders, fences, gaps, bog water and other tricks might not be able to help with fighting Creatures much anymore, except if you use ranged combat tactics.

You can still try all these tricks (and hope that they will work), just like described further above.

Creativerse Rimecone at Autumn Leafi003.jpg

Ranged combat[]

Creativerse 01 Explosives.jpg

For ranged attacks you can throw all kinds of Explosives after finding or crafting them - place them into the quickbar, select their quickslot, aim at the Creature of your choice (or even better at their feet!) and then use right-click - only one item of the whole stack in your quickslot will be thrown automatically.

Explosives can be difficult to choose. To compare them, this section uses the common, easy-to-defeat Pigsy as an example enemy.

The animated reaction of Creatures will tell you if you were able to hit them correctly, also their red health bar will get shorter. It might take a little throwing practice, but throwing throwables uphill, from a ladder or on/from stairs is still very hard to accomplish.

Explosive Effectiveness by Type[]

For starters you can throw Rimecones. Collect them from under pine-like Elderwood trees, or from randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chests at night or create them from Elderwood Leaves with a Plow.

  • 2-5 Rimecones can kill a (daylight) Pigsy, and 5-7 Rimecones can kill a red daylight Rockster for example.
  • Explosive Bombs are easy to make and always a good choice for hunting purposes. They are much more effective than Rimecones of course. 2 Explosive Bombs can kill a Pigsy, 2-3 Explosive Bombs can kill a red Rockster for example.
  • Armor-Piercing Bombs are even more effective and will deal the most physical damage of all throwable Explosives in Creativerse. 1 Armor-Piercing Bomb can already kill a Pigsy, 2 Armor-Piercing Bombs can kill a red Rockster for example.
  • Stun Bombs inflict a small amount of damage even though their main purpose is to stun creatures (like for taming purposes). 10 Stun Bombs can already kill a Pigsy.
  • As for Poison Bombs: 4 of them are required to kill a common yellow Pigsy. Feral Pigsies and Mossy Leafies are seemingly immune to the poison over time effect though. All Idol Event Creatures seem to be very vulnerable against Poison Bombs

Less effective, but still viable are the following:

  • 17 Freeze Bombs are necessary to kill a Pigsy, but these Explosives will also freeze many liquids (except for Tar and Molasses) and transform specific natural blocks like green Grass and Elderwood Leaves. Arctic Mirus, Blizzard Chizzards and Rambeaus are nearly completely immune to Freeze Bombs. ====
  • 30 Fire Bombs are neccessary to kill a Pigsy, but these Explosives are risky. They can cause many flammable blocks to go up in flames and will make nearly all liquids evaporate, except for Tar, which also catches on fire. Warmworms and Hot Foots/Hot Feet seem to be completely immune to burning damage dealt by Fire Bombs, while Shrewdshrews and BossHogs are at least nearly immune.
  • Up to 30 Corrupt Bombs are required to kill a Pigsy. But of course: Corrupted Creatures are immune to Corruption.
  • Purification Bombs can only kill Corrupted Creatures (and pretty quickly too), while they heal all uncorrupted Creatures instead.
  • Snowcubes are easy to make in a Processor from Snow, but they don't deal much damage. On the other hand, they can freeze many liquids and transform natural blocks like green Grass.
  • Force Bombs and Flares do not deal any damage against Creatures at all.
  • TNT of any kind can hurt Creatures when exploding, but will also send them flying, so it's hard to use a deadly amount of TNT against Creatures. In addition, it always takes a while before TNT-type bombs will explode, they can't be ignited with a fuse any longer, also cannot be wired (yet?), and will even destroy terrain. The hardness of rocks that will be destroyed depends on the power of the respective type of TNT.

Armor and durability[]

Creativerse Weapon Rack001.jpg

Armor currently protects player characters solely against damage taken during fights, not against falling damage nor elemental damage of any kind. The first armor you can craft - Leather Armor - isn't overly helpful, but still better than wearing no armor at all. Crafting Leather Armor (starting with Leather Breastplate) will help unlocking the crafting recipes for the next and better tier of Armor (Obsidian Armor), which will then unlock the next even better tier, etc..

Creativerse armor doll R35.jpg

Weapons and Armor will both lose durability during each fight (when hitting respectively when being hit), and will fall apart completely at last. In the same way Power Cells will lose power/durability with each "pull" (except if used for pulling much weaker materials). Also other tools will lose durability, except for the unbreakable Wiring Tool. Currently you cannot repair equipment in Creativerse. Deterioration is indicated by the shrinking green bar on the respective icons in your equipment slots, and also by the tiny armordoll (left bottom): armor parts shown in yellow color are already in a bad shape, but a pinkish red color means that they will fall apart very soon. White armor parts on the armor doll indicate that no armor is worn on this body part (anymore).

Perfume Eau Pigsy.png

Besides: Perfumes will merely temporarily "enchant" yellow Pigsies, green/turquoise Chizzards, red Rocksters, brown Pebbles, green daylight Leafies, Dried Leafies and Autumn Leafis to follow you a bit and show special animations. Perfumes are not intended to "pacify" Creatures however and they cannot enchant animals that you have already begun to fight or tame.

Getting injured[]

Your player character will lose health-points (the red bar at the bottom of the screen) when:

  • Creativerse hurt arc001.jpg
    being lethally hit by an animal's attack which usually effects the red health bar, even though any equipped Armor will reduce part of the damage of each hit. Player characters can also kill other player characters with physical attacks on game worlds and claims where PvP is enabled (by default).
  • Creativerse poisoned by Feral Pigsy4001.jpg
    falling from too high up. Food made with Chizzard's Questionable Jerky can give you resistance against falling damage though, when consumed before hitting the ground. Also either aiming to land in liquids like Water (1 block deep is already enough) or on blocks of crafted Blocks of Goo or placing a drop of any liquid under the falling character at the right time can provide a safe landing, as can the Glider (one of the gift equipments for "Pro"-players, like the Flashlight).
  • being poisoned - either by animals or by Poison Bombs, most often when being hit by Feral Pigsies or Mossy Leafies in Swamplands or Jungles. As soon as poison damage over time starts, an according green debuff icon will be displayed in the left bottom corner of the screen counting the seconds of the damage duration. Poison Resistance Potions might be of help here, and/or Bog Food made from Bog Water in a Cooking Station.
  • Creativerse Freezing Damage0011.jpg
    freezing - like when being hit by a special attack from a Blizzard Chizzard that deal cold damage over time for a few seconds or when being too close to Snow and/or Ice for too long. Both can happen in cold biomes like Taigas, snowy Mountains, Frozen Deserts or snow-covered frozen Oceans. A white scale indicating chilliness will be shown at the bottom of your screen as soon as the environment gets really cold (which also happens at high altitudes). This scale will slowly fill up with white color while you stay in the cold area. When the scale is fully white your character will start to hurt from freezing and lose health constantly (damage over time) until s/he gets warmer. The freezing debuff is then shown in the left bottom corner together with a timer.
  • Creativerse cooking R24 603.jpg
    To fight freezing in cold environments simply place 3 Torches on the ground and place your player character directly on one of the torches to warm up. Campfires or Fire Pits will also do. Or build a platform hovering over the ground at least 3-4 blocks high from any blocks except for Snow or Ice to stand on. Freeze Resistance Potions and Frigid Food (made with Mineral Water in the a Cooking Station) can help against freezing too, Frigid Pies and Frigid Sandwiches can even make freezing heal your character.
  • Creativerse burning warmworm3030.jpg
    getting burned / too hot - a red heat-scale will pop up when in hot biomes, especially on the Lava layer underground when standing on Hardened Lava or next to liquid Lava. If filled with red (or when stepping into liquid Lava or being hit by the attack of a Hot Foot, your character will be set on fire and take a lot of damage over time quickly). An according icon will be displayed together with a timer showing the duration of the affliction. Fire Resistance Potions and Blazing Food (made with liquid Lava a Cooking Station) can help surviving this dangerous problem
  • Creativerse corruption damage over time endless001.jpg
    Corruption - a violet corruption-scale will be displayed and will start to poison your character badly over time after the scale has filled completely. Again an according icon will be displayed when damage over time is inflicted. This dangerous condition is inflicted by being close to any kind of corrupted blocks and/or to Corrupted Water on the lowest layer of the world. Many kinds of corrupted Creatures can also deal corruption damage over time when hitting your player character, and they are all aggressive too. Corruption Resistance Potions, Corrupted Food made with Corrupted Water a Cooking Station, but also Healing Beacons and Purification Bombs will be of great help against this condition

Creativerse corruption heat cold01.jpg


There are different methods to heal your character:

Creativerse 01 natural oasis.jpg

  • eating Mushrooms (by putting them into your quickbar, choosing this quickslot and using right-click or by dragging them directly from the inventory over your character's model). Remember that each type of Mushroom has their own cooldown, so you can consume a Red Mushroom, a Brown Mushroom and a Glowing Mushroom at nearly the same time. You can consume any consumables during a fight or during the taming process too (just keep on pressing by typing the number of the according quickslot twice or right-click after you've chosen the quickslot containing a stack of Mushrooms.
  • Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Potions 0036.jpg
    even better will be drinking Healing Potions like the Basic Health Potion (easily made from Mushrooms and Flowers of any kind) or Advanced Health Potions, which will provide instant healing (different from healing over time). Potions can be consumed in the same way as Mushrooms, even during a fight or taming process
  • eating Food made from Mushrooms or later on from Mineral Water - this will provide healing over time for up to 15 minutes; you can also consume Food from quickslots during fighting or taming
    Creativerse 2015 Healing Beacon1001.jpg
  • stepping into or very close to a pool of Mineral Water that will heal over time. Mineral Water can be found in oases in Canyons or on the Stalactite Layer underground, plus you can take it up later on (either Diamond Power Cell or Lumite Power Cell needed!) and place it anywhere, use it to cook Food or even turn Corrupted Water into healing Mineral Water by using Purification Bombs or Healing Beacons
  • touching a Healing Beacon (like standing on top of it or right next to it) that will heal over time

Creativerse sleeping character2001.jpg

  • sleeping in a Bed of any kind will also now heal your character in Creativerse (since update R41), also sleeping will let the (rest of) ingame-night or -day end within seconds if all players presently on the world use a Bed at the same time. However taking elemental damage or damage from an attack will interrupt sleeping and healing immediately


Creativerse defeated by falling damage001.jpg

Dying in a game isn't the end of the world as we all know. After being defeated (by animal attacks, falling, heat, cold, corruption, poison or the like) your character will respawn at the Touchstone that you have placed somewhere in the world (preferably in your favourite shelter / "base") or else at the spot where your character has originally entered the world.

Creativerse 2015 Death Statue001.jpg

In standard combat difficulty mode (default) your quickbar and equipment will be the same like before, however your inventory will be empty. Also your current buffs (as provided by Food, Potions or Mushrooms) will have ended abruptely.

A white skull then will appear on your compass bar above to show you the way to the last dying-spot of your character. An urn will wait for you there, called a Death Statue containing all your dropped stuff.

Please note that if PvP is enabled on the game world or on the player claim where your character has met their demise (claim options override world options, PvP is enabled by default, but can be disabled), then other players will be able to loot your Death Statue!

A beam of white light will shine from the last Death Statue way up into the sky and down into the ground until it hits the bottom to make it easier for you to find it, even through many layers of ground.

If your character dies a second time, the beam of light and the skull-symbol will lead you to the last dying spot. Then after looting this Death Statue, a new beam of light and skull will then automatically show you the way to the first dying spot and urn.

"Pro" players can set their own game worlds to "easy combat difficulty mode" where Creatures will be weaker and all players will respawn without temporarily "losing" anything at all.

However "Pro" players can also set their game worlds to "hard combat difficulty mode", where Creatures will deal more damage and all players will respawn after their defeat with an empty inventory, empty equipment slots and empty quickslots.

Don't worry - even in "hard mode" all your stuff is still intact and waiting to be collected. And no matter which combat difficulty; you will never lose any money (Coins that can be used in the Store cannot be "carried" nor stored nor lost), no "levels", experience points nor crafting recipes.

P.S. here's the link to the official starting-tips: