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Baby Leafies are defensive creatures that spawn on the surface near most types of Leaves.

Health around 50 health points
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 5 seconds (Rancher: 1 sec.)
Attack(s): Jumps up and bites. No special attacks.
Location: In many Biomes near Leaves

This smaller and bigger-eyed version of the Leafi was introduced with the Arrival update on May 1st 2020. They are peaceful, but will become aggressive if attacked, although their attacks do minimal damage (1-2 points depending on your Armor).

To kill a Baby Leafi, it takes about 5 hits with a Twig, 3 hits with a Wood Sword, 2 hits with a Stone Sword, or 1 hit with any other Sword.

When killed, these creatures can drop Baby Leafi Leaf, Vines, Red Mushroom, Fallen Leaves, and rarely an Arcstone.

Once you tame a Baby Leafi as a Pet, it becomes practically immortal.

As Pets, Baby Leafi might prefer to eat Sandwiches, Bone Broths or Filet o' Karrotfishes. When harvested after being fed their favorite food, they can give Baby Leafi Leaves, Vines, Red Mushrooms, Fallen Leaves, Bones, Sinew and/or Glob of Goo and rarely an Arcstone. When fed a non-favorite food, you can get the same items, but in much lower quantity.

Currently, Baby Leafies lose texture and turn pure white when dirty.

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